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Eaze Cannabis Same-Day Delivery Review

With increasing evidence to support the use of medical marijuana, it’s no surprise that companies are finding ways to make your life easier when it comes to receiving your prescription. One company goes above and beyond to make your life Eaze-y! 

We’ve reviewed Eaze (one of the most popular cannabis delivery options today) to show why you should be using this service and how we can help you save money.

Eaze Review

What is Eaze?

Eaze is a San Francisco-based online cannabis marketplace founded in 2014, basically a digital platform designed to support the legal cannabis industry. What started as a medical cannabis delivery app has evolved into so much more! 

By visiting their website or downloading the Eaze app, you can search for and purchase medical cannabis products that then get delivered to your doorstep. It’s like UberEats but for legal cannabis!

Eaze also provides jobs for over 1,200 people, is an LGBTQ+ friendly company, devotes time to educating their community on ethical cannabis usage, and offers a safe, efficient means of acquiring quality legal cannabis.

Is Eaze Reliable?

Eaze connects licensed local retailers with customers within their area. Because Eaze aims to positively impact local communities, they value reliable and ethical retailers as well as dependable drivers. Each driver is selected by individual local retailers and undergoes an in-depth screening process to ensure top-notch service. 

Additionally, Eaze has an entire team dedicated to verify that each product and retailer are compliant with local and state regulations. This is to ensure that customers receive exactly what they order and have the best possible experience. 

Eaze Puts Safety First

Eaze makes safety a top priority. This not only means quality control but also education. The team goes above and beyond to ensure customers understand the product and its benefits. Each product comes with a description that includes the potency amount as well as a list of effects. 

Eaze is careful to ensure each customer knows exactly what they will be consuming, how much they will be consuming, and what to expect upon consumption. 

How Does Eaze Delivery Work?

Eaze partners with local licensed retailers to deliver the best products with, well, eaze. Start by visiting their website or downloading the app. Then you can browse products and learn about legal cannabis, including the different strains of cannabis, product types, and even industry news. 

Once you have verified your age, you can then purchase products through the platform. Retailers receive payments directly through Eaze, then send a driver to deliver your purchased products directly to your door, same day.

How Long Does Eaze Delivery Take?

Exact delivery times vary. By using the Eaze app, you can track your delivery status in real-time. Upon arrival, each driver will verify your age and deliver your purchases. 

Why Use Eaze?

We cannot emphasize it enough: Eaze prides itself on safe and dependable delivery! By ordering through Eaze, you never need to be concerned about who or when your products will be delivered. The Eaze app and website make it super “eaz-y” and convenient to browse, compare, select, and order products. 

Eaze also offers an incredibly diverse product selection, ranging in various cannabis product types, flavors, and formats. So, whether you’re looking for a delicious apple pear flavored cannabis gummy or a pre-roll of a hybrid strand, Eaze isn’t short on options.

How Can I Save with Eaze?

As mentioned above, Eaze offers a wide product selection and competitive prices. On July 29th, 2020, Eaze is offering a 20% sitewide summer sale in celebration of the company’s 6th anniversary. Eaze is also offering surprise summer sales, so be sure to check back frequently for opportunities to save.

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