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7 Funny Wedding Gifts for the Coolest Couple You Know

7 Funny Wedding Gifts for the Coolest Couple You Know

February 2, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Seeing your friends get married is a really fun experience, and there are a lot of things that you can do in order to make it the perfect wedding.

If you’d like to put a little bit of a twist on your perfect gift giving, you might be considering funny wedding gifts that the happy couple would enjoy receiving. What funny gift ideas even exist? Here are some of the unique gifts that we found that brought a smile to our faces.

The Best Funny Wedding Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Hangover Bliss | Funny Personalized Wedding Wine Label

7 Funny Wedding Gifts for the Coolest Couple You Know Image 1

Wedding wine labels of all sorts can be fairly amusing, but these ones (complete with gift box) stand out as a fun bridal shower gift that is going to make everyone laugh on their big day. These labels are black and white, so they look chic while also sharing an amusing message.

There are lots of labels that you can use to make the newlyweds chuckle, so get these to them during the wedding planning process. Even the bride and groom’s parents will be laughing at the Hangover Bliss message that they see on the bottle when filling up their wine glasses.

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2. Personalized Marriage Recipe Canvas Print

7 Funny Wedding Gifts for the Coolest Couple You Know Image 2

If you want a cute wedding gift that will make happy couple smile, this wedding recipe sign is a good way to make that happen. It’s filled with lovely little quips and tips to keep the marriage fresh and happy. Because of its setup, you can get it as an anniversary gift, as well.

It measures 14 inches by 24 inches and is made from durable canvas. There are three different designs for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find the one that they’ll love the most. It’s also a personalized gift; you can customize the last line with up to 20 characters.

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3. Funny T-rex Dinosaurs Bride and Groom Wedding Art Jelly Belly Tin

7 Funny Wedding Gifts for the Coolest Couple You Know Image 3

If jelly beans or mints are something that the bride and groom love, then this goofy little tin can be a fun gift to consider. The rectangular shaped tin fits about an ounce of candy inside, so you can fill it with the brides and/or groom’s favorite treats. It can be used as wedding favors, too.

This particular tin features an adorable pair of Tyrannosaurus Rexes, completely dressed up in their wedding day best. The dinosaurs are green in color, but there are multiple color options available as well as customizable personalization options.

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4. Mood Blocks

7 Funny Wedding Gifts for the Coolest Couple You Know Image 4

Want to help the bride and groom to communicate better after their special day? These mood blocks are an adorable wedding or funny engagement gift that both partners can have on their desks in order to clearly show their emotions.

Three different blocks sit on an attractive wooden base. They have multiple emojis on the side, which can be moved around to show the mood of the day. You can engrave someone’s name on the base of the blocks, and put a funny message on it that they can look back on and chuckle.

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5. Mr. & Mrs. Treat Jar

7 Funny Wedding Gifts for the Coolest Couple You Know Image 5

Do the newlyweds love treats? If so, then it’s definitely worth it to check out this Mr. and Mrs. Treat Jar gift set. These ceramic treat jars have airtight lids, so they can always ensure that their treats are going to be just as fresh as the day they put them in there.

Each of the jars are a little less than a foot tall, and about seven inches in diameter. The front of the jar can be personalized with a last name that is up to 12 characters in length (so yes, if you want to joke about “Mr. Right” or “Hubby” you can).

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6. Eat, Drink, and Be Married Mariposa Serving Tray

7 Funny Wedding Gifts for the Coolest Couple You Know Image 6

Serving trays are always nice to have for a new home, because it makes it that much easier for the special couple to have people over. This particular mariposa style serving tray is handcrafted from 100% recycled aluminum. The beaded border makes it look incredibly stylish and it’s designed so you can put anything from hot coffee mugs or cold tumblers on top.

If the wedding party is giving this as a gift, they can work together to put a sweet wedding sentiment (up to 23 characters) on the tray. Every tray has the phrase “Eat, Drink, and Be Married” engraved on it as well. It measures 13 inches long by 6 inches wide.

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7. Family Selfie Personalized Xmas Ornament

7 Funny Wedding Gifts for the Coolest Couple You Know Image 7

Selfies are the big thing nowadays, and married couples love taking selfies! These personalized family ornaments are a great gift for a bridesmaid or groomsman to let their favorite people know how much they care.

The handmade ornaments are custom engraved and designed for whatever a family looks like. So, even if you decide to get it as a wedding anniversary gift, you can add any children on there as well. This makes these a unique wedding gift that is unlike any other! These resin Christmas ornaments come with a satin ribbon for easy hanging, too.

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How to Give Funny Wedding Gifts Well

Consider whether it’s a wedding day gift or a before/after the wedding gift

In some instances, you may be sharing something that no one else is really going to understand, unless they’re in on the inside joke or whatever. In those cases, you may want to send it to their home or give it to them at the bachelor/bachelorette party. You can give a typical gift off the wedding registry on their wedding day if you go this route.

Be tasteful

A lot of people may think that the only way to be funny is to be crass – but that isn’t necessarily accurate! There are all sorts of ways to be funny on a great wedding gift. So, unless both spouses are comfortable with crass jokes, you may want to check out something a little more tasteful when it comes to being humorous.

Don’t be mean!

There’s no need for you to bring out the “ball and chain” jokes – those aren’t very nice! You can be funny without being mean to either party involved in the wedding. Remember, the day is about them, how much they love each other, and how much everyone at the wedding loves them. Don’t bring it down with mean jokes.

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