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7 Gag Gifts That’ll Keep Every Person Giggling this Holiday Season

7 Gag Gifts That’ll Keep Every Person Giggling this Holiday Season

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Not everyone is interested in receiving something sweet and sentimental during the holidays. Sometimes a good laugh is the best gift of all.

The trouble with buying a great gag gift is predicting the end result. You don’t want to give a gift that doesn’t get a laugh. On the other hand, you don’t want a gift that is raunchy or offensive. An innocent prank or a reference to an inside joke is always a great route to take.

Though not for everyone, a well-delivered gag gift can be talked about for many holiday parties to come. And those are the moments we’re trying to capture.

Here is a list of gifts that will have your family and friends in tears from laughter.

The Best Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas for 2023

1. Emergency Underpants Set

Emergency Underpants

This is one of those inside jokes that you may not want to share with the rest of the party. 

There is a list of reasons why these Emergency Underpants make a great gag gift, none of which have to be discussed in this article. 

Keep in mind, when this gift is opened, there may be some questions from the audience. Make sure it’s the right setting for it! 

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2. Cooking Basics For Dummies Book

Cooking Basics For Dummies Book

No one said a gag gift couldn’t double as something practical as well. While you take a slight jab at your loved one’s cooking skills, this Cooking Basics For Dummies Book is a very useful and instructional cookbook. 

Who knows… Maybe when the recipient gets over the bitter taste in their mouth from your insulting gift, they’ll invite you over for a delicious meal to show off what they learned. 

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3. Mini Playing Cards Deck

Miniature Deck of Cards

Whether you have a poker player in the family or a magician, a Miniature Deck of Cards can be a fun gift to give someone. 

Although not as practical as some other suggestions on this list, finding a gag gift that is also geared towards someone’s hobbies is always a safe bet. 

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4. Giant Stress Ball

Giant Stress Ball

You might have a friend who has more stress than the average person, or just really large hands. Regardless of the reason, this Giant Stress Ball lightens the tension during the holiday season.

Any item or toy that is an exaggerated size typically sparks a good laugh from the group. 

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5. “May The Forties Be With You” T-Shirt

“May The Forties...” t-shirt

Ahh, the well-delivered age joke is always a classic, and never gets “old”. If you have a Star Wars fan who just so happened to recently turn 40, then look no further. This “May The Forties…” t-shirt is perfect for a good laugh.

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6. Laser Engraved Word Bubble

Laser Engraved Word Bubble

Do you remember that one time when so-and-so made that comment that no one let them live down? You should throw it on a Laser Engraved Word Bubble to remember it forever!

This is a great gift to remind a friend of a funny slip of the tongue, a unique phrase that only they say, or even a joke that’s just between the two of you. 

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7. Dwayne Throw Pillow

Dwayne Throw Pillow

We all have the one friend that is excessively in love with The Rock. And why shouldn’t they be? Though a Dwayne Throw Pillow might be a lot to handle, it’s guaranteed tears (of joy and laughter) for the recipient. 

And if The Rock isn’t their type, keep scrolling through their thousands of other options until you find the perfect one. 

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How to Choose the Right Gag Gift Every Occasion 

A well-delivered gag gift can serve multiple purposes. It may be to pay someone back for a prank they pulled, as a decoy until the actual gift is delivered, or maybe it’s just how you and your sibling show each other you care.

Regardless of the reason, there is an art to selecting the perfect gag gift. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you crush it this holiday season:

1. Make Use of Everything You Know About the Recipient

Sure, a random funny gift might get a chuckle, but that’s not what we’re going for. A really good gag gift should not only get a big laugh but it should be talked about later. 

The more personal the gift is, the more it will be remembered. When selecting a gift, think of inside jokes, funny stories, or those little “quirks” someone is known for.

2. Avoid Mean-spirited Gifts

As mentioned above, innocent pranks or inside jokes are the best route to take when purchasing a gag gift. The point isn’t to make someone feel bad, embarrassed, or to highlight an insecurity. 

When you’re purchasing a gag gift for someone, always stop and think “will they think it’s funny?” If you have any hesitation, then it most likely isn’t the right gift. 

3. Consider the Setting

Just because you know the recipient will get a kick out of it doesn’t mean it’s the right audience for it. Remember, everyone else is going to be watching them open your gift. 

Turn Your Gag Gifts into Helping a Good Cause

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