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7 Last-Minute Wedding Gifts For The Couple’s New Home

7 Last-Minute Wedding Gifts For The Couple’s New Home

February 2, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Getting invited to a wedding at the last minute – or forgetting about the invitation until that point – can add a lot of stress on a guest. You need to be certain to have your outfit ready, to have a hotel room if you need it, and to get great gifts.

How can you find last minute gifts that are not going to take forever to get to you? Here’s a quick look at some items that you should be able to buy fairly easily, wrap up, and put a card with in time for the wedding.

The Best Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th edition, Bridal

7 Last-Minute Wedding Gifts For The Couple's New Home Image 1

You know that the happy couple is going to end up cooking together a lot and, because of that, it’s important to be able to get delicious recipes. Sure, there’s the internet and online cooking classes – but Betty Crocker’s cookbook is the classic that’s been trusted and relied upon for years and years.

The 11th edition cookbook comes with a special bridal edition featuring a mouth-watering cover of elegant wedding party cupcakes. But the inside is basically the same, with all sorts of meals and desserts in various categories. The only addition is the section with tips and tricks for newlyweds that are learning to cook together.

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2. Congratulations Celebration Gift Basket

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A gift basket is always a great gift to give the newlyweds at the last minute – especially when it’s a Harry & David gift basket! Handcrafted baskets filled with all sorts of delicious goodies to enjoy makes gifting easy, especially for family members.

This particular option has cookie bars, crackers, sharp cheese, sausage, dips, pretzels, and a party mix. But, there are dozens of them available from all sorts of companies, so you can be sure to get your hands on a wedding gift idea that’s filled with goodies.

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3. Malden® 5-Inch x 7-Inch “Mr. & Mrs.” Photo Frame in White

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Photo frames are an easy option for anyone that is racking their brain for a great last minute wedding gift idea. They’re going to need somewhere to put their lovely wedding photos, and this Mr. and Mrs. photo frame is the perfect keepsake to display their special day.

This wooden picture frame has a wide border and, if you aren’t too last minute, you can get it customized. Personalized gifts or DIY gifts aren’t always the best last minute gifts, but if you’re picking it up or you have a little bit of time, you can find ones like this that will get to you quickly.

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4. 90 Point Red & White Wine Gift Set

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Wine sets are another consideration to explore when you’re seeking out last minute gifts. Wine tasting is an incredibly popular hobby for many people, and a collection that takes them to different regions of the world that they can enjoy at home is even better!

This set is filled with six 90+ point rated white and red wines found throughout the world. California, France, Spain, and Oregon are among the areas represented in it. You can also consider getting them wine glasses or champagne flutes to go with whichever set of wine that you decide to get as a last minute gift.

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5. Nostalgia Electrics Retro Aqua 800-Watt Microwave Oven

7 Last-Minute Wedding Gifts For The Couple's New Home Image 5

If you’re a wedding guest that knows the new couple loves nostalgia, then you may want to see if you can nab this microwave. Reminiscent of the 50s with its retro design, the couple will have the look they want at their new home while having all of the creature comforts that we’re used to with modern microwaves.

This particular model is an 800 watt oven with about one cubic foot of space. There are 12 settings and delay timing, an easy to read LED display with clock, and a glass carousel. It’s very easy to clean and take care of, which both the bride and groom will want out of their perfect gift.

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6. Bar Tool Set Silver

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If mixed drinks are on the menu at this married couple’s home, then this bar tool set is the perfect last minute wedding gift to get your hands on. The kit has absolutely everything that they’ll need for their home bar, and it looks really great as well.

This kit has every single one of the tools that the groom may need to show off their mixology skills. It has 2 differently sized jiggers, a bottle opener, a spring coil strainer, a long spade-ended spoon, and a modern muddler. It all comes inside of an ice bucket, which has a matching ice scoop as well.

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7. Enamelware 6 qt. Round Cast Iron Dutch Oven in Red with Lid

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A good dutch oven will be appreciated by the new couple because you can do almost everything for a meal in it. Refrigerating, marinating, cooking, and serving can all come from the same pot.

This cast iron and enamel pot by Lodge is designed to be durable and long lasting, so any couple can add it to their home and use it for as many meals as they wish.

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What to Look for In Last-Minute Gifts

See what’s still on the wedding registry

Always check the registry out first. In many instances, you will likely find that there are a handful of things that haven’t yet been chosen, especially if the bridal shower is over. If you’re able to get those items at the last minute without a lot of hassle (or spending way too much money), go ahead and knock another item off of their list.

Consider gift cards or experiences

Gift cards or experiential things can be another solid way to ensure that you have a last-minute gift that is going to bring the newlyweds a bit of joy after the wedding season is over. Many couples feel weird asking for money or gift cards, so they’ll likely be grateful that you considered it as an option.

If you know where they’re headed for their honeymoon, see if you can chip in and pay for something that they’ll do there. One thoughtful gift might be a dinner for one evening, or a pass to an exotic experience that they’d enjoy. Be sure you ask about it first, because they may have gotten a package deal (and there’s no reason to pay twice for something).

Send something to their home in the mail

You can always just go ahead and send something to their home in the mail, as well. Not only does that allow for a little time between their big day and the end of their honeymoon for it to ship out, but it can be a fun surprise for them to open up after they get back home.

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