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Best Gift Ideas for Your Boss (2021 Guide)

A boss you want to buy a gift for is a gift all its own. Having a great boss is the difference between a great job and one that you’d love to move on from. It only makes sense that you want to celebrate them.

Knowing what to get your boss for the holidays, an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion is not the easiest thing in the world, however. No matter what industry you work in or what your budget looks like, there is a gift here that any good boss will appreciate.

So stop stressing and start scrolling!

Top 7 Best Gift Ideas for Your Boss in 2021

1. Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and mouse made by bamboo

A handcrafted wireless bamboo mouse and keyboard isn’t on every boss’s desk, and because of that, your boss is definitely going to feel special. This gorgeous combo also comes with a smart tech touch pen for an added bonus.

Strong and durable, it is healthy and comfortable for regular use.

There’s nothing like gift ideas for your boss that make them feel like a boss.

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2. Whiskey Stones

Glass with whiskey stones

If you can safely assume that it’s okay for birthday gift ideas for your boss to reference alcohol, these whiskey stones are going to be a beautiful addition to their birthday celebration.

Specially designed for whiskey, wine and bourbon, they provide the perfect recommended temperatures by major beverage companies.

Stainless steel, they keep drinks chilled and undiluted and make your boss look classy.

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3. Antique Leather Journal

Genuine buffalo leather

When in need of gift ideas for your boss for Christmas, keep it simple with this leather journal. Every boss needs a place to collect and organize their thoughts before they tackle their day; now they can do that in style.

Its rustic style, complete with asymmetrical cover flaps and genuine buffalo leather has been naturally tanned with special oil that allows your boss to scratch up to create their own design.

When they want a new design, they can simply rub the leather and the marks fade.

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4. Wooden Docking Station

Handmade docking station

Christmas gift ideas for your boss should be unique because they probably have enough funny plaques and mugs. This docking station is handmade, and designed to declutter their desk while adding elegant flair.

It can be used as a cradle as the phone charges and has convenient, easy access slots to avoid having to feed chargers through a hole.

An all-in-one, it has a holder for keys, pens, rings, watches and wallets.

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5. Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Decision maker

Sometimes gift ideas for your boss’s birthday give you the opportunity to show your humor without overstepping the line.

Multifunctional, this paper weight can keep the stack of files on their desk from flying all over, but it can also give them a break from the hundreds of decisions they make every work day.

Fun and functional, this practical gift with a flare will give your boss something to smile about in those indecisive moments.

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6. Mindfulness Journal

Book about mindfulness guide and journal

Your boss is always improving and working on ways to make your day better too. Giving them a creative mindfulness journal and guide will show them that you understand the amount of pressure they may be under and how much you appreciate their efforts.

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Good gift ideas for your boss that let them improve their mindfulness skills will be an unexpected surprise and they’ll remember you for being one of the deeper minds in the office.

7. Rosewood Ballpoint Pin

Elegant fancy pen from Woody Boyd

This fancy pen is an example of ideas for a gift for your boss that can be elegant without breaking the bank.

Handcrafted from antique wood, the pen has a vintage feel that oozes luxury. The pen’s construction has natural marks when writing that really make it feel like a one-of-a-kind item.

When they use this pen to sign papers, they will feel as if they are taking care of executive level business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying for Your Boss: Things to Keep in Mind

As the search for the perfect gift rages on, make sure you keep these tips in the front of your mind. They will keep you from buying an inappropriate gift for your boss – the last thing you want to do.


1. It’s not a competition

Trying to one-up someone, whether that is the boss or another coworker, by getting your boss a nicer, fancier gift does not make you look good. In fact, it makes you look less sincere.

2. See what other employees are doing

Being new on the job, you may assume that gifts are the norm, when they actually aren’t. Ask around before you show up to the holiday party with a gift for the boss. If gifts aren’t typically a part of the office culture, you can easily come across as a suck up.

3. Take stock of the relationship

How close are you and your boss? Do you see each other only inside of the office or do you frequently spend time outside of the workplace?

Measure the nature of your relationship and let level of familiarity be your guide as to whether a personal touch will be appreciated by your boss.

4. Be appropriate

You’ve probably noticed how many gifts are available that are far too inappropriate. It’s important to set some time aside to be sure the gift you’re considering isn’t going to ruffle any feathers.

If you’re even half a percent unsure if it’s going to be an issue, skip it altogether.

5. Be 100% sure before buying alcohol

Popular gifts bosses receive are nice bottles of wine, but your boss may not drink at all. You have to figure this out. Don’t just risk offending them either. If you aren’t sure that they drink, find a better-suited gift.

6. Consider a gift for the office

Start paying attention to your boss’s surroundings and see if they could benefit from an office gift. Practical gifts like notepads, planners and pens are great options. They are useful and appropriate.

7. Present the gift at the office

Please don’t send a gift to your boss’s home address. That can come off feeling very personal and may be considered intrusive depending on the relationship.

Instead bring it to the office party or straight into the office and give it to them when others are doing the same.

Taking the time to figure out what your boss needs and what is appropriate considering your relationship with them is going to ensure that the gift you choose will be enjoyed and possibly even loved.