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7 Best Birthday Gifts for Teen Girls Guide

7 Best Birthday Gifts for Teen Girls Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Teenage girls may be one of the hardest groups of children to buy birthday gifts for. You want to get gifts that are appropriate for their age, while also making sure it’s actually cool!

With changing trends that come and go faster than ever, finding the perfect gifts for teen girls can feel more like a rigged game at an amusement park – you cannot win, no matter how much time and money you pour into it.

All is not lost, however. If you are looking for birthday gifts for teen girls that are unique, trendy and thoughtful, check out what to get a teenage girl for her birthday with our gift ideas below.

The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Teen Girls for 2023

1. DIY Lip Balm Kit

Lip balm making kit

Tween girls are their very own beauty experts with this all-natural lip balm kit which comes with everything needed to make organic glosses and balms. The DIY kit includes coconut and shea butter bases to keep lips moisturized and 100% pure essential oils that allow them to create their own uniquely scented and flavored lip care.

This is one of the best gifts for teen girls, mixing creativity, science and self-care into one awesome beauty products package.

2. Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder

Realistic human skeleton hand

The human skeleton hand is quite realistic, featuring movable joints and a beech wood base that serves as a tray for any jewelry overspill. The fingers act as necklace, bracelet, watch and ring holders and can be positioned to hold items in a number of poses.

A unique gift that promises a place very few others are going to have in their bedrooms, it offers so much versatility, teen boys may get jealous.

3. Portable Smart Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ultra-light bluetooth speaker

Made for girls on the go, this speaker is ultra-light and wireless so her favorite songs will always be with her. It has superior sound quality, enhanced bass and sensitive touch control which makes it easy to control with just the use of her fingertips.

An updated gadget, the Bluetooth speaker has 11 gorgeous visual display modes that give her and friends a colorful lightshow. More than a speaker, the built-in microphone means she can take calls while her smartphone is connected.

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4. Adidas Originals Mini Backpack

Mini backpack screen printed Adidas logo

Don’t doubt this cool gift choice for one second. With its screen-printed Adidas logo, vintage style, and bold color options, it is easily one of the best birthday gifts for teen girls.

The mini backpack has two straps, nylon zippers, two compartments and a durable polyester body. With the capacity of purse, she can toss essentials like her iPhone, water bottle, and key fob into the bag for a convenient hands-free day.

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5. DropMix Music Gaming System

Cool DropMix Music gaming system

This gift idea is perfect for the teenage girl who loves music. The birthday girl may not have heard of this gaming system before, but once she starts playing with it, she will never stop.

Developed by the creators of Dance Central and Rock Band, she can play music like she’s never played it before, combining her favorite tracks and competing against her friends to make some truly unique music.

One of the coolest gadgets, she can play solo or with others.

6. Wooden Digital Desk Alarm Clock

Wooden LED Clock display

Super minimalist and sophisticated she’ll love having this by her bedside waking up and going to sleep.

Featuring a large LED clock display which shows the time, temperature and humidity, it has adjustable brightness levels, an energy saving mode, voice control. The alarm clock allows her to program up to 3 separate alarms and comes with a weekday mode so alarms won’t wake her up on the weekends if she decides to sleep in.

7. Loose Graphic Crop Top T-Shirt

Printed tshit with Loose graphic crop

Printed on the front of the t-shirt are the words “I want pizza not your opinion”. So, you can tell that this is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to a teenage girl.

There’s no denying pizza is one of the most delicious foods on the planet, and if the world knows anything, it’s that teen girls are not interested in what anyone else thinks. Stretchy, soft and breathable, she’ll love to lounge in it.

Buying Birthday Gifts for Teen Girls: Rules for 100% Stress-Free Giving

When it comes to teen girls, finding the perfect birthday gift can feel like a task you do not want to get wrong. There’s nothing quite as bad as getting an eye roll or feeling like you aren’t cool enough to give them something they’ll enjoy on their birthday.

Everyone who was a teen understands why finding the best gifts for teenage girls is difficult, but sometimes it seems like we forget those times in our lives as we get older. Keep these rules in mind to give the birthday girl a great gift on her big day.

Respect their wish list

If a teen girl tells you she wants a skeleton hand jewelry holder, get her the skeleton hand jewelry holder. If she wants a pair of black and green polka dot Mary Jane shoes, go ahead and wrap those up for her. This is pretty simple, in theory, but can be much harder to apply.

Make peace with impractical gifts

A lot of adults try to sneak usefulness into the gifts they give. Why not get her that winter coat, she is going to need next year or how about those rain boots?

Try to remember it is her birthday and part of the fun of a gift is that it’s not always something she needs. It’s something she wants or will be lots of fun.

If you are a parent and you’re set on getting her something practical, let her have a say on the style of the item because she doesn’t want just any water bottle, she wants a hydro flask mom and dad.

Don’t judge – ask

Teenage girls don’t feel great when they think you don’t like the gifts they want. It’s natural to have questions or concerns about certain items, so try asking why she thinks a gift card is a better option than a new Apple phone charger.

Inviting her to talk about her preferences will give you insight into her thinking process and help her think her choices with you by her side.

Give without expecting anything

Giving a real birthday gift means you have to be okay with the recipient doing what they want with their stuff, regardless of who gave it to them. She can regift those bath bombs as a stocking stuffer, sell that tote or throw it away with the old scrunchies. It’s tough, but it’s the way to avoid the stress.

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