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7 Best Wedding Gifts for the Groom Guide

Yes, it’s true that traditionally the bride is much more likely to receive individual gifts than the groom. But why not think a little bit about gift ideas for the groom? They appreciate a thoughtful gift, too!

Some groom gift ideas are funny; others are reassuring and help them from getting cold feet. In this gift guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best wedding gifts for the groom options that you can choose from.

The Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom for 2023

1. Acacia Wood Dominos Game Set

Dominos set on a box

A nice set for a classic game is always a great groom gift that they’ll enjoy. If they’re into dominos, then this dominos set is one of the best gifts that money can buy. The complete set of dominos is perfectly organized in a box made of beautiful, durable acacia wood.

Personalization is also an option as the top of the box has a brass plate that is able to be customized with whatever you want to say. You can put their wedding day, a special message, or any other engraving on there when you order it.

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2. Leather Watch Box

Elegant Watch Box

Watches never go out of style, and if the groom you’re gifting to wears watches, then this elegant box to hold them is an option that you need to explore. It’s beautifully crafted of manmade leather and faux suede, and the glass lid makes it a showpiece that they can be proud of.

The gift box can be locked with the secure closure attached to the glass lid. It can hold up to 10 watches, and comes in either brown or black leather. You can also engrave up to three initials on it, which makes it a really unique gift for your best friend’s wedding day.

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3. Personalized Grill Set

Monogrammed BBQ Grilling Set

Do you need a groom gift for a guy who loves to grill? This monogrammed BBQ Grilling Set is a great gift for anyone who loves getting in front of the grill and having a good time. It comes with a bamboo case, which you can get monogrammed with the groom’s initials.

Inside of the case is a spatula, fork, and tongs, all made from nonstick, stainless steel. The case is sturdy, with securing latches and a heavy-duty handle that’s easy to grab. This kit would also be ideal as groomsmen gifts for the men in the wedding party.

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4. Gunmetal Cuff Links

Cufflinks polised gunmetal finish

Cuff links are a classy, attractive keepsake that a groom can use on the big day itself. Many times, the maid of honor (or one of your bridesmaids) will give the groom a nice set to wear before the special day.

These cufflinks are made with a polished gunmetal finish, which offers a sleek, contemporary look. And, you’re able to engrave them with a short message, the groom’s name, their initials, or even a monogram.

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5. Rum-Making Barrel Kit

Rum making kit

More and more men are getting into making their own alcohol at home with jars, growlers, decanters, and whatever else they can find. So, if you’re the best man or another groomsman and you’re looking to give your friend a fun gift in that area of interest, this rum-making kit is just the ticket.

It includes a solid oak barrel with a medium char, which allows for consistent aging. Plus, the kit comes with a spigot and a stand, so they can just drink and serve right from the barrel! The front of the barrel is able to be customized with a logo, names, or whatever sort of message that you wish to include on it.

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6. Personalized Multi-Tool Pocket Knives

Wood handled pocket knife

Multi-tools are a perfect gift for grooms who really enjoy being outside – or a groom and bride to be who plan on camping for their honeymoon! The wood handle is sturdy and can be customized with a message, their wedding date, or whatever else you wish – as long as it fits.

This wood-handled pocket knife by Leatherman has 11 different stainless steel tools included. They include a file, two knives (a cutting knife and a blade), two screwdrivers (Phillips head and flat head), a corkscrew, can opener, bottle opener, scissors and a descaling saw blade.

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7. Personalized Couples Shot Glass

Personalized couple shot glasses

If you’re getting ready for the gift exchange during the wedding planning process, you may want to think about a couple’s gift set that they’ll both love. These personalized couples’ shot glasses are a perfect gift and they are a fun way to celebrate the wedding day.

These shot glasses have a thick base and are made from clear, smooth glass that stands about 2.5 inches in height. They can be engraved with whatever names or labels you want to add to it, and they are completely dishwasher safe. So, they look good and they’re not overly fragile glassware either.

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Shopping for a Groom’s Gift

Find gifts that correlate with their hobbies

Do you know what sorts of things that the groom likes to do? Maybe they enjoy beer making, or hiking, or smoking pipes? If you have any inkling about what it is that they enjoy in their leisure time, you’ll be able to utilize that information in order to find wedding gift ideas that will really tickle their fancy.

Wander off the registry a bit

Typically, the registry is going to be filled with items that both newlyweds need in order to establish a household together. Or, it’s just filled with bride gifts. Because of that, you may have a hard time finding gifts on there that the groom is going to be able to enjoy. Don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten path!

Don’t be afraid to gift an experience

In some cases, the future husband may want an experience rather than a gift. So, whether you take the hubby to be hiking or to a craft beer tasting, you’ll find that it’s well worth it to consider this as an option. In the long run, it’ll make memories that they’ll love.

Finding Great Wedding Day Gifts

The groom will love that you thought of him and that you picked out something that you believed he would love. Search the web and pick out that one gift that you believe that the groom wedding will enjoy the most. 

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