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7 Best Friend Gifts That Show Your BFF You Just Get Them

You would think that when the BFF’s birthday rolls around, you will know exactly what to get them. After all you know everything about them, until you realize they either have everything they want or need, or you refuse to get them another wine glass or birthstone necklace.

The best birthday gifts for a best friend are the ones that shout happy birthday and let them know you’ve been paying attention.

They can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like because your best friend would never judge you. Really anything you get them would make their day, but here are a few unique gifts the bestie will love.

The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for your Best Friend for 2023

1. Medium Living Picture Planter DIY Kit

Redwood frame succulent cuttings

Your best friend is not going to know how to respond when you get her the chance to show off their green thumb and have cool home decor. The kit comes with a redwood frame, succulent cuttings (enough to fill the frame), succulent soil mix and instructions on how to plant their new living picture.

A great gift for friends with limited floor space, this plant art will bring the good vibes they need.

2. Mini LED Video Projector

Mini video projector with build-in speaker

If you have a best friend that is done with television screens, this is one of the best gift ideas to give them.

With multiple connections and a built-in speaker, your bestie will be able to enjoy 176 inches of movie screen in their house. It is compatible to every kind of smartphone, computer, laptop and even devices like the Amazon Firestick. Extremely portable, they can take it with them to loved ones’ homes or anywhere else.

3. Kate Spade Lunch Tote

Simple design spectacular lunch tote

There is no way that your friend is not going to look forward to heading into work with this spectacular lunch tote on her arm. It features a clean, simple design in the signature Kate Spade colors and style. The zip closure keeps food secure and the interior is insulated and waterproof, keeping food fresh for hours at a time.

Looking more like a handbag than lunch tote, it will encourage her to save money by bringing her lunch to work.

4. Retro Handheld Game Console

Gameboy esque unit

Turn the nostalgia way up for a great birthday gift. Your best friend will have over 400 classic games to choose from so they will not get tired from repeating the same games over and over again. The LCD screen on the Gameboy-esque unit can be connected to the TV for more exciting game play and supports two player gaming!

The most thoughtful gift for the gamer who sometimes misses the older games, they can take it with them on their morning commute or while lounging.

5. Best Friends Personalized Long Distance Coffee Mug

Personalized mug in states

It’s sad, but sometimes you and the bestie aren’t living in the same state. That doesn’t mean you can’t find gifts that bring you closer together.

This mug does that quite literally. Let them know no distance can keep you apart with this gift which you can personalize to combine provinces, states and countries on the mug. They are arranged geographically as they’d appear on a map and will let your friend know just how much they are missed.

6. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses Set

Set of 4 shot of himalayan salt glasses

Best friend gifts that encourage good times on their birthday don’t get much better than this set of 4 shot glasses. Made from pure Himalayan Salt, these unique glasses have no other additives or ingredients and lightly flavor drinks naturally.

These gorgeous marbled beauties highlight a design formed millions of years ago in the world’s richest salt deposits and give you a range of health benefits from the 80+ minerals. They are one of the best birthday gifts a best friend deserves.

7. Reed Diffuser

Gorgeous oil diffuser reeks

Another piece of gorgeous office or home décor, this oil diffuser reeks of sophistication and minimalism, the perfect gift for a friend who loves beautiful things and scents. There are multiple fragrances to choose from and you can even choose reeds that come with real flowers.

Everything about this birthday gift is memorable and it lasts a long time so they will not forget their big day or the part you played in it.

Tips for Buying Birthday Gifts for a Best Friend

You have such an advantage when it comes to buying birthday gifts for friends because you know their secrets, wishes, hopes, fears and everything else. While this does seem helpful, you may be limited by budget or time or they may simply have everything, leaving you desperate for a gift.

If you are the type of person that doesn’t believe in handing over a gift card or money (because where is the fun in that!) here are a few tips to help you find the perfect gift.

Take a trip down memory lane

Chances are you have some information stored away that you thought was trivial, but that may actually may be a keen insight into finding the perfect gift. If they broke their karaoke machine, you probably know that so buy them a new one. If your friend has mentioned that they need more lighting in their apartment, buy them a lamp that you know they’d love.

This is a great way to surprise them with something useful and score extra friend points for listening.

Think about the gifts they’ve given you

BFFs tend to share similar tastes and interests, so chances are if they bought you something, they’d probably like to have it for themselves as well. Think about what they’ve bought you for your birthday or Christmas and try to mimic that. If they give lots of handmade items, try making them something. If they love trinkets, get them a keychain, keeping their unique style in mind.

Bargain hunt

Maybe the best gift for your best friend costs more than you can comfortably afford to spend, but your mind is made up about giving it to them. Instead of breaking your budget, break out your shopping skills and check out e-commerce platforms that give you the opportunity to find awesome gifts and rock-bottom prices.

Never underestimate the gift of peace and calm

Gift ideas that help your friend unwind from their typically hectic and stressful days, like a weekend away, quiet dinner or time at the spa can be the gift they didn’t know they needed. If possible, make the day better by joining them if you don’t see them often.

If they have kids, offer to babysit. Giving the gift of unplugging from world is free.

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