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Best Birthday Gifts for Him (2021 Guide)

The time has come. Just like Father’s Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the special men in your life have said that they don’t want anything for their birthday.

Choosing birthday gifts for the men in your life can seem like an insurmountable challenge, but rest assured that’s not the case. Men are not hard to shop for, and as long as you have put a little effort in, they will probably appreciate any gift they receive.

To help you out, here are some simple birthday gifts for him that work for a wide range of men and the various roles they may have in your life.

Top 9 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Him in 2021

1. Flaviar Gift Set (for the Whiskey lover)

Flaviar Gift Set

Create an unforgettable gift for your buddy especially if he appreciates tasting spirits. Enjoy whiskey, bourbon, rye, vodka and more. Flaviar’s themed Tasting Boxes come with a carefully-selected array of drinks that showcase the flavor range of each category and make it even easier for your brother, dad, cousin or best friend to try even more. Even better, ask him to share with you and you can enjoy quality time together taste-testing.

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2. 5-in-1 iPhone Charging Dock Station

Charging station with bluetooth speaker

A charger, alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, FM radio and USB rolled into one, this sleek and high-powered gadget is the perfect gift for men who like to avoid clutter. They can charge their phone and smart watch at the same time while listening to FM radio or, more realistically, their self-titled playlist on Tidal or Spotify.

The alarm clock has a large display and automatically syncs with the Apple iPhone’s time and times for seamless integration.

3. Portable Solar Charger Power Bank

Power bank with LED light

Truly unique birthday gifts for him will take his likes and dislikes into account. If his phone is always dying or he enjoys lots of outdoor activities, this power bank could be the perfect gift idea.

On one full charge it can charge an iPad Air 3 times – it has some power. With dual ports, it can even charge multiple gadgets at once. Equipped with an LED light, it also comes in handy for camping and hiking at night.

4. Himalayan Salt Plate & Holder Set

Trendy himalayan salt plate

Grilling professionals have not stopped talking about the trendy Himalayan salt plate. Great for cooking steaks, veggies and more, it automatically salts food, is the perfect flat surface required for a good searing and makes some delicious BBQ.

It comes with a holder which eliminates excess pressure on any specific area of the salt plate and protects the fragile edges, both which extend the life of the plate.

5. Personalized Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet

Stylish piece handmade bracelet

A meaningful birthday gift for him, this one will leave him with a smile. The handmade bracelet is made with genuine leather and features strong magnetic clasps. On the inside, you can have a special message engraved, and there is space to get creative.

A stylish piece that goes with his favorite t-shirt as well as it goes with a dressier outfit, it is a nice final touch that can bring his entire look together and make him feel special.

6. Rocky Mountain Shower Steamer Bath Bomb

Soothing bath bombs

One of the best gifts for the guy that is need of stress release, these soothing bath bombs will instantly turn the shower into his very own steam room. Made with 100% real essential oils, the calming eucalyptus and mint will have all the stress ooze out of his body and right down the drain.

These best sellers are a unique gift idea for the men who never have a chance to slow down and take care of themselves.

7. Stainless Steel Engraved Cufflinks and Tie Clip Bar

Stainless steel tie bar clip set

An oldie, but a goodie, this cufflink and tie bar set is a great old fashioned personalized gift. The classic design is elevated by the engraved initial of the birthday boy and punctuated by the polished mirror finish and the tie bar’s matte finish adds that touch of offhand sophistication.

The high-quality stainless steel is durable, able to resist scratching, tarnishing, rusting and staining. Simple, elegant and perfect for wearing daily, you may want to get another set for Father’s Day, too.

8. Wireless Bluetooth Hat Headphones and Gloves

Wireless bluetooth headphones with built-in stereo headset

A unique birthday gift that is both practical and awesome, it is a great idea for the outdoorsy guy or guys who live in places where the weather gets cold.

The beanie has a built-in stereo headset that allows you to listen to music without needing an additional pair of headphones. Super soft, the double-knit hat will keep them warm and the touchscreen gloves allow them to answer calls without sacrificing any body heat. Tech is amazing!

9. Monica Vinader Linear Men’s Friendship Bracelet

Monica Vinader leather bracelet for men

We love this bracelet because it uses recycled silver, it is responsibly manufactured, and handmade. What’s not to love?

For the man who has everything. This hand woven bracelet is designed with a slider that glides over the cord to fit perfectly. An everyday staple that also makes the perfect gift.

Choosing the Best Birthday Gifts for Him

Everyone goes about gift-giving differently, but when it comes to getting the people we love a birthday gift, we all tend to want to find something that puts a smile on their face. Unfortunately, finding the perfect gift can get tricky and downright frustrating.

Relax! If you are close to calling it quits on finding a present for the upcoming birthday boy’s birthday, take a deep breath and read this birthday gift ideas guide. These mental notes will help you can find an amazing gift without torturing yourself.

What has he felt that he’s needed lately?

Think about items he has talked about that may help him perform better at the office or will make his hobby a bit more enjoyable. Is he ready to try golf for the first time or does he want to finally start taking his art more seriously?

There is a great gift that can facilitate those shifts into new territory.

Say no to overthinking it

Take him at his word. If he tells you what he wants, go ahead and buy it. Be grateful for the straightforward man who will tell you they want a money clip, bottle opener or new set of socks.

If you want to make the gift a surprise, take it up another level. For instance, instead of any old bottle opener, gift him one that is wall-mounted or a sock subscription.

Notice what they buy for themselves and how they spend their time

Someone who has a massive collection of video games may enjoy a birthday gift that is video-game related. If they invest their own money in something, chances are they’ll like a gift within that same theme.

A time investment warrants the same passion as a financial one. If he is spending time working or talking about cars, that’s the direction your gift should come from.

Determine what they need

Men, unfortunately, are not encouraged to talk about their needs and can downplay wanting gifts because it can feel like their desires are unimportant. This is where a little bit of research can go a long way.

For example, you may know that they enjoy photography. Your first thought may be to get a lens, but if you don’t know much about photography, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed with the varying prices and functionality. Instead, a supplementary piece of gear like a tripod or a camera cleaning kit would be a great gift.

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