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16 First Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

16 First Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

You’ve got a first-time mother in your life, Mother’s Day is coming up, and you have no idea what to get her. Regardless of whether she’s your wife, your best friend, your daughter, or another first-time mother you care for, finding that perfect first Mother’s Day gift for her can make your head hurt.

Fortunately, we can help you out. We’ve put together a list of gifts for that new mom in your life that she will adore, even years after she first brought a new life into this world.

The Best First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Pregnant + Pampered Gift Set

The Honest Company Pregnant + Pampered Gift Set

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2. Synonyms For Mom Bracelet

Synonyms For Mom Bracelet

Thinking back, you probably remember what your own mother was to you. She was your rock, your savior, your healer, and your counselor. She was so much more than your mom.

The “Synonyms for Mom” bracelet has a framed heart and comes on a card with words that you might think of fondly when you think of your own mom.

3. Happy First Mother’s Day Personalized Baby Bodysuit

Onesie Happy First Mother's Day Personalized Baby Bodysuit

For the mom with a sense of humor, this onesie can convey a Mother’s Day message unlike anything she’s seen. You can have it personalized with any two-line message and title, along with her baby’s name.

Yes, her child might find this embarrassing when they’re older, as children do, but Mom will treasure it for the rest of her life.

4. Angel Of Mine Figurine

Hand painted resin figurine

For something a little different, this beautiful, hand-painted resin figurine of a mother holding her tiny baby will bring tears to the mom in your life on her first Mother’s Day.

Every time she looks at it, even after her children are grown and gone, she’ll remember the love and awe she felt when she held them close as babies.

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5. Mother and Child Anchor Pendant

Symbolize pendant

Mothers are incredibly attached to their children, sometimes seeing them as a sort of anchor that keeps them grounded when life threatens to overwhelm them. What better way to symbolize that than with this pendant?

With a tiny anchor over a brushed metal message, the new mom in your life will cherish this pendant for as long as she lives.

6. Our Bright, Joyful Gift Figurine

Resin figurine first time mother

The first-time mother in your life will love reminders of the days when life was her husband, her baby, and herself.

This resin figurine is a mother and father holding their new baby and perfectly embodies the best part of being a mother. When she looks at it later in life, she’ll fondly remember her first days as a mom.

7. Loving Words To Her Personalized Wind Chime

Set of Chimes

Does she love wind chimes? This set of chimes comes with a message you can personalize, making it a touching first Mother’s Day gift. Made of wood and metal, they create a sound as beautiful as the message you put on it.

She’ll love these wind chimes, take them, and hang them up no matter where she chooses to live.

8. New Life Figurine

Hand Painted resin figurine

Figurines are a fantastic way to remember when you all became a family. This hand-painted resin figurine celebrates what new moms see as the miracle they brought into the world and the family that they’ve started.

This gift also celebrates new beginnings. It’s a great way for any new mom to look back on her family when it was new.

9. Mother’s Day Mug With Succulents

Simple Mug for succulents

A mug for Mother’s Day might seem trite, but if she likes raising plants, she’ll love this simple mug that’s a planter for succulents. The word “Mom” glitters, and the succulents add a tiny bit of green beauty to her home.

She can also use the mug for coffee if she chooses to move the succulents to a new planter.

10. Picture Perfect Personalized Jumbo 500-Piece Photo Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are something the whole family can do together, and now, they make a great way to memorialize a new mom’s first Mother’s Day. You send several photos, and they get turned into a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle of fun, new-family pictures.

The best part is she can keep using it as a way to spend time together as a family.

11. Mom Hold M Hand Pendant

Mother's Day pendant

A time-honored way to celebrate a first Mother’s Day, this pendant shows a mom’s hand with her child’s hand inside it. It’s a symbol of love that new moms will adore for years to come.

The pendant is laser-engraved and attached to a chain, allowing her to wear it around her neck and always remind her of all her children.

12. Engraved Family Tree Birthstone Round Disc

Engraved Disc

This engraved disc is an excellent way to start creating a small family tree. It’s engraved with her baby’s name, birthdate, and birthstone and has a magnet on it to attach to a metal tree (sold separately).

For each child, she can get another engraved disc, producing something tangible to remind her of her own family as time goes on.

13. “One Day At A Time” Bar Necklace

Dainty chain

New mothers often find themselves overwhelmed and uncertain of everything they do. As her first Mother’s Day approaches, remember that you and she need to take things one day at a time.

She can wear this pendant with its engraving on any dainty chain she likes, and the message can help motivate her as she starts learning to navigate motherhood.

14. Daughter’s First Mother’s Day Card

Heartfelt greeting card

Alongside whatever pearls of wisdom you have to pass on to your daughter, who has just become a new mother, you can give her a heartfelt greeting card with a beautiful poem inside.

You can personalize the card especially for her, let her know she is not alone, and that you, as her mother, will always be there for her.

15. My Mom Loves Me! Personalized Storybook

Mother's day book

Despite its title, this book can make a perfect first Mother’s Day gift. You can have it personalized with her name and her baby’s name, which will frequently appear throughout the story written in the book.

When her baby gets old enough (one to three years), she can read it aloud to them as a cute and touching bedtime story.

16. Personalized First Mother’s Day Photo Frame

Personalization photo frame

Very little makes a more iconic first Mother’s Day gift than a personalized photo frame. Whether she has professional pictures of herself and her baby or candid ones, she can put her favorite photo in this frame to remind her always of the first time she became a mother. It’s a gift she’ll treasure for a long time to come.

This Mother’s Day is Special

When a woman becomes a mother for the first time, you want to find a gift for her first Mother’s Day that’s both unique for this very special occasion and something you know she’ll love as a new mom and as a woman. These gifts provide a little something different and show that you truly care about her, her new child, and her life.

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