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10 Best Gifts For Vegans Guide

10 Best Gifts For Vegans Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Finding great gifts for vegan friends and loved ones is not always an easy process, but there are a lot of considerations that you can make. How do you make sure that you get them the perfect gift that matches their lifestyle and how they want to care for the world?

Nowadays, there are more gifts for vegans than ever, and they aren’t as expensive as they used to be. Here’s our gift guide for the vegans and vegetarians that may be a part of your life.

The Best Gift Ideas For Vegans for 2023

1. Herb Garden in Wooden Box

Little herb garden

When you’re gifting to your favorite vegan, think about helping them to grow their own high-quality herbs at home. This little herb garden in a box can go into any home or apartment. The wooden crate is made from reclaimed wood, and it’s the perfect size for a windowsill or counter. It comes with 4 different herbs and care instructions.

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2. Bamboo Mixing Bowls, Set of 5

Reusable Bowls

The vegan lifestyle includes striving to do your best to ensure that you are helping our environment and bamboo is rapidly gaining popularity as the eco-friendly material of choice. It’s a popular alternative to wood, stainless steel, and plastic due to how fast it grows and how easy it is to use and clean. These reusable bowls come in the soft blues, greens and cream colors of our Earth, and they’re the perfect size for snacks, mixing, or serving.

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3. TRUFF Hotter Sauce

Hot Sauce brand Truff

Truffles are one of the things that you see most often when you’re looking at food replacement in vegan foods. The hot sauce brand TRUFF uses truffles and truffle oil as the base of all of their sauces. This particular sauce, which is one of their hottest, uses red chili peppers, jalapenos, red habanero powder, and a number of organic spices to bring a ton of spice to your mouth! It’s also gluten free.

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4. Tasty Teriyaki Vegan Jerky

Perky Jerky's vegan jerky

Christmas comes once a year – but in their stocking doesn’t need to be the only time they get a vegan treat. Perky Jerky’s vegan jerky is made from 100% plant protein and their vegan marinade seasonings. It looks, tastes, and feels like traditional meat jerky – some people may even like it more!

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5. Pet House Lavender Green Tea Natural Soy Candle

Particular Soy Candle

Soy candles are some of the most natural candles you can get without exploiting bees or other animals. This particular soy candle is designed for homes with pets. The scent is lavender, green tea, and white lily, with some sage and citrus to enhance the scent. The design is adorable and it’s safe for both cats and dogs in any home.

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6. Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook (10th Anniversary Edition)

Amazing Vegan Recipes

Many people will tell you that the best of type of self-care is making your own food. This cookbook is filled with amazing vegan recipes that go past “just steaming veggies” or throwing things into a salad. There are over 250 different recipes to choose from, so your gift recipient will always have something new to choose or try.

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7. Bamboozle Composter in Natural

Extra pieces of Veg

One thing that vegans always have around is extra pieces of the veg that they made for meals. Composting has become popular over the years, and this bamboo composter is the perfect way to do it. Just place your scraps into the reusable bamboo vessel (indoor only) and then dump it into your garden when it’s full.

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8. Vegan Faux Leather Throw Pillow Cover

Pilloy Covers

Faux leather has gained a lot of popularity over the years, both with vegans and non-vegans, because of being naturally cruelty free and it looks great! These pillow covers are a great way to make plain throw pillows look awesome. Each pillowcase has a unique pattern and the hidden zipper provides a seamless appearance, which is a great look for any home.

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9. Ever Eco 4-Pack Organic Cotton Net Produce Bags

Breathable Organic Cotton Produce bags

Lots of produce comes into the home of a vegan, and these breathable organic cotton produce bags are a solid option for use at the grocery store and at home. There are 4 in the package, each labeled for a different type of food, but they can be used for pretty much any type of produce. The drawstring closure keeps things safe without sacrificing breathability.

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10. Vegan Delights Collection

Gift Box full of vegan snacks

Want to give your vegan loved one a gift box full of vegan snacks and other foods? This delicious mix is a perfect option! It includes organic quinoa, couscous, pistachios, olives, a (dairy free) chili dark chocolate bar, granola, oat squares, and more. It comes in a wooden chest and is topped off with a beautiful ribbon so that you can gift it as is!

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How Do You Shop for a Vegan?

Understand the lifestyle

There are a lot of things that you need to know about the lifestyle that vegans live. Veganism is more than being an animal lover – they don’t want anything that has animal products. This includes skin care products and beauty products (bath bombs, essential oils, etc.), clothing, accessories, and whatever else that they may use on a regular basis.

Know the terminology

There are a lot of words you need to know before you just go out and get a t-shirt, water bottle, or tote for your favorite herbivore. Look out for words like zero waste, fair trade, dairy free, cruelty free, organic cotton, vegan leather, and other various terms related to how the products are made. This can help you to make a better decision about the gift ideas that you’re considering.

Finding great vegan food for the best vegan gifts

There are all sorts of delicious options for vegan foodies nowadays, and they’re more affordable than ever. For example, you can find cashew ice cream and cheese, vegan chocolate, and all sorts of other delights that taste and feel similar to the animal products we may eat regularly.

Vegan Gift Shopping Made Easy!

Vegan gift ideas galore! Whether you put together a fun vegan gift basket for Christmas or you get them a bunch of unique cruelty free treats, you’re sure to find all sorts of options for your favorite vegan friend. See what you can find and have fun shopping for delicious treats and fun gifts of all types.