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Glossier Skywash Review: All 7 Shades Tested

Glossier Skywash Review: All 7 Shades Tested

March 29, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

We’ve reached that point in winter where every day is a uniform of black leggings, grey coat. So I’m pretty psyched at any chance to bring color back into my morning routine. 

Enter Skywash, Glossier’s new line of matte eyeshadows.

I got the chance to try every shade, courtesy of Glossier—and I have mixed feelings. Here are my unfiltered reactions:

glossier skywash eyeshadow tint

What is it Like to Wear Skywash

This is a pretty interesting formula: It goes on like a cream but quickly dries down to a powder. They actually call it a lid tint, because it’s meant to be a soft, buildable hint of color.

I found that if you try to apply it solely with the doe-foot applicator, it will just push the product around without really covering your lid. Once it dries, though, it’s just like what you’d expect from a regular eyeshadow…only longlasting!

This range is a 180 from the full beat makeup trend that’s been popularized by Instagram. If that’s all about perfection and precision, Skywash is about speed and innovation. Don’t expect this to be something you spend lots of time blending. It’s more like a swipe of color that completes your look.

Skywash Shadow: 7 Southwest Shades

This shadow comes in seven earth tone shades inspired by the Southwest. I have to say they really nailed it with the color story. It’s cohesive but daring in a way we’ve come to expect from Glossier. 

Even the tubes are a sort of matte texture, which gets you excited about what’s inside!

1. Pool Shade (a Cornflower Blue)

skywash pool shade

This color is what I like to call “Cinderella blue.” You might actually think it was white were I not wearing a white top for comparison. Can you imagine this with a matching yoga set? I’m drooling.

2. Pebble Shade (a Neutral Taupe)

skywash pebble shade

This one was very subtle on me, which is a shame because I love how it looks in the tube. Based on the cap I thought/hoped it would be more pink.

3. Valley Shade (a Warm Peach)

skywash valley shade

Glossier has somehow bottled the light that comes through your window at golden hour. It’s a neon wash of peach and it’s so, so gorgeous. I definitely had a gel pen this color in the early 2000’s. 

4. Terra Shade (a Burnt Sienna)

skywash terra shade

A single swipe is more than enough for this shade—which, on the flipside, means you better put it where you mean for it to go. I think this would make a good dupe for k-beauty looks.

5. Echo Shade (a Cocoa Brown)

skywash echo shade

This one is unfortunately patchy on me, and took many tries to get the opacity I was going for. It felt like I was noticeably just spreading the color. 

6. Palm Shade (a Golden Beige)

skywash palm shade

I got frustrated with the color payoff on this one and started pretty much spackling it on. I think this would work better as a base for other eyeshadows.

7. Lawn Shade (a Fresh Green)

skywash lawn shade

I love this color! Because it’s a warm-toned collection, this green leans more to the yellow side of things. This and Pool are in that sweet spot of being pigmented yet forgiving when you mess up.

Does it Really Last 12 Hours?

Yes, I wore the Palm Skywash shadow color for the advertised 12 hours and it held steady! Glossier says Skywash is longwear and smudge-resistant. (Case in point: this product survived a shower in which I forgot I was wearing makeup and idly rubbed my eye.)

I’ve seen some comments about creasing: It did settle into my eyelid’s…unique terrain. But it never felt brittle or like something I wanted to peel off, which is not true of all liquid eyeshadows. It felt soft and lightweight.

Does it Smudge Easily?

No, the Skywash products I tested did not smudge! I did a swatch test on my arm which got disturbed by my sleeve, and can report that as they wear off they flake, not smear.

Is Skywash Vegan / Cruelty-Free?

Skywash shadows are vegan for every shade, so you can shop this line with confidence.

And Glossier never tests on animals. Part of why we love this brand so much is their commitment to transparency and ethical products.

Is it Okay for Sensitive Skin?

Yes! Skywash is:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Opthamologist tested
  • Gluten free
  • Formulated without fragrance 

Does it Work for Oily Skin?

You know that moment of heartbreak when you’re applying a cream eyeshadow and it slides off your eye? The matte finish means these will stay put. 

Will it Show Up on my Skin tone?

The pigmentation is pretty sheer, so it may take many tries to show up on deep skin tones. I think someone with darker skin would have the opposite experience to me: Lawn, Pool and Pebble would be the statement and Terra, Echo and Palm would be the neutral. 

glossier skywwash for skintones

How Does it Compare to the Lidstars?

Skywash is the matte answer to Glossier’s other liquid shadow, Lidstar. A cosmic cream shimmer, Lidstar comes in shades you’d expect from highlight. 

Tip: Skywash in the crease and Lidstar on top is a lightning-fast way to create a cut-crease look.

Is it Worth the Price?

Skywash retails for $18, but you can also get a Duo of your choice for $30. And right now you can shop Glossier’s entire collection and get free shipping on orders $30+

But are you just paying for the cool branding? (It is very, very cool…) That depends on what you look for in your makeup:


  • Long-wearing
  • Gentle on skin
  • Unique colors
  • Lets you skip primer
  • Liquid formula makes it easy to touch up in case of a mascara tragedy


  • Sheerness
  • Patchiness
  • Tricky at first

Taking that all into consideration, as a drugstore queen I find these worth the money. I don’t remember the last time I hit pan on a regular eyeshadow, and those wear off fast and always look so different when you step outside.

There’s a learning curve to these tints, but I look forward to experimenting more with them!

You should get Skywash if:

  • You like a subtle wash of color
  • You want to branch out with your makeup looks
  • You’re someone who tends to choose sleep over eyeshadow

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