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15 Gift Ideas for New Moms That She’ll Like

15 Gift Ideas for New Moms That She’ll Like

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Motherhood is a life-changing experience. After nine months of anticipation, you suddenly have a whole new world of responsibilities. As new moms learn to navigate this playground, they may benefit from specific gifts that simplify their lives.

Whether it saves them time, stress, money, or lets them sneak in some self-care, these thoughtful gifts will be greatly appreciated. Some of these gifts are for the baby while others are for the mother. They should offer some relaxation and peace to the mother and bring the little one some joy.

The Best Gift Ideas for New Moms for 2023

1. Birchbox Beauty Subscription

Birchbox Beauty products

Your new mom probably doesn’t have time to focus on beauty. Dealing with a messy baby can leave one feeling like they can’t pamper themselves. With a subscription to Birchbox, she can get a personalized beauty box with new products each month. She can customize her Beauty Profile to get skincare, makeup, or hair products.

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2. Books for Everyone to Enjoy

Book Outlet Page

BookOutlet sells books for people of all ages at a discounted price. Some books cost 90% less than the original retail cost. They frequently have bulk deals, free shipping, and additional discounts to lower the prices further. If you catch a BOGO sale, you can get this gift for the mama and baby.

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3. Personalized Jewelry

Get Name necklace Personalized Jewelry

You can celebrate new life and a bigger family with personalized jewelry. GetNameNecklace sells necklaces, rings, and bracelets with unique designs for engraving. You can get jewelry with as many names as you want on it. They also sell birthstone jewelry for an additional personal touch. If you want to go all out, you can even get a photo of the baby engraved.

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4. Keds Canvas Sneakers

Keds Canvas Sneakers page

With all the running around that comes with a kid, you can get your new mom a comfortable pair of sneakers like Keds. These shoes come in tons of fun colors at an affordable price. They are high-quality and made with eco-friendly cotton and denim. She will appreciate a comfortable, soft, and washable shoe.

5. P.Volve Digital Membership

P.Volve Digital Membership Page

Running a family can leave little time for herself, so a flexible workout plan will help her stay in shape. P.Volve provides low-impact workouts that can stream on any device. You can choose between different workout lengths and target spots for the workouts. They have minimal equipment and will get you strong without harming a mother’s tired joints.

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6. Sutton Diaper Backpack

Sutton diaper backpack from carter's

Carrying diapers is not the most glamorous job, but a stylish diaper bag can make handling these baby essentials more enjoyable. The Sutton Diaper Backpack has eight pockets and a matching wristlet so you can carry all of your baby’s belongings. It employs attractive, durable, and vegan-friendly fabrics as well.

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7. A HelloFresh Meal Kit

HelloFresh Dinner page

New moms juggle tons of responsibilities at once, and they may feel out of time and energy to cook a healthy dinner. Getting a service like HelloFresh can reduce stress with a nutritious and convenient meal to prepare. You can choose different diets and quantities of food. Then, they mail it to your door so you don’t even need to go to the grocery store.

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8. Cryo Skin Icing Dual-Ended Roller

Cryo Skin Icing duel ended roller

Few products can reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and stress at once, but this Cryo Skin Icing Dual-Ended Roller from Sephora can do just that. It can improve sleep quality as well. While on the pricier side, this roller has shown 100% success in a consumer-perception study. A roller can help your new mom feel bougie and beautiful while relaxing.

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9. The Boost II 7/8

Leggings from Fabletics

Fabletics sells fantastic shaping leggings that provide comfort and style while flattering your physique. Their Boost II 7/8 leggings keep everything in place while lifting your booty. New moms will feel cute and comfy while wearing this athleisure as they run errands and care for themselves and their families. They also come in tons of sizes to fit all moms.

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10. Bravado Colorblock Maternity/Nursing Bra

Comfortable Nursing bra

A stylish and comfortable nursing bra can make feeding a baby much more enjoyable. Even if your new mom is on her feet and rushing around all day, she can have a bit of comfort with this nursing bra. It is adjustable and stretchy, so you can wear it comfortably as your body changes. You can even sleep in it!

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11. Pure Essence Labs Mother and Child Master PostNatal Formula

Food Supplement from eVitamins

After the stress of pregnancy and childbirth, a mother needs to replenish her body. This supplement gives her the nutrients she needs to fuel herself and her child through breastfeeding. It comes with Vitamins A, C, D3, and E, B-Complex, Biotin, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Potassium, Selenium, Zinc, and even more nutrients and minerals.

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12. Mom Life Prompted Journal and Pen Set

Pink vegan leather planner

This vegan leather planner lets you plan your week cutely and compactly. You can schedule everything that a mom needs to do in one spot. This journal is portable and lets you write out a to-do list so you can get a hold of your life.

13. Organic Babysuit 2-Pack

two organic baby suit

For a soft, sustainable, and safe baby suit, look no further than this set from Primary. Their products are free from chemicals and irritants, making them safer for the environment and baby. They come in tons of adorable colors and sizes, and they take some of the stress off finding high-quality baby clothes.

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14. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

Smartphone with sound machine and alarm

You can control this night light from your smartphone, and it doubles as a sound machine and alarm. It changes colors and helps children fall asleep, which in turn lets the mother sleep. It provides sufficient lighting for night feedings, and you only need to plug it in an outlet to activate.

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15. Hyaluronic Acid Jelly Mist Toner and Serum

Luxurious ten-step beauty routine

A luxurious ten-step beauty routine is unrealistic for most moms. By combining the toner and serum into a spray, you can easily get many of the same anti-aging benefits in one bottle. It is cruelty-, fragrance-, and paraben-free. You can use it after cleansing or anytime you need a little refreshing.

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Buying gifts doesn’t have to be troublesome. New moms will love and appreciate any of the above gifts, mostly because they show you are thinking about her. Use the list as inspiration for birthday gifts for mom too!