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13 Best High School Graduation Gifts They Will Love

13 Best High School Graduation Gifts They Will Love

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Graduation is an exciting time, but it means that you also need to think about getting a high school graduation gift that they’ll love. Graduates can be easy to shop for because many of them are either going to college or getting their own apartment. Think about tech gadgets, home decorations, kitchen supplies, and just plain old necessities.

Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite high school graduation gifts.

The Best High School Graduation Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Fast Charge Qi Wireless Power Bank – Standard

OtterBox Wireless power bank

OtterBox has a lot of neat tech items, and there are all sorts of different options that you can get for your grad. This charger is a wireless power bank that they can take with them wherever they go. Instead of being tethered to the wall, they can charge the power bank up to make sure that they have enough battery power for the entire day.

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2. Everyday Yoga Restorative Yoga Bundle

Yoga bundle from YogaOutlet

College can be stressful, and your future college student is going to need to be able to release that stress. This Yoga bundle allows them to put together a yoga studio, right in their dorm room. It has a 1 year subscription to a yoga course and props like Mexican blankets, a yoga bolster, and more.

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3. CBTL Single Serve Coffee, Tea, & Espresso Maker, Black

Coffee Maker CBTL

A coffee maker is always a practical gift for any new adult. Whether they’re going to college or the workplace, they may need a little bit of java get to get through their week. This particular coffee maker allows your student to make single serve coffee, tea, and espresso. It also uses the CBTL drink capsules, which reduce waste.

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4. Nolah Original 10″ Mattress

Best Seller Nolah Mattress

If your high school graduate is moving into an apartment (or staying at home and they just need a new bed), this best seller Nolah Mattress is a great way to upgrade their sleeping experience. It’s 10 inches thick and offers both back support and cooling pressure, which can help them sleep soundly. Plus, it comes with a Tencel cover for more comfort.

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5. Herschel Novel Duffle

Sturdy Duffle Bag

A good, sturdy duffle bag is important for going to the gym, taking an overnight trip, or just packing important, fragile items like noise cancelling headphones or other gadgets. This Herschel Novel duffle is designed as a weekender duffle, and has tons of storage. It also includes a shoe compartment, in case your favorite high school grad needs to take extra shoes with them.

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6. Photo Gallery Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless phone chargers

Wireless phone chargers are all the rage, and this one combines convenience with their best high school memories. This particular phone charger works with most phone cases ad has a built-in feature that shows lights when the charger is being used. Plus, you can personalize it with any photos that you wish, making it a useful gift that doubles as a photo frame.

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7. Earth Therapeutics Rx3 Soft and Smooth Shut Eye Sleep Mask

Cotton blend Mask

Does your graduate predict late nights in their future? If so, this mask to promote sound sleep is a thoughtful gift that they are sure to love. Made from silk and cotton blend, it is ultra soft and padded to be gentle on the eyes. It’s one size fits all, and your grad is sure to use it!

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8. Sharper Image Acupressure Foot Multipoint Shiatsu Massager

Shiatsu massager

College students need some help when it comes to keeping their feet healthy and pain free – especially those working waitstaff jobs to fund school. This Shiatsu massager is one of the best gifts that you can give them to help with that. It uses acupressure, compression, kneading, and warming in order to help relax the feet and reduce pain. It also has several options for the intensity, from gentle to strong.

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9. Graduation Memories Personalized Valet Box

Valet box

Want to find a keepsake that is the perfect gift for your soon to be graduate? This valet box is made from alderwood and features the quote “Our futures are before us, our pasts are behind us, but our memories are forever with us.” Then, you can customize this personalized gift with the year and 2 lines of personalization.

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10. Simulated Birthstone Engravable Script Name Disc Graduation Cap and Diploma Charm Pendant

Beautiful pendant

Your student will proudly show off her high school pride with this beautiful pendant. It features several charms, including their graduation year, a cap and diploma, a charm with their birthstone, and a disc you can personalize with their name. It comes with an 18 inch chain, so they can wear it out of the box.

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11. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

13 Best High School Graduation Gifts They Will Love Image 1

As stated before, teens love music. A waterproof speaker allows them to listen to music in the shower or in the pool with their phone a safe distance away from the water. It is small and portable, featuring a small strap to hang the speaker anywhere.

The Bluetooth allows for your teen to accept calls completely hands-free through the speaker. If they are in the pool, this is great because they can answer the phone without having to get out, meaning you won’t need to worry if they are safe.

12. Air Pods

13 Best High School Graduation Gifts They Will Love Image 2

Teens and young adults love music, and they love Airpods. Period.

Air Pods are Bluetooth headphones that sync with an iPhone. With these small devices, graduates can listen to music and podcasts without being attached to their phones the entire time.

Air Pods feature Active Noise Cancellation, meaning they continue to adapt to the shape of your ear to perfectly filter the music, blocking out any unnecessary noise that may be going on around them.

You can switch between Noise Cancellation mode and Transparency mode, which allows your graduate to be able to hear what is going on around them.

13. K-Duo™ Single Serve & Carafe Coffee Maker

Great coffee maker

Who wants a great coffee maker? Pretty much every graduate – whether it’s from college or high school. This particular one offers two sides; a single serve side, and a carafe side so they can easily make one cup or 12, and they both share a 60 ounce water reservoir. It makes making coffee easy and quick, no matter how many people they expect to share.

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High School Grad Gift Checklist

Can it help with college life?

If they’re a future college student it’s a great idea to get them something that is going to help them in their first apartment or dorm room. Maybe they need some gadgets, like laptops or Bluetooth speakers. Or maybe, you just want to get them toiletries and items that have their monogram so that they don’t have to write their name on things. 

Is it something they’ll remember high school with?

Sentimental high schoolers will often want items that can help them to feel less homesick. Maybe you can work with their best friend to design a t-shirt, tote, or tumbler that can go with them to college. Or, maybe you want to get them a scrapbook or somewhere they can put pictures. In any sense, you want to help them hold onto the memories as they can.

Does it help them get ready for adulthood?

If they decided that they’re going into the “real world” instead of going the college graduate route (or they’re just taking a gap year), then you’ll want to get them some handy items. Cash and gift cards are great gifts, but things like stainless steel cookware and other items for cooking and cleaning could also be handy for them as they establish themselves for the first time.

Shopping for Your Favorite High School Graduate

Your new grad is excited for the future, and you want to be sure that you get them a gift that matches their excitement. Take some time to find what you think that they’ll like and have fun with picking it. Then, when college graduation rolls around, you’ll be a pro and have a much easier time picking a gift.