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10 Best Gifts for Bird Lovers Guide

10 Best Gifts for Bird Lovers Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Do you have a bird lover in your family? Maybe you have a loved one that gives to the Audubon Society, or that just likes to go out on bird watching expeditions? Birds are fascinating creatures, and many people are fascinated with them!

Due to our fascination with birds, there are all sorts of products and gifts for bird lovers that you can choose from. Here’s a look at some of our favorite bird lover gifts.

The Best Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers for 2023

1. Perky-Pet Mason Jar Wild Bird Waterer, 32-oz

Mason Jar

Most bird enthusiasts have a bird feeder in their yard – but what about a bird waterer? Birds need both food and water when they’re nesting or migrating, and having both of those things readily available can make a home a must-stop. The mason jar used in this waterer is crystal blue and holds 32 ounces. It’s easy to fill and clean, and is perfect for any bird.

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2. Subscription to BirdWatching Magazine

BirdWatching Magazine

Birders are always trying to figure out what types of wild birds that they see outside. BirdWatching Magazine is a perfect option for both the beginner and advanced birder. There’s tons of information in every issue, with tips for feeding birds, photography guidance, and tons of beautiful pictures to peruse. It’s the perfect gift for any bird lover.

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3. Multi Stained Glass Birds on a Wire Window Panel

Window Ornament

Need a unique gift for the love birds in your life? This window ornament is made from 150 pieces of hand cut, stained glass and it can be either a sun catcher or wall art. The decorative chain is 30 inches in length, and the entire piece is 24” wide by 9.5” high. It includes several commonly loved birds, including warblers, cardinals, and more.

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4. Roosting Pocket Birdhouses Set

Pocket Bird houses

Nature lovers are always looking for new ways to help their feathered friends and what better way than including a bird house? These pocket birdhouses are made from reed grass and are great for songbirds that don’t migrate during the winter. They’re 8.5” high by 4.5” diameter, and provide warmth and protection from the elements for any songbird that calls them home.

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5. “Twilight Treasures” Illuminated Flameless Candle Collection

High Quality flameless candles

These high quality flameless candles appear to be small trees, but a closer look tells you more of the story! Each tree has a couple of songbirds on it – a robin, nuthatch, cardinal, blue jay, goldfinch dressed in its bright summer yellow, and other northern favorites. These candles bring a little bit of nature to your home, and they’re a safe way to have lovely candles anywhere you wish them to be.

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6. Solar Angel Bird Bath

Solar angle birdbath

Does your bird lover friend have a birdbath for their backyard birds yet? If not, this solar angel birdbath is the perfect option. The bath is made with a resin and stone mix. A small, winged angel overlooks the bath, assisted by two small songbirds. It measures 9” in length, 14 inches in width, and 11 inches in height, so it’s the perfect size for most backyard birds.

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7. Kruger Compact Roof Prism Binoculars, 8x21mm

Pair of Binoculars

Many advanced birdwatchers have some sort of spotting scope or pair of binoculars so that they can see birds better while they’re out and about. If you have a bird lover without a pair of binoculars, then this is the perfect gift. They get magnification from a Bk7 roof prism, feature fold-down eyecups, and have a textured green exterior for the best grip possible.

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8. Photographic Guide to the Birds of North America

Bird ID tips book

If someone is just getting into bird watching, then a field guide of North American birds is going to be a perfect gift for them. This particular guide is for both beginners and intermediate birders, and laid out in a fashion that makes it easy to navigate and use. It has 4 sections – an intro to the guide, bird ID tips, a mini guide of 75 of the most common species, and then a full guide of North American birds with photos, maps, and descriptions.

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9. What Bird Am I? The Bird Identification Game

3 Decks of 100 cards about Birds

Get the whole family involved with birding by using this fun board game! It has 3 decks of 100 cards, and focuses on helping the beginner or intermediate birder to identify bird species. It includes songbirds, raptors, and various other birds throughout the United States and Canada.

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10. Rite in the Rain 3×5 Green Notepad

Notebook for bird watchers

Bird watchers like to write down when they see a chickadee, titmouse, or a certain type of sparrow, warbler or raptor – and this notebook is the perfect stocking stuffer for them! Filled with 100 weatherproof pages (50 sheets, back/front), this notebook can repel water, grease, mud, sweat, and more, so it’s perfect for outdoor use.

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Are You Ready to Shop for Bird Lover Gifts?

Make birding better

Some gift ideas are just meant to make birding a better experience for everyone involved. Maybe they want a new hummingbird feeder or two; or they’re looking for new bird seed to attract some new friends to their current feeding setup. There are tons of ways to make their birding experience fun!

Bring birds home

Not everyone has the flexibility to go travel with their digital camera and take pictures of every birdie that they see. So, look around to see if there’s any type of art or sculpture that they may like. Maybe they love the look of a rare hummingbird or a regional bluebird – find something that lets them bring that bird “into their home” so to speak.

Have some fun!

Do you know their favorite birds? Find them on a t-shirt or coffee mug! Maybe they poke fun at their hobby – then find something funny that will make them laugh. Have a little fun and spice up your gift giving a little bit.

Get Ready to Buy Some Gifts for Bird Lovers!

Whether you want to get a great gift for your best friend or you want to present them with the best bird award, there are so many cool things that you can shop for nowadays. Take a look at this gift guide and shop around a bit – you’re sure to find that perfect gift for your birding friend.