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8 Baby Boy Gifts That New Parents Will Love

Searching for baby boy gifts doesn’t have to be stressful. Let us help with some of these thoughtful, practical and fun gifts the entire family will love.

One of the most challenging things about purchasing a gift for baby boy is knowing what to buy. You can always play it safe and buy a onesie or other kind of outfit, but you might risk spending money on something that will get used once and possibly forgotten.

But searching for the perfect gift for a baby boy doesn’t have to leave you at a dead end. You simply have to search for a gift that fits his stage of life. That’s why we put this list together for some good ideas for baby boy gifts.

The Best Baby Boy Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Our Baby Boy Memory Book

Baby photo album or memory book

With so much going on, the first year of a new baby’s life goes by in a snap. One minute you’re coming home from the hospital and the next, that newborn is walking and talking. The only way to put the brakes on things at all is to stop and savor the moments on a regular basis. And one of the easiest ways to truly be present is by taking photos and spending time putting together a memory book. That’s why this gift is one of the best gifts you can get for a new mom and dad.

2. Classic Black & White Mickey Mouse Blanket

Black and white mickey mouse blanket

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a baby boy who belongs to Disney-loving parents, there’s no better option than this large, classic, black and white Mickey Mouse blanket. Covered in gray stars and with a sleeping Mickey Mouse at the bottom corner of it, this nursery blanket is beautiful. And since it’s made with super soft luxury fleece, it will keep that sleeping baby warm and comfy through the night.

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3. Inflatable Duck Baby Bath Tub

Inflatable duck shaped baby bath tub

Many new parents don’t realize the challenges that come along with giving a newborn baby a bath. The normal sized bathtubs are too large. And many sinks are too small. This makes bath time a real challenge for newborns. But it doesn’t have to be. With this inflatable duck-shaped baby bath tub, you can have the perfect place to bathe your baby. It’s small enough to give a newborn a bath in while being big enough for a growing baby – or even a small toddler – to enjoy. And since it’s inflatable, new parents won’t have to worry about finding room for it. The air can be released from it and it can be flattened out and stored anywhere.

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4. Baby’s First Year Milestones by Aubrey Hargis

Aubrey Hargis' book Baby first year milestones

A baby’s first year of life is filled with dozens of important milestones. While you can simply let things happen as they will, a more effective approach is to intentionally cultivate an environment where your child can grow and develop at the pace most comfortable to him. That’s where Aubrey Hargis’ book ‘Baby’s First Year Milestones’ comes in. This book empowers new parents to introduce the activities and games needed to ease their child’s development and create moments of connection between them and him. Rather than purchasing that new mom or dad in your life a cheap plastic toy for their baby boy, give them something that will create a lifetime of memories.

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5. Hand Knitted Bear Slippers

Soft shoes or socks

Before being born, babies are used to the warmth and comfort of their mother’s womb. Once they’ve entered the world, they’ll need to be kept warm by other means. If you’ve ever held a baby, you know how easily their hands and feet can become chilly. That’s why having soft shoes or socks is so important for the health and safety of any small baby. And these hand knitted shoes provide the warmth they need in a darling package. That’s why these are a great option for anyone looking to give a cute, practical gift to a new baby boy.

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6. Pack of Raccoon-Styled Baby Caps

Pack of baby caps styled with raccoons and other designs

Keeping a newborn baby’s head warm is a never-ending pursuit. And too many caps easily slide off with only the slightest movement. That’s why this pack of baby caps, styled with raccoons and other designs, is such a great option for parents who want to bring their newborn outside but don’t want them to get too cold. Since these caps are 100% cotton, they’ll keep a baby’s head nice and cozy. And their assortment of cute designs will match just about any outfit he has. They’re a great option for any newborn baby boy.

7. Goodnight Moon by Margert Wise Brown

Classic book Goodnight Moon

Millions of children have fallen to sleep as their parents have read the classic book, ‘Goodnight Moon.’ It’s one of a handful of books that every new parent should own and have the opportunity to read to their babies. After all, children who are read to, even while still unable to understand, tend to do better academically for years afterward. So, get the new parent in your life this book (or any other classic children’s book) so that they can get their baby boy started on the right foot.

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8. Munchkin New Beginnings Baby Gift Basket

Bath Baby supplies basket

If you know someone who’s recently become the parent of a new baby boy, then you know someone who is in need. After all, having a newborn is exhausting. And one of the simplest ways to ease their burden is by getting a gift that meets some of the practical needs they have with their new addition. This gift basket is perfect for that since it comes with the kitchen and bath baby supplies they’ll need the most – without any of the knick-knacks and gadgets they don’t. Help your friends get their parenting journey off on the right foot with this baby gift basket.

Bringing it All Together

There’s nothing quite like having a baby boy. Those first few months are filled with laughter, plenty of excitement, and lots of spent money. But you can help your friend navigate those early months more effectively by getting them (and their baby boy) a gift that’s both practical and enjoyable. Choose any of the above gifts and you can be sure that your friend and their baby will thank you later.

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