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60 Ways You Can Actively Participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

60 Ways You Can Actively Participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

It’s time to think beyond the pink!

This October, spend Breast Cancer Awareness Month joining the fight against one of the common types of cancer in women.

While wearing pink in solidarity is a symbolic gesture that doesn’t go unnoticed, consider taking a more active stance this month. Concentrate on providing direct patient support. Educate your peers. Raise funds to help advance breast cancer research and treatment options.

Looking for creative ways to get started?

Table of Contents

60+ Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

1. Munchies for Mammograms

Did you know you can donate mammograms for uninsured women in need?

Shop Costco and BJ’s to buy snack favorites in bulk (chips, nuts, cookies, and fruit bars) that you sell to co-workers at a marked-up price. Use the proceeds to make a donation in the name of the office to organizations such as GreaterGood and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

2. Blooms for Breast Cancer

Sell pink carnations and/or roses in the name of breast cancer awareness.

Tip: Many family-owned flower shops are more than happy to give discounts or donate blooms for a good cause. In addition, some online flower shops offer significant savings through coupon codes and free cash back.

3. Breast Cancer Awareness BBQ

Host a BBQ and have the pitmaster drop this knowledge on the fellas.

Although the American Cancer Society predicts the lifetime risk for breast cancer in males is about 1 in 1,000, it is still important to spread the word that the disease is not exclusive to women. Men also benefit from performing routine self-examinations.

4. Feed the Pig

Encourage co-workers to donate their loose change during October by filling up dozens of pink piggy banks strategically placed throughout the office—like the break room, by the coffee pot, in the bathrooms, and at reception desks.

5. Penny for Your Thoughts

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to let perfectly good pennies go to waste!

Turn unloved cents into a joint breast cancer donation by challenging your co-workers to fill up a water cooler jug with pennies that are then donated to a local charity. This is also an excellent way for teachers to educate and engage their students for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Check out this list for some good ideas for Breast Cancer charities accepting donations.

6. Haircuts for Hope

Got a hairdresser friend? If not, find someone local who’s willing to help you host a hair-cutting event that donates the proceeds to a breast cancer charity.

7. Donate Your Hair

Thinking about doing the “big chop” or lopping off the inches?

You can donate your hair to Locks of Love, a nonprofit charity that turns human hair into wigs for medical patients battling hair loss—a minimum of 10″ of hair is required.

8. Pretty-in-Pink Tea Party

Gather the girlfriends and host a pink-themed tea party complete with Kentucky Derby-style hats, pink-iced ribbon cookies, and colorful fresh flowers. Accept donations at the door.

Another tea-time idea: Host a mother-daughter luncheon.

9. Put Your Sneakers to Good Use

Participate in a fun run or walk that raises money for breast cancer research.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a wildly popular fundraising event that arranges numerous walks across the U.S. in October.

10. Adopt-an-Ornament for a Breast Cancer Ribbon Tree

Use pink mesh ribbon, ball ornaments, pink snowflakes, strings of pink beads, pink twigs, and eye-catching bows to create an awe-inspiring faux holiday tree at the office.

Collect donations for a local breast cancer charity from co-workers, customers, and visitors who wish to “adopt-an ornament” and help decorate the tree.

11. Social Media Pink-Out

On October 1, change the color of your website and social media accounts to incorporate the color pink or pink ribbons. Go a step further and share breast cancer facts, statistics, resources, and self-check reminders for the next 31 days.

12. Wigs Aren’t for Everyone!

When chemotherapy and other meds trigger hair loss, hats provide just the right all-season protection for an exposed scalp. Donate headgear to a local treatment clinic, or send knit caps to Halos of Hope, an organization that ships handmade hats to patients and clinics in need.

13. Cover with Love

Collect blankets, hats, and scarves to donate to a local oncology center. These items help keep breast cancer patients warm and comfortable during chemo treatments.

Enlist the help of a sewing- or crochet club to include handmade creations made with love.

14. Cuss Words for Cancer

Turn all of those slips of the tongue into a good deed. Donate the proceeds of the family swear jar to a breast cancer organization. Adults pay double in October!

15. Mammogram Car Pools

Celebrate National Mammography Day (the third Friday in October) by encouraging loved ones, friends, and co-workers to make an appointment. Help organize carpools and volunteer to become a designated driver, when needed.

Spread the word: Many clinics offer free mammograms in October for those who cannot afford them.

16. Give Your Time

Volunteer to assist local breast cancer events (like annual races and fun runs) or take time to help out at a cancer treatment center, even if it’s just lending an ear or a shoulder to cry on.

17. Donate Your Paid Time Off

Give employees the ‘green light’ to donate their paid time off to a breast cancer organization. Instead of taking time off, donate the money you’d be making for the day to charity.

18. Let’s Get It Poppin’

Attention-grabbing and fun, organize a pink balloon raffle to encourage people to make donations to win a coveted prize (or prizes) you’ve finagled through local sponsors.

Place raffle tickets inside of balloons and sell them for at least $1 (depending on the prizes).

19. 31 Days of Pink Ribbons

Involve employees in a small office by handing out breast cancer awareness ribbons on October 1. Promise to put $1 towards a joint donation to a local breast cancer charity whenever an employee wears the ribbon. That’s a total of $31 in possible donations per employee when they wear their ribbons every day!

20. Host a Gift Basket-Making Party

Enlist family and friends to help breast cancer patients celebrate a cancer-free status or their last day of chemo treatments with a handmade gift basket.

What to include? Think small boxes of chocolates or chocolate-covered nuts; therapeutic tea; a bottle of wine with a decorative glass; and unscented lotions.

If you need a little help, get creative by custom building your own gift basket at giftbasket.com.

21. Poses for a Purpose

Organize a yoga class with a certified instructor and hold sessions throughout October.

Alert the public with flyers, Tweets, and Facebook. Charge a fee for the classes that will go towards a donation for breast cancer research.

Sell pink yoga mats and personalized water bottles to raise additional money.

Also, visit a treatment center and offer complimentary invites to these yoga classes to breast cancer patients and their caregivers.

22. Jewelry for a Good Cause

Tap into your artsy-craftiness and put your creative side to good use: sell breast cancer awareness jewelry and donate the proceeds to charity.

Make a party of it. Get your kids, family, and friends to join in on the project.

Bestsellers: pink glass bead bracelets, solidarity pins, survivor pins, and necklace charms.

You can also buy these cute pura vida pink bracelet packs and know that 5% from each purchase will get donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer, a nonprofit that advocates for early detection and empowers young people to live a healthier lifestyle.

23. Doughnut Holes for Dollars

Selling doughnut holes over full-size doughnuts at your workplace for $1 provides a higher return on donations. Your co-workers get a lil’ something to satisfy their sweet tooth, and you get to support the goals of a breast cancer charity.

24. Get Political

It’s time to send a good ol’ fashioned letter (or email) to your political representatives.

Fight proposed budget cuts that threaten reduced funding for cancer research.

Assemble a letter-writing committee; let it be known just how vital healthcare law is to the breast cancer community.

25. Dollar for Dollar

Company execs and business owners can encourage office participation in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by making a pledge to match employee donations dollar for dollar.

26. Donations for “Dress Down” Days

Jeans, T-shirts, and shorts, oh my!

Hold “Casual Fridays” every week (or every day) in October. Give employees the opportunity to “dress down” in return for making a donation to a breast cancer organization.

27. Suds Up for Breast Cancer!

Who can raise the most money in the name of breast cancer?

It’s gals versus guys!

Set up your charity car wash stations apart from one another in the same parking lot and come ready to engage in a little friendly competition—it’s all for a good cause.

28. Guys-in-Pink Car Wash

Organize an all-male car wash and then set a silly scene of pink: button-down shirts, shorts, tutus, sunglasses, over-the-top hats, and feather boas. The goofier, the better!

Charge a set fee per wash or ask for donations instead of tips. Don’t forget to create signage that highlights the reasoning behind the ridiculousness.

Think outside the box: offer photo ops with the fellas for a fee.

29. Scare for a Cure

Breast cancer awareness and Halloween share the same month. But who would have thought the latter could provide a hair-raising outlet for high schoolers and college students to get active for the cause? Host a haunted house and donate event proceeds to a breast cancer charity.

Tip: Enlist the help of the theater department—you’re sure to find more than a few enthusiastic performers to participate.

30. Insta’ Donations

Another Halloween-linked idea that gets high school students in the spirit of giving: Set up a photo booth in the cafeteria where students can take selfies for Instagram with costumed ghouls and pop culture characters in exchange for a donation.

31. Create a Pink Pumpkin Patch

Invite students to carve pink pumpkins for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Put them on display next to donation jars. Hold a contest to award a small prize to the “best” one. The winner is the pumpkin that raises the most money.

32. Makeup Kits for Mastectomy Patients

Patient support comes in many forms; sometimes, a colorful pick-me-up helps women heal.

Collect donations for makeup kits and gift cards to stores like Ulta, which provide a welcomed distraction for patients during chemotherapy treatments and following breast removal surgery.

Tip: save on Ulta products by scoring coupon codes and earning 2% cash back that you can donate to a breast cancer charity!

33. Wear Pink and Fundraise on October 18

If there’s one day to encourage the family and co-workers to wear pink, it’s October 18!

From the United Kingdom to Australia, this specific date marks the single-most popular day to wear the color of breast cancer awareness. This day is also considered one of the most successful days for breast cancer fundraisers—so plan to take advantage of this day!

34. Host a Girls’ Movie Night

Invite your girlfriends and co-workers over for a fundraising movie night. Supply an onsite babysitter for the event. Charge admission at the door. Sell pink snacks and pink drinks for a fee. By night’s end, you’ll be able to make a collective donation to a breast cancer charity.

35. Wine-Tasting for Women’s Health

Bring on the pink Moscato and rosé!

Collect donations for breast cancer charities during a wine-tasting party that features brands, such as Sutter Home, which consistently donates to breast cancer organizations.

Tip: Save with coupon codes you buy your rose trio from wine.com. Earn 5% cash back which you can use to donate to a breast cancer charity!

36. Go Team!

Encourage your extended family to form a team that raises money and participates in a breast cancer run or walk. Aside from the teachable moments for the kids, here’s an excellent exercise in teamwork and giving back to the community that you enjoy with those closest to you.

37. Pay for Perks

Hold a raffle auctioning off sought-after perks in the office, like snagging a coveted parking spot by the front door (for a month), free lunch, or having first pick of doughnuts in the breakroom.

38. Remind People to “Check Yourself!”

Print out and distribute cards highlighting The Keep A Breast Foundation’s Check Yourself! app, which helps users set a date and schedule automatic monthly reminders for breast self-checks; teaches users how to perform a self-exam; and sends alerts on how to lower breast cancer risks.

39. Yard Sale for Your Soul

The benefit of having a charitable yard sale in October is two-fold: You’ll get rid of unwanted possessions, de-clutter your home and free up space (and since proceeds go towards a breast cancer charity of your choice), take care in knowing that one small act of kindness can really make a difference.

40. Pink Out Your Parking Lot

Flood your workplace parking lot with a sea of solidarity by passing out pink ribbon car decals. Encourage co-workers to display them for all of October. You can raise money by selling extra decals for a small fee.

41. One-of-a-Kind Ribbon

It’s time to visit Michael’s or raid the craft closet at home.

Turn glitter, rhinestones, stickers, paint, and other materials into exclusive “blinged-out” breast cancer awareness ribbons you can use to raise money at work or your child’s school.

42. Bedazzled for Donations

Use pink rhinestones to decorate a pair of canvas sneakers (like Chuck Taylors), a hat, or other items that will grab the attention of potential donors who will purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind, shiny pink creation. Sell tickets at work, high schools, and online.

43. Pink Cupcake Snack Cart

Take turns with co-workers to make sweet pink treats (cupcakes, muffins, and cookies) that are sold on a designated breast cancer awareness cart that makes its rounds throughout the office.

44. Wheels for Wellness

Drive breast cancer patients to and from treatments or coordinate a year-round fleet of volunteers that takes turns providing transportation to patients in need.

45. Give Hope and Comfort

The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. gives patients undergoing breast cancer treatment HOPE Kits—boxes filled with items known to comfort recipients, such as unscented lotion, herbal tea, fuzzy socks, and lip balm. Support women during their time of need by creating your own version of HOPE Kits that you donate to a local treatment center.

46. Treat the Family to Dinner

It’s not uncommon to find restaurants and bars offering specially-advertised dishes and cocktails in October as a way to honor survivors and fighters. Frequent the eateries that donate a percentage of sales to breast cancer charities and non-profits. Or go the extra step by sending a plant-based, healthy meal delivery kit to help with meal preparation!

47. Cosmetics for Cancer Research

A fun way for high schoolers to get involved: buy an array of pink lipstick, nail polish, and eye shadow to sell singularly or as a set for a profit and make a donation to a breast cancer charity.

Tip: when you buy cosmetics from brands like Glossier, you can save by using promo codes and earn up to 10% cash back that you can use to donate to a breast cancer charity of your choice!

48. Pink Pedis and Manis

Make arrangements with a local spa or nail salon to offer discounts (or even Buy 1, Get 1 Free coupons) for pink pedicures and manicures that you’ll provide to co-workers, family, and friends in exchange for charitable donations.

49. Flag Football for a Cure

A lil’ friendly competition goes a long way.

Why not start a new tradition? Organize a flag football game with the neighborhood, office, and/or family. Collect an entry fee and donate the funds to the winning team’s preferred breast cancer charity.

50. Think Pink and Educate

Hang a pink wreath outside of your residence (or use it to decorate your office door or cubicle at work) for October. Incorporate ribbons and other items that share breast cancer statistics, information, and tips on how to lower your risks.

51. Buddy-Up

In between treatments and doctor appointments, breast cancer patients get tired, stressed, and are often short on time. Reach out to someone in need. Offer to walk their dog, pick up their kids, shop for groceries, or provide transportation.

52. Inspire the Next Generation

Connect with local colleges to arrange workshops and information booths that educate students and show them the numerous ways they can get involved on campus.

53. Pink Nails for Patients

Uplift the spirit and boost confidence!

A visit to a nail salon isn’t always an option for a chemotherapy patient, which is why offering mini-manis to patients at treatment centers is an awesome gesture.

Go the extra mile: Come with an arsenal of pink nail polishes or look for 3D nail decals in the shape of pink ribbons and other breast cancer awareness art.

54. Card Sharks for Cancer

Hold a poker tourney for a good cause. Everyone in the tournament pays a buy-in, and all the money generated goes towards a breast cancer organization chosen by the winner.

You can keep all the fun in the family or reach out to include co-workers.

55. Turn Lemons into Pink Lemonade

Get the youngsters involved!

Set up shop in the neighborhood and encourage passersby to buy “gourmet” pink lemonade (lemonade made with crushed strawberries).

56. Open Your Home

Host fundraiser planning events and activities at your home. Another way to reach out and make a difference is to host a breast cancer support group in your living room.

57. Sell Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts

Create an exclusive design for a breast cancer awareness T-shirt that you sell to raise money for the cause. Think Rosie the Riveter in pink. Add rhinestones or glitter. It’s up to you!

58. Bottles for the Brave

Organize a bottle drive involving your workplace, neighborhood, and child’s school. Turn the money collected from taking the bottles to a recycling center into a breast cancer donation.

59. Bowling for Boobies

Organize a bowling tournament that raises funds for breast cancer research; every participant pays an entry fee donation. Encourage teams to wear pink on the day of the event.

60. Charitable Shopping

Charitable shopping is a great way to make micro-donations not only during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but all year round!

There are many retailers and brands that donate a portion of their proceeds to breast cancer-related organizations. But using cause-worthy shopping platforms such as Giving Assistant, you can donate to Breast Cancer Awareness Nonprofits with every purchase you make.

Thousands of brands on Giving Assistant offer cash back to shoppers. All you need to do is donate this free money to the Breast Cancer Awareness nonprofit of your choice. It is smart shopping that feels good.

Download the Giving Assistant button, a browser extension that makes it easy to help save money when shopping online and also earn cash back.


We hope you have a successful fundraising event with whatever idea you go choose to go with.

If you need anymore inspiration have a look at our list of brands that give back, like Athleta to good causes like raising awareness about Breast Cancer and supporting nonprofits and research.