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Best Gag Gifts for Christmas (2021 Guide)

For many people, Christmastime is season for reflecting on the past 12 months, remembering the people and things you are grateful for and thanking those that have supported you through the many ups and downs.

There are many ways to do this. For some, sentimental gifts that tug at the heartstrings are a preferred way to express love. Since you’re here, you clearly express your feelings with comedy.

Whether you’re shopping for siblings, extended family, the office Christmas party or your kids, these gag gifts are weird, wacky and hilarious. After all, there’s nothing like a good laugh, right?

Top 7 Best Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas in 2021

1. Ice Cream Lock

Ben and Jerry's euphori-lock

Funny gifts for Christmas can also be sentimental. Meant for the person in your home or friend group that takes their ice cream very seriously, this ice cream lock is going to be appreciated!

The two piece lock is easy to assembly and comes with a super-secret combination that only the ice-cream lover will know. Make sure they keep it safe because it is preassigned by Ben & Jerry.

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2. Pizza Socks Box

Pizza socks box

Socks alone are probably considered good enough gag gifts idea for Christmas, but these really go the extra mile.

These pizza socks come packaged in a pizza box and are designed to look like real pizza. They look really good on your feet too.

A surprise with two things everyone loves, laughing and pizza, the family member or coworker who receives this gift may never want to actually take them out of the box!

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3. Thumb Drive

Thumb drive with 32GB of space

Who doesn’t love gag gifts for Christmas exchanges that are very literal interpretations of common items?

The humor of this thumb drive, which comes in the actual shape of a thumb, is going to be well-received. With 32GB of space, it has way more than similar USB flash drives and is a fun and convenient way to keep important documents safe.

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4. Googly Eyes

Hilarious pair of googly eyes

No laugh can be stifled when they receive a hilarious pair of googly eyes.

Thanks to the adhesive back, they can be placed just about anywhere. Seven inches in diameter, they are, in fact, giant and will liven up an old ugly file cabinet or a children’s playroom.

Googly eyes have to be up there as one of the most versatile ideas for gag gifts for Christmas.

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5. Pug Tape Measure

Cute pug retractable tape measure

When looking at fun gag gifts for Christmas, this cute, yet useful retractable tape measure is the way to go for teachers, office workers and most certainly pet owners.

Using it to measure is as simple as pulling on the little pink tongue sticking out, which is 40 inches long!

This unbelievably cute pug is the perfect little helper, and one of the few dogs that won’t chew up furniture or scratch the hardwood floors.

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6. Pizza Nightlight

Pizza flimpsy paper plate

A greasy slice on a flimsy paper plate, this nightlight will bring back those good memories of late nights eating pizza with best friends and talking into the wee hours of the morning.

Pizza-related items will always be funny ideas for Christmas gifts, but this can provide any room with a subtle glow that is sexy and oh so cheesy.

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7. Nicholas Cage Pillow Cover

Nicholas Cage pillow

Truly something to behold, a Nicholas Cage pillow staring at anyone is both hilarious and slightly terrifying. Made with reversible sequins, if the image becomes too much, simply swipe them the other way.

Try as anyone might, funny gag gifts for Christmas don’t get much funnier than this one. You’ll be the hit of any holiday gift exchange this present finds itself in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose the Right Gag Gift Every Occasion

Common for a number of different situations, gag gifts can serve as a decoy while the real gift is being ushered in to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. They are also exchanged during the holidays, often injecting parties and gatherings with an element of fun.

As much fun to give as they are to receive, a gag gift can go make things awkward fast if you bring the wrong one. Here are a few tips to make sure you always strike the right tone with a great gift.

1. Make Use of Everything You Know About the Recipient

The purpose of a gag gift is to bring delight to whoever gets it, but this can be especially difficult when buying for someone you know well. Imagine how much harder it is when you’re exchanging with a group of acquaintances at the office Christmas party!

Select a gift carefully, keeping in mind that one gift may trigger awful memories for one person, but have someone else smiling the entire night.

If you are familiar with the giftee, think about every piece of information you have about the person if you want the gift to be received well. Take into account any loss they’ve had recently, changes in their lives or subjects they may be sensitive about.

For strangers, avoid trying to make a statement. Buy a funny gift that everyone uses, like the thumb drive, or loves, like pizza socks. Everyone loves pizza, socks and uses and stores data. You can’t really go wrong.

2. Avoid Mean Spirited Gifts

Think about your sense of humor and ask yourself: does the person you’re buying a gift for understand it too?

Steer clear of gifts that can be taken the wrong way. Imagine you’re exchanging presents with someone who is vegetarian. Gifting them a huge bag of beef jerky as a prank is probably not going to be funny to them, though it may crack you up.

These gifts aren’t supposed to be extremely expensive, but trying to provide some kind of value to the recipient is a good idea. Overlook any gift ideas that may be critical of someone’s lifestyle, politics or religion and you’ll have a much higher chance of having the positive effect you’re looking for.

3. Consider the Setting

What kind of gathering are you buying a gag gift for?

Private events allow gifts that are more personal in nature, and they can probably be a bit on the raunchier side of things. Parties taking place in public settings, however, should be professional and appropriate for a mainstream audience. For these types of gift exchanges, think family-friendly and stay away from the bathroom, “poop” novelty gifts.

The last thing you want is to embarrass the recipient or yourself by getting a gift that implies something not meant for others to know.


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Never lose sight of the ultimate goal of your gift: to make the person receiving it laugh, and hopefully laugh a lot.

By getting an appropriate gift, you will meet that goal easily.