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Glossier Super Pure: This Super Serum is Finally Back

Glossier Super Pure: This Super Serum is Finally Back

February 2, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Super Pure is back! 

Glossier just restocked this favorite balancing serum. If you’ve been waiting patiently to try Super Pure, now’s the time. And if your self-care has taken a backseat in 2023, Glossier’s suite of skincare is a great starting point for building a new routine. 

Though known for their makeup, Glossier has a skin-first philosophy when it comes to beauty. They’re all about making efficacious products that bring out your skin’s potential to create the perfect canvas. And that’s where Super Pure enters the picture! 

Read on to find out everything about Glossier Super Pure:

What is Glossier Super Pure?

Super Pure is a lightweight serum meant to have a calming, balancing effect on skin. Because of this, it’s good for many inflammatory skin conditions, not just acne. It targets oil production to reduce both acne and shine. And in addition to treating any present skin troubles, it nourishes your skin’s barrier to make your skin more resilient for the future.

True to Glossier form, it comes in a cute dropper with a millennial pink top. The bottle has a blue cast that looks very mermaid, if we may say so. (Imagine this on your bathroom shelf?!) The product itself is clear and, per Glossier’s site, “waterweight”. If you’re fighting oil or acne, that’s a big advantage over other serums which can trend on the oily side.

Glossier Super Pure Serum

How to Use Super Pure

Glossier Super Pure Review

Squeeze the dropper and immerse it in the bottle, then release it to pick up the serum. Apply a drop where needed and gently rub into skin. This would be great to massage in with a jade roller and really make it a soothing ritual! 

You can use Super Pure at morning or at night, however you do your skincare. If you’ll be using it with Super Bounce and Super Glow, be gradual in how you introduce each one into your routine to see how they play together on your skin. Glossier notes that you can use each serum as your skin asks for it. So you might not feel like you need Super Pure daily, but you can bring it out when your skin is stressed or you feel a breakout coming on. 

But anytime you’re switching up your skincare routine, it may take time to see results. In a clinical trial, 9 out of 10 Super Pure users reported more balanced, clear skin after six weeks of use.

What Ingredients Are In Glossier Super Pure?

There were some rumors that the long wait was actually so Glossier could reformulate Super Pure. It was not! This restock is the same formula including:

5% Niacinamide: Sounds intense, but is another name for Vitamin B3. Used to clarify and improve the overall look of skin texture. It does this by balancing oil production.

Zinc PCA: Targets impurities and excess sebum in pores.

How Does Glossier Super Pure Compare to the Other Supers?

Glossier Super Pure Vegan

Super Pure is part of a family vitamin-rich serums. Super Pure is aimed at improving skin texture and calming down irritated skin. Super Bounce, on the other hand, is more about hydration. Its active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is supposed to be like a magnet for moisture. Super Glow is about brightening skin, improving the appearance of dark spots left by acne or sun. But you can use all three to treat different things you’re trying to target! 

Is Glossier Super Pure Vegan?

Yes, Glossier Super Pure is vegan! 

Is Glossier Super Pure Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Glossier Super Pure is cruelty-free! Different from vegan, this designation means that animal testing was not involved in making this product. Glossier proudly has a Leaping Bunny certification.

Is Glossier Super Pure Good for Sensitive Skin?

Glossier Super Pure Serums

Yes! Glossier Super Pure is formulated for all skin types. It’s hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, paraben free and fragrance free. Plus, the lower concentration of niacinamide makes Super Pure more gentle than its closest competitor, The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%.

Is Glossier Super Pure Worth It?

Glossier Super Pure retails for $28 for 1 fl oz (30 ml). Something to think about is that Super Pure is smaller than the niacinimade serum from The Ordinary. So in terms of cost-per-use, it would definitely be more expensive. But that’s a different question from its value!

In addition to the reasons stated above, Glossier Super Pure is a better value because many people find that The Ordinary “pills” or beads up on the skin. If using it in the morning this would create an unfortunate base for makeup. And besides…it’s just not goals! Whereas Super Pure applies evenly and soaks in like a drink.

You can save on Super Pure if you buy it as part of a bundle in The Super Pack ($65), which includes Super Bounce and Super Glow.

At the time of writing, you can get 10% off your first order, 10% cash back from your purchase and free shipping on orders over $30 from Glossier.

You might like Glossier Super Pure if you want something:

  • Acne-clearing (acne helping?)
  • Balancing
  • Lightweight
  • Gentle
  • Vegan

Of the tools we have now to fight acne, Glossier Super Pure is a good one to have in your arsenal. It’s gentler than your usual topical acne treatment, and without the annoying residue of oil-based treatments. And it’s a simple, mess-free application (as compared to washing off a face mask)! 

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