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8 Best Wedding Gifts for Parents Guide

Showing your love and appreciation for your parents is really important on your wedding day. One way to do so is by honoring your parents with a thoughtful gift on your wedding day.

But, what should you get them? Is it like getting them an anniversary gift, or will a wedding photo suffice? Our wedding gifts for parents guide is here to help the couple who have supported you along the way.

The Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents for 2023

1. Personalized Dusty Blue Floral Mother of the Bride Tote Bag

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A classic tote is always a worthwhile gift to consider and with so many different options, you want to be sure that you find what works. And, if your mom is going to hang out with your bridal party or help with wedding planning, it can be a great thing to bring along! 

The art print on this one is a watercolor style botanical look, with shades of gray, dusty blue, and pastel yellow. The Mother of the Bride section is customizable; you can add Mom’s name when you order it. This tote is a thank you gift that will be sure to make mom smile! 

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2. Gold Pocket Watch

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A pocket watch like this customizable one is an excellent gift for the father of the bride or groom. It features a genuine mother-of-pearl face and the numbers are large and easily readable.

You’re also able to personalize the etching on the cover, so you can let your dad (or father-in-law) know just how much you care about them.

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3. Father of The Bride Parent Name Wedding Boxers

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These boxers, appropriately done in bridal white, have a traditional cut and are made from cotton, so dad will be comfortable throughout the entire day, which makes it the best gift possible!

You can customize the boxers to have the Father of the Bride’s name. The letter “T” in “Father” is also dressed for the occasion – it’s wearing a bow tie! This gift is sure to bring laughs before your big day, and is a fun keepsake as well.

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4. Personalized Mother Wedding Bracelet

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Moms get really emotional around weddings, because it’s on that list of “most important days of their life”. This personalized wedding bracelet is a beautiful gift that you can give to your mom or mother in law. It’s a great keepsake.

The chain is made from silver-finished stainless steel, with iridescent purple faceted rondels and an easy-to-use lobster claw closure. It has a mother of the bride (or mother of the groom) charm included, and the other charm is able to be stamped with any initial that you’d like. It also comes with a card that you can write in.

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5. Stamp Series Father of the Groom T-Shirt

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This Stamp Series shirt makes it quite clear who the father of the groom is! With his title proclaimed across his chest, this Father of the Bride shirt is a perfect option for a dad to wear underneath their tuxedo or while hanging out with the boys on bachelor weekend.

This is a performance style, men’s t-shirt. Made from both poly fabric (for comfort and longevity) and microfiber (for lightness and durability), this shirt is one that your dad (or father in law) will wear proudly for many years to come.

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6. Nocturnal Floral Mother of the Groom Handkerchief Bandana

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Another thing that you can expect at a wedding is tears. Many moms – both of the bride and groom – will end up crying at some point during the ceremony. To help them out, you can consider one of these square handkerchiefs/bandanas as part of your gift to them.

These lovely wedding handkerchiefs have a lush flower design with watercolor, hand drawn line, and hand painted elements. With light and beautiful colors along with personalization options for your mom’s name, this beautiful piece is a nice gift and a good way to help them elegantly dab at their tears as their little girl or little boy says “I do”.

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7. Personalized “Father of the Bride” Tie Bar

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A tie bar is a classic gift to look at if you want to make sure that your dad is able to show off their “Father of the Bride” or “Father of the Groom” status. This accessory is stylish and it will look good on pretty much any tie that they wear.

The base of the tie bar is rhodium plating over a brass body, with your choice of two styles (classic or modern) and three finishes (silver, gold or gunmetal). Don’t forget to indicate the personalized message on the front when you order. You can find matching cufflinks on this site, as well. 

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8. Play Tickets

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Do your parents enjoy theatre? If they do, play tickets will make a great gift. Chances are they are exhausted after helping you plan for the perfect day. They will definitely appreciate a night out to enjoy and celebrate. Take a look at your local theatre to see what plays they have coming up and purchase tickets to the one you think your parents will enjoy most.

If you enjoy theatre also, make it a family night and join your parents for the fun. They will love the quality time spent with you, too.

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Parental Gifting Tips

Don’t get a generic gift

These are your parents. You don’t just want to get them a photo frame or keepsake box that has “father of the bride” or “mother of the bride” plastered on it, with no thought at all. That’s why all of these are personalized wedding gifts; it’s important to let the parents of the bride and of the groom know that you got the perfect wedding gift with them in mind.

Consider doing something nice for them

Pay for their hotel ahead of your wedding date, or get them a vacation to enjoy whenever they want to do so. Get a gift card for a spa day for mom, or wine glasses and a wine tasting for dad, or some other type of experience. After your busy wedding, they absolutely deserve to kick their feet up and relax for a few days with your perfect gift!

Make sure both spouses are involved

Too many couples will just have the bride take care of her parents’ gifts, and the groom take care of his mom and dad’s gifts. But, this is a moment of connection that you should never pass up. In fact, you want to be sure that both spouses are involved in figuring out what wedding gift ideas to give, and that you both are involved in giving the gift, as well.

Wedding Gifts for Parents FAQs

Your mom and dad love you dearly, and they want the best for you. Be sure that you let them know how much you care, too. A great gift on your first day as newlyweds will make that message quite clear to them. Find what you like – and what they’ll like, and your parents’ gifts will be a perfect 10!

How do I thank my parents for my wedding?

Consider thanking your parents with a special photograph just for them, or create a heartfelt toast that you and your spouse can share during the reception. Small gifts are always treasured too but it does not have to be expensive, but it should be sincere.

Does the bride get her parents a gift?

This is completely optional and personal. Many brides prefer to give her parents a special gift just from her. But it is perfectly fine for the new couple to gift the parents of the bride together. A special handwritten letter or picture is usually enough to show your appreciation.

Do the groom’s parents give a wedding gift?

Traditionally, yes. It does not have to be extravagant, but it is a personal choice. Some parents help with the honeymoon, and some offer some money. But most importantly, a small sincere token to show their love is most acceptable.

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