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15 Mom-Approved Gifts for Pregnant Women

15 Mom-Approved Gifts for Pregnant Women

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Women everywhere have given the gift of life, so the least you can do is give your special lady a gift that shows how much you care for her and her future child. No matter if it’s your wife, cousin, or best friend, all the pregnant women out there can benefit from a thoughtful present.

Consider your loved one’s personality when trying to find the perfect gift, as this will help you decide on the one that will suit them best. Take a look at this extensive list of fun and practical gifts for the pregnant woman in your life:

The Best Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women for 2023

1. Motherhood Maternity Leggings

Black Leggings by Motherhood Maternity

Every mama-to-be needs a good pair of basic black leggings. These jersey knit maternity leggings are designed for optimal comfort during pregnancy and will retain their shape so she can continue wearing them long after the baby is born! She can slip these leggings on whether she’s heading out for a shopping spree or a day chilling on the couch.

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2. Pink Blush Delivery/Maternity Robe

Cozy robe by PinkBlush Maternity

Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable process at times. What’s more comfortable than a cozy robe? Offer the gift of comfort without compromising style with this beautiful, lace-trimmed robe that can be used for delivery or as a maternity robe throughout pregnancy. Pick the color you think she’d like best. Available colors include mauve, grey, charcoal grey, black, navy, and ivory. 

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3. ErgoBaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillow by Ergo Baby

This is the perfect gift for the last trimester, as it will be time to start nursing soon. This nursing pillow is designed to fit the natural curve of the baby and the person holding them, eliminating the uncomfortable slouching posture while feeding. The soft yet firm pillow supports both baby and mommy (or daddy) during bottle-feeding or breastfeeding.

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4. Books a Million Pregnancy Journal

Journal by Books-A-Million

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life that should be cherished and remembered. This journal is a keepsake that will give her a place to reflect on her journey and record precious moments and memories that she can look back on years from now. She’ll enjoy over 100 guided pages, including pockets for photos, invites, and other mementos.

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5. Acorn Slippers

Plush Spa slippers

Swollen ankles and feet can make a pregnant woman not want to get out of bed in the morning sometimes. Make her walks throughout the house easier by gifting her with these soft, plush spa slippers. With the premium, multilayer Cloud Contour™ material, she’s bound to feel like she’s walking on a cloud! These exceptional slippers also feature adjustable straps.

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6. Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

Decadent Sweets by Godiva

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate when you’re buying a gift for a woman, especially if it’s Godiva. Just make sure that her pregnancy cravings are in line with these decadent sweets. She’s sure to smile when she unwraps this golden gift box filled to the brim with an assortment of 36 gourmet chocolates from caramel to fruity flavors.

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7. Healthy Products For You Pregnancy Belly Support Belt

Pregnancy belt by Health products for you

Nurturing a child in the womb can be painful for the mother. Offer her some much-needed relief with this pregnancy belt that’s flexible and able to adapt to different belly sizes throughout each trimester. It can help support back muscles, the pelvis, and the ribs during and after pregnancy. She can wear it day or night and enjoy long-lasting comfort.

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8. Swanson Organic Pregnancy Tea

Caffeine free raspberry tea by Swans on Vitamins

Sometimes all it takes for a soon-to-be mother to rest and relax is a hot cup of tea. This caffeine-free raspberry tea combines a variety of organic herbs such as nettle leaf, alfalfa, and spearmint that work to tone the uterus and nourish the womb for a healthy delivery. It offers a sweet and minty taste that’s sure to soothe.

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9. EDC Skincare Phytomer Seatonic Stretch Mark and Firming Oil

Skin Firming oil by EDCskincare

Stretch marks are inescapable during pregnancy, but fortunately, there are plenty of products available to help minimize them – like this one! This skin-firming oil is designed to nourish and tighten skin, improve circulation and elasticity, and leave skin soft and supple using a variety of organic ingredients such as mekabu oil, chlorella oil, glasswort oil, perilla oil, and much more.

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10. Yes Wellness Belly Butter

Nourishing Belly butter by YesWellness

No pregnant woman wants to live with a dry, uncomfortable pregnant belly or other skin areas. This nourishing belly butter offers a pleasant coconut scent and is 100% safe for women to use during and after their pregnancy as a spot treatment or for overnight use. The all-natural ingredients will pamper her skin, leaving her feeling refreshed, soft, and comforted.

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11. VitaCost Raw Prenatal Vitamins

Vitamins Code's Raw Prenatal Vitamin

It’s critical for a mother to take prenatal vitamins from preconception to lactation to care for both her and the baby and ensure the best possible health. Give her the gift of good health with vitamins! Vitamin Code’s Raw Prenatal vitamin is a gluten, dairy-free, non-GMO, vegetarian supplement that features 23 organic fruits and vegetables to nourish mother and child.

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12. Seven Slings Adjustable Baby Pouch

Baby Pouch by Seven Slings

Baby slings are the next big thing! This helpful pouch will let your wife, friend, or daughter keep their baby close, strengthen their bond, and maintain a secure and safe environment for the child and peace of mind for Mom. This black pouch can pair well with any mama outfit and can adjust to different child sizes (regular and large).

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13. Things Remembered Mama Bear Necklace

Mama bear necklace by Things Remembered

Most women love jewelry, and most women are fierce when it comes to protecting their precious babies! And if they’ve already picked out a name for their son or daughter, they are sure to fall in love with this beautiful, engraved mama-bear necklace. You can personalize this gift with either her name, her child’s name, or an important date.

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14. The Vitamin Shoppe CBD Hemp Extract Bath Soak

Bath Soak by Vitamin Shoppe

This bath soak will give the woman in your life a peaceful, rejuvenating, spa-like experience. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and botanicals such as hemp CBD, essential oils like eucalyptus and mint, and Epsom salts to relieve aching muscles and offer the ultimate relaxation. All she has to do is add a half cup to her bathwater, soak, and enjoy!

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15. Willow Tree “Our Gift” Figurine

Piece of Artwork figurine by Willow Tree

This piece of artwork will hold a special place in a mother’s heart forever. It’s a meaningful gift that showcases the beauty of love, new beginnings, and family. She can put it wherever she pleases once her precious baby arrives. She’s sure to smile (and maybe cry a tear or two) every time she looks at it on the shelf. 

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Make It Special for the Moms in Your Life

Quality gifts for pregnant women aren’t as hard to find as you might think. Hopefully, this list has given you some unique ideas that have sparked your own creativity. Remember not to worry too much or be too hard on yourself! Whatever you choose, the woman you love will appreciate the thought and effort that went into your gift if you give with your heart.