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8 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Parents-to-Be

8 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Parents-to-Be

February 1, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Invited to a baby shower? Wondering what the best baby shower gifts could be?

Well, we know babies can be expensive. And it can be overwhelming for any new parent to feel like they have everything they need or want for their new bundle of joy. Here’s how you can help.

Babies need clothes, a crib, pillows, sheets, toys, and more. And then there are the diapers. Mountains of diapers. There are so many things to buy that just thinking about it can exhaust a new parent. That’s why baby showers are such an important stop on the journey to becoming a new parent. They equip them with the tools they’ll need to get started without forcing them to go broke.

So, here are some of the very best baby shower gift ideas out there. Choose one of these for a friend who’s about to become a parent and you’ll make them very happy indeed.

The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Essential Clothing Set

Baby essential clothing set

If there’s one essential for a new baby, it’s clothing. And there are so many options available that the sheer number can overwhelm anyone who’s on the road to new parenthood. But you can help them navigate this confusing and challenging time by gifting them this baby essential clothing set that contains nearly everything they’ll need for the first few months.

It’s made of 100% cotton, making it ultra light and super soft so the baby will love it as much as his parents. And if you’re not crazy about this set’s design, you can find a variety of others through the provided link.

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2. Hooded Towel

Softly dry off towel

New parents likely don’t have any towels they can use to softly dry off their newborn. After all, a newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive and requires a great deal of care during and after a bath. Most adult towels simply aren’t designed with their little bodies in mind. That’s why a hooded towel is such a great idea for a baby shower. But with a hooded towel, they’ll have the perfect option to get their baby dry and warmed up after a bath. And since this towel is made with extra soft, baby-friendly fabric, it won’t irritate baby’s skin or cause rashes.

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3. Baby Carrier

baby bjorn baby carrier from baby earth

Babies need constant care and attention. And while it’s fun and exciting at first, a baby who won’t let you put him down can quickly exhaust you and keep you from getting important things done. But it doesn’t have to be this way, especially if using this baby carrier.

By using a baby carrier, a parent can continue to do the things he needs to do while keeping his baby happy. This is one of those essentials that most new parents won’t even realize they need – until you give it to them at their baby shower.

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4. Stylish Diaper Bag

eddie bauer diaper bag

Babies require a lot of equipment: bottles, diapers, toys, wipes. The list goes on. And if you ever decide to leave your house, you’ll need a way to store all of those items in a convenient and attractive way. Many new parents don’t realize just how much they’ll be carrying around on a daily basis. But you can help out by purchasing a stylish diaper bag that offers plenty of space for the essentials (and more). This is a great looking option that includes a spacious interior as well as several smaller pockets for other necessary things like a wallet, keys, and more.

5. First Years Cozy Baby Sleeper

Baby sleeper smooth

Most pediatricians recommend parents avoid sleeping in the same bed as their babies. But sleeping as closely as possible to your newborn makes nights go far smoother, especially if the mother is nursing. This is what makes the first years cozy baby sleeper such a great gift idea. It can be placed in the bed with the mother, so she has easy access to her newborn. But its divider ensures that she can’t accidentally roll over on him. In addition, it’s portable so it can be placed anywhere, making it the perfect way to let your baby get some rest while you get work done. Help your pregnant friend get more rest and more things done by picking up this baby sleeper for her upcoming baby shower.

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6. Adjustable Swaddle Blankets

Adjustable swaddle blankets

A swaddled baby is a comfortable, happy, and sleeping baby. This is one of those things that many new parents don’t realize. If you get your baby to sleep and simply lay him down and put a blanket over him, there’s a good chance he’ll be up and crying in no time. This is why swaddling your baby is so very important. It makes him feel warm and safe, and it keeps him sleeping. But swaddle blankets aren’t something most new parents have lying around. That’s why this set of adjustable swaddle blankets is one of the perfect gifts if you’re headed to a baby shower.

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7. Baby Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmer breast feeding

A bottle warmer is one of those essential products that every mother needs if she isn’t exclusively breastfeeding. And yet, it’s something that no one has before they have a child. That’s why this is a great baby shower gift for just about any expectant mother. And this bottle warmer is especially convenient since it has a defrost mode, making it easy to use for frozen breastmilk.

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8. Stylish Nursing Cover

Convenient chic nursing scarf

One of the biggest challenges of being a new mom is finding clothes and covers that make nursing easy and convenient while retaining your style. This chic nursing scarf is a great option for any new mom because it looks great and is incredibly versatile, working as a normal scarf, a nursing cover, or even a car seat cover.

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