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7 Voting Rights Organizations You Can Help Today

7 Voting Rights Organizations You Can Help Today

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Your vote isn’t the only one that matters—your neighbor’s vote matters, too. 

And your family’s, friend’s, co-worker’s, teacher’s, nurse’s, gas station attendant’s, and that one weird guy you know. Yeah, that guy. His vote matters too.

The problem is that voting or registering to vote can be a challenge for millions of people. 

Some don’t have IDs, but their state requires them. Others just haven’t prioritized voting yet because they haven’t heard the news about how important it is. Others still struggle to understand their ballots, either because they don’t know where to find information or because of language barriers.

This isn’t okay.

Knowing your values and courageously rallying behind your cause is just as important as rallying behind voter education and equality. 

This election season, don’t forget to support both your candidate and one of these great voting rights organizations fighting for voter equality.

7 Voting Rights Organizations Supporting Voter Equality

1. Close Up Foundation

Volunteers in Close Up Foundation

The Close Up Foundation is a nonprofit working to bring more young Americans—in particular, those living in underserved neighborhoods—to the voting booths every year, for election events both on the federal and local levels. They do this largely by getting involved in Washington D.C.-area high schools and middle schools, and by providing curriculum materials and professional development to teachers, enabling schools nationwide to implement their programs and get kids excited about voting and civic engagement.

For donors who care about…

  • Increasing the number of young voters
  • Making voting and civic engagement interesting for kids
  • Helping teachers get kids excited about voting
  • Voting and educational equality

How to Support the Close Up Foundation

2. HeadCount

Volunteers in HeadCount

HeadCount is a nonprofit that uses concerts to get young people excited about voting. Every year, HeadCount hosts upwards of 1,000 voting registration events at concerts and music festivals, however they also partner with dozens of other fun initiatives (think election MadLibs and Donuts for Democracy) that help reach young people. 

For donors who care about…

  • Increasing the youth vote
  • Increasing voter registration
  • Educating young people about the importance of voting
  • Election education + pop culture

How to Support HeadCount

3. Rock the Vote

Volunteers in Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote is a nonprofit once best-known for its civic-engagement-themed concerts and heavy presence on MTV. Today, their work extends across media, from music festivals to social media, television, and more. Experts in reaching young voters and making voting an everyday hot trend, Rock the Vote is also big on research, studying what makes young people care about voting, and disseminating that information so others can learn from it, too.

For donors who care about…

  • Increasing young voter participation
  • Voting education + pop culture
  • Research initiatives


How to Support Rock the Vote

4. League of Women Voters

Volunteers in League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters is a nonprofit that has been supporting women’s votes and civic representation for over 100 years. Through hundreds of local chapters nationwide, the League of Women Voters works to understand key issues impacting Americans, and educate communities across the country to ensure everyone has an opportunity to make informed choices. More importantly, the League of Women Voters’ focus is not solely on women’s voting rights these days, but on equal voting rights for every American.

For donors who care about…

  • Voting equality
  • Local community civic engagement
  • Supporting a century-old voting organization
  • Women in leadership

How to Support the League of Women Voters

  • Donate directly
  • See other ways to give
  • Shop and donate your cash back with Giving Assistant (Tip: When choosing a nonprofit in your account settings, search for “League of Women Voters” to see if your local chapter shows up!)

5. Spread the Vote

Volunteer in Spread the Vote

Spread the Vote is a nonprofit that helps make sure no one is left out, unable to vote because they don’t have a state ID. Dozens of states require residents to have an ID to vote, but there are over 21 million Americans who don’t have one. That’s because getting an ID can be a challenge for some: mobility issues, disabilities, language barriers, or even just a lack of knowledge are only a few of the things that might stand in the way. Spread the Vote helps connect citizens with resources, and helps local communities increase overall voter turnout.

For donors who care about…

  • Increasing voter turnout
  • Helping people get IDs so they can vote
  • Voting equality
  • Local civic engagement

How to Support Spread the Vote

6. Vote.org

Volunteers in Vote.org

Vote.org is a nonprofit at the forefront of protecting American democracy by working across a number of different voting-related issues from voter education, voting equality, special legislation, and increasing political engagement among Americans, all to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity—and a desire—to vote. Vote.org also helps increase voter turnout by making it easy for Americans to access information related to voting in their state or jurisdiction, and can even help political candidates communicate better with their voting base.

For donors who care about…

  • Increasing voter turnout and engagement
  • Easy access to information and education
  • Democracy and voter equality
  • Bi-partisan support for the political process

How to Support Vote.org

7. When We All Vote

When We All Vote registration

When We All Vote is a nonprofit focused on making sure that age, gender, race, ability, and socioeconomic status will no longer be a factor influencing voter registration or voter turnout. Founded and lead by celebrities like Tom Hanks and Michelle Obama, When We All Vote works to engage people from the ground up, getting people within their local communities excited about voting, and equally excited to help get all their neighbors to the polls. 

For donors who care about…

  • Voting equality
  • Increasing voter turnout
  • Eliminating barriers to voter registration
  • Local civic engagement

How to Support When We All Vote

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