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7 Education Nonprofits to Support Today

In the United States, children in low-income neighborhoods are regularly denied access to the same high-quality education tools their peers right across town are afforded. 

Meanwhile, thousands of teachers rely on public assistance to afford food or healthcare due to being underpaid or forced to purchase their own school supplies and classroom furniture. 

Go overseas, especially to developing nations, and the problem is compounded—that is, if those children even have a school to go to, much less a safe one with adequate resources.

There is no excusing it. But we can fight it.

Thanks to your donations, nonprofits across the country have made monumental strides in closing the education gap, providing additional funding to local schools, supporting, training, and deploying expert teachers, and even building new schools in developing communities overseas, enabling thousands of children to attend school for the first time.

Join us in celebrating National Nonprofit Day. Here are 7 nonprofits we recommend to help support education. 

7 Education Nonprofits to Support in 2021

1. Donors Choose

Donors choose nonprofit website

Donors Choose is a nonprofit and online platform that makes it easy for public school teachers to fundraise for their classrooms, and for community members to make direct donations to those classrooms. Since 2000, everyday people have given more than $1.3 million directly to teachers, purchasing supplies, funding projects and experiences, and more.

For donors who care about…

  • Local classrooms
  • Supporting teachers
  • Impacting local schools directly
  • Public schools

How to Support Donors Choose?

2. Room to Read 

Room to Read nonprofit website

Room to Read serves over 1 million children per year by providing literacy support in low-income areas, addressing gender inequality in education, researching and providing solutions to literacy issues, and by partnering with local governments to improve learning conditions around the world. 

For donors who care about…

  • Girls’ education
  • Gender inequality in education
  • Literacy support
  • Funding low-income schools
  • Global literacy 

How to Support Room to Read?

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy Home Page

Khan Academy is all about anyone and everyone having access to free education. The nonprofit and its team of content specialists create video tutorials and interactive exercises for students to study at their own pace outside of the classroom, covering dozens of topics ranging from regular SAT prep, to STEM courses anyone can take. They also provide courses and support to parents and teachers, making it easier for anyone to help the student in their life.

For donors who care about…

  • Free education and courses
  • Equal access to education for all
  • Technology and STEM
  • Online learning
  • Families, communities, and schools

How to Support Khan Academy

4. First Book

First Book Nonprofit website

First Book is a nonprofit that provides new books, learning materials, and other essentials to children in need. Looking to remove barriers to quality education, First Book has distributed more than 185 million books and resources to low-income communities in more than 30 countries. Currently, they are working to deliver more than 8 million books to children currently unable to attend school or access the internet due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For donors who care about…

  • Educational equality
  • Supporting low-income communities 
  • Global literacy
  • The technology divide 

How to Support First Book 

5. Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise nonprofit website

Pencils of Promise builds schools and provides educational programming to increase literacy rates in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos, and Nicaragua. Since its founding in 2008, the schools built by Pencils of Promise have served thousands of students. In addition to focusing on literacy and education, Pencils of Promise also helps provide safe places for children to attend school by working on water sanitation, as well as health and hygiene education.

For donors who care about…

  • Global literacy and education
  • Building schools in developing areas
  • Children’s health and wellness
  • Educational equality
  • Global teacher training and support

How to Support Pencils of Promise

6. Girls Who Code

Girls who code

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit addressing one startling reality: just 24% of computer engineers today are women. Over 300,000 girls between the ages of 13 and 17 have been reached by the nonprofit’s summer immersion programs, campus programs, and after school clubs, especially girls in historically under-represented groups.

For donors who care about…

  • Gender equality in tech
  • Empowering girls
  • STEM Education

How to Support Girls Who Code

7. The New Teacher Project

The New Teacher Project nonprofit website

The New Teacher Project is a nonprofit working to stop education inequality by training highly effective, motivated teachers through their fellowship programs. In addition, The New Teacher Project has decades of research published demonstrating that education inequality is real, senseless, and that well-trained, well-supported teachers play a vital role in boosting the educational outcomes in lower-income areas. Over 37,000 teachers have been trained in their programs.

For donors who care about…

  • Public education
  • Supporting teachers
  • Improving teacher compensation
  • Teacher effectiveness and motivation
  • Educational inequality in the U.S.

How to Support The New Teacher Project

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