Missoma Jewelry Offers Affordable Glamour (2020 Review)

Missoma Jewelry Offers Affordable Glamour (2020 Review)

There’s something so transformative about putting on jewelry. 

It has the power to elevate an outfit, communicate your personal style, and make you feel ready for the day — especially when working or learning from home.

But jewelry is often either too expensive, or made at a subpar quality that doesn’t last. I’ve learned this lesson over and over buying cheap sparkly things that quickly tarnish and lose stones. That’s where Missoma comes in! 

Read on to learn all about Missoma jewelry and what we’re eyeing from their newest drop.

What We Like About Missoma Jewelry:

What Is Missoma?

Missoma online store

Missoma is a direct-to-consumer jewelry brand based in the UK. Popular on Instagram (and with the royal family, for what it’s worth), their specialty is fine jewelry at an affordable price. This is also known as “demi-fine”: a price point between designer and costume.

What Can I Get From Missoma?

The Basics

Based on the principles of confidence, creativity, and collaboration, Missoma offers a range of delicate and statement pieces that can be worn alone or together in a “stack.” Think moon studs, lightning charm hoops, and a claw cuff on one ear. This is why they’re considered one of the best jewelry brands for basics like hoops and layering necklaces.

Think Gold

And they’ve definitely made a name for themselves in the “simple-but-unique gold necklaces” category! I counted at least 12 kinds of chains on their site (bevelled, bobble, pirouette and more) in varying weights and lengths. And if that wasn’t enough, their detachable pendants let you completely change up your chain.


Their newest drop, AW20, is a vintage-inspired collection celebrating artists, musicians, poets and dreamers.

Choose from symbols like a key, a snake and a padlock or more conceptual pieces like a triangle, a pyramid and a sphere. (At the time of writing, they’ve sold out of the Rock On hand clip-on, but you can still get a Good Luck Charm pendant that looks like a hand going “fingers crossed.” So cute!)

Personalize it

Missoma also offers complimentary engraving, which is perfect for the holidays, an anniversary, or a winter grad gift. Their round pendants, available in four styles, would look so cute with an important date or zodiac sign (Leos are lucky with this). And this Gold Bar Bracelet ($110) is the perfect spot to mark the coordinates where you first met!

Is Missoma Jewelry Good Quality?

Missoma Jewelry Offers Affordable Glamour (2020 Review) Image 1

Missoma jewelry is good quality if you know how to care for it. Most Missoma pieces are 18ct gold vermeil. This is a sterling silver base with gold plating. There are standards it must meet in the UK to earn this title: the gold layer has to be at least 2.5 microns thick. And unlike regular gold-plated jewelry, the outer layer is bonded with electrolysis for durability. To keep the price down, Missoma’s statement pieces are made of gold-plated brass metal with anti-tarnish on top.

But the real question is: can you wear it in the shower, or when washing your hands? No. Missoma’s website says not to swim or shower in gold-plated or silver jewelry, as this can tarnish it.

Is Missoma Worth It?

Earlier I mentioned the term “demi-fine.” When shopping for jewelry, you’re usually stuck between high-end or the accessories section of your favorite online store (which is most likely cheap, fragile wholesale). Missoma is considered mid-price, their AW20 selections ranging from $77–$472. 

This isn’t an insignificant amount of money, but taken into consideration with the fact that this jewelry is made to last, Missoma is a great place to start building your collection.

Something else to consider when judging quality is the level of artistry involved. Missoma pieces demonstrate a clear attention to detail, with visual interest on the smallest parts. Their pieces that have claw clasps, like this Box Link Chain Choker ($127), all come with a stylish charm on the extender. And on the Good Luck Pendant (I’m still thinking about this charm), even the loop fixing it to the clip has a twisted rope-like detail. 

Where Can I Buy Missoma?

Missoma Jewelry Offers Affordable Glamour (2020 Review) Image 2

You can buy Missoma directly from their online store and at Nordstrom. (Free People is also a stockist, but they seem to be sold out at the time of writing.) 

And you can receive 10% off your first purchase just by subscribing to their newsletter!

Turn Jewelry Savings into Nonprofit Donations

At Giving Assistant, we believe giving can be just as much a part of shopping as saving money. We’re proud to feature Missoma because of their commitment to giving back to the community.

In light of COVID-19, Missoma has been supporting two charities fighting hunger in the UK and India (where their pieces are made). That means every Missoma order will provide one meal through Magic Breakfast and one through Akshaya Patra. And every year Missoma partners with the environmental charity TreeSisters, matching each Black Friday purchase with a tree.

You can increase the positive impact of your purchases when you use Giving Assistant to shop online. When you buy from your favorite brands through their Giving Assistant store page (or right from your browser with the Giving Assistant Button), you earn cashback to donate to a nonprofit of your choice.

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’

Many companies today recognize the important roles they can play in their communities. As a result, many offer incentives to their customers, such as donating a portion or percentage of their purchase to support specific non-profit organizations. This makes it easy for customers to give back and lend a hand in a way that really makes a difference.

But when it comes to being passionate about social causes, there are only a select few companies who go above and beyond. One such company is Nisolo footwear

What It Means to Be a B Corp

Certified B Corporation

Founded in 2011, Nisolo is a B Corporation. This means that Nisolo is a for-profit brand that develops business objectives, principles, and values around operating at a higher standard for the greater good, and dedicates its resources to this mission. 

Living Wages

With business roots in Mexico, Kenya, and Peru, CEO and co-founder Patrick Woodyard is all too familiar with the struggles of underprivileged factory workers. As such, Nisolo genuinely believes in the success of its workers and proves it through action. The company pays all suppliers and every Nisolo employee living wages along with a plethora of other incredible incentives, such as in-house financial literacy training, education opportunities, skill training, gender equality incentives, and proper healthcare.

Carbon Neutral Certification

In addition to the ethical treatment of employees, Nisolo also values the ethical treatment of our environment. Nisolo is one of the elite companies that have received the Carbon Neutral Certification, which demonstrates their dedication to sustainability and low carbon emissions. Nisolo credits their shoppers with helping to protect 138,180 trees from getting uprooted. Learn more about how Nisolo is off-setting their carbon emissions on their blog.

Fashion that Values People and the Planet

Ladies in Nisolo models

Nisolo is much more than the average footwear brand. They also produce quality and ethically-sourced leather goods, handcrafted shoes, jewelry, accessories — and now masks. 

Mask Marketplace

Man wearing mask using Nisolo

New to their line of ethically-sourced goods, Nisolo is now offering a variety of eco-friendly masks through their Mask Marketplace. Each mask comes with a description and rating system indicating comfort, sustainability, breathability, style, and function. They offer a variety of styles, materials, and colors designed for every preference and lifestyle.

Amalia All-Weather Boot 

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’ Image 3

The Amalia All-Weather boot is the quintessential shoe for any modern lady on the go. With enough durability to withstand a hike and a sleek appearance you could wear to the office, this is truly the staple shoe to any woman’s wardrobe.  

The Amalia All-Weather boot features a rubber sole, which acts as a grip aid for rocky terrain and a gusseted tongue to keep out water or snow. Known for its high quality, you’ll likely be wearing them for more than one season.

Lima Slip On

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’ Image 4

Originally designed as a comfy pair of slippers, the Lima Slip On is a simplistic shoe style that is comfortable enough to wear around the house or on a night out with the girls. With its easy-on, easy-off nature, this shoe is perfect for traveling. Simply slip them on and go.

Elayna Sneaker

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’ Image 5

The Elayna Sneaker is the perfect example of practicality meeting simplicity. Available in a variety of neutral colors, this shoe offers extreme comfort and ease and can fit with nearly any daytime style.

Huarache Sandal

Nisolo Review: A Fashion Marketplace With ‘Sole’ Image 6

The Huarache Sandal provides flair to your favorite gentleman’s feet. Inspired by pre-Columbian Mexico style, this sandal is perfect for summertime BBQs, a day at the beach, or travel. With beautifully-crafted, ethically-sourced pieces of leather woven together in a unique design, this shoe fits comfortably and offers sufficient ventilation for warm weather.  

How Nisolo Gives Back (and you can too)

Nisolo intentionally designs their products with more than profits in mind. They offer fair prices that enable them to not only support their employees but also give back to the communities they’re connected to. With its strong sense of responsibility, Nisolo presents a notable example of a company doing right by its workers — and the environment.

Nisolo also offers a program where customers can donate shoes to have them repurposed into a fresh, new product. Additionally, with their partnership with Soles4Souls, each donated shoe is then given to micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries who are then able to repair and resell them locally. 

Tip: Shop using Giving Assistant and select Soles4Souls as your preferred nonprofit. Then each time you shop with Nisolo you can make an impact!

Save the Most at Nisolo

There are always ways to save when shopping at Nisolo. And the more you save, the more you can help to give back.

  • Find Nisolo coupons by shopping with Giving Assistant.
  • Take an additional 15% off sitewide through Oct. 15th – use code SUMMERGA
  • Sign up for Nisolo emails to receive 15% off your first order
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders over $200

You can also download the Giving Assistant Button to make it easier to shop, save, and give.

All of these reasons makes Nisolo a brand that significantly aligns with Giving Assistant’s mission – which is to transform everyday shopping into charitable giving. Shopping with eco-conscious brands that give back empower all shoppers to help make a difference with every purchase.

If you buy a product or service through links found on our blog, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Best Shoes for Kids (2020 Review)

Best Shoes for Kids (2020 Review)

Whether you are shopping for shoes for kids for their first day of school, home school or just in need of a new pair, we’ve got you covered. Kids love showing off their kicks but more importantly you love quality, fit and a good deal.

You want to make sure your kids are not just trendy but also sensible in their style. Ensuring they are equipped with the proper footwear is key to a safe and stylish year. 

However, the options for cool and comfortable footwear are seemingly endless! Unsure of where to start? We’ve got your back…and feet!

Here are our top picks for kicks to help you find the best shoes for kids this year.

5 Best Kids Shoes in 2020

1) Nike Air Max

New release Nike Air Max

Nike is one of the most trusted sneaker brands of our generation, offering footwear for both the casual go-getters to top athletes alike. 

This season, we’ve got our eyes on the prize with their most recent release of the Nike Air Max. The collection features several unique styles and colors to meet the needs of any sensible student. Designed for maximum comfort, your kid will feel like they are walking on Cloud 9 instead of walking through the halls in these chic yet comfortable sneakers.

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2) Fila Kid Disrupter II Tie Dye Sneakers

Fila released Disrupter II Tie Dye Sneaker

Fila is a worldwide brand that offers top-quality athletic attire and footwear. This year Fila released the Disrupter II Tie Dye Sneakers, and we can’t help but leap for joy! These colorful sneakers feature all of the stability and quality you want for your kid’s feet with a splash of fun!

Savings Tip: Giving Assistant shoppers can shop, save, earn cash back, and find the best Shoe Carnival deals and promos.

3) Converse Chuck Tyler All Star Unicorn

Beloved Mythological beast the Unicorn Converse

Unicorns and Converse—need we say more? Converse, a classic quintessential shoe brand, is back at it offering fashionable yet functional footwear for kids of all ages. This includes a line dedicated to our beloved mythological beast: the unicorn

These All-Star Unicorn sneakers aren’t just stylish, but also on sale! Give your kid the gift of magical feet without breaking the bank! 

Unicorns not your jam or jellyfish? No worries! Converse offers a massive line of funky shoes that will keep your kids’ feet functioning pain-free all day long.

Savings Tip: Looking for a little more magic? Giving Assistant shoppers can save even more by finding the best Converse deals and promos

4) Puma RS-X Collegiate Sneakers JR

The Puma-RS X Shoe

Another classic footwear brand, Puma, never skimps on quality when it comes to their sneakers. The Puma RS-X  shoe in particular is great for kids that is both sensible and stylish for a wide range of activities. 

The Puma RS-X shoe style offers a sleek design with extra cushioning in the midsole for added support during those long days going from class to soccer practice. It’s great for ensuring comfort without style taking a back seat.

Savings Tip: Don’t forget to enjoy 6% cash back plus 75% off your order by shopping through Giving Assistant! You can also find Puma deals and promos for any time of the year, long after the back-to-school season is over. 

5) NMD_R1 V2 Tokyo Nights Shoes by Adidas

Best Adidas Tokyo Nights

A well-known international brand, Adidas has been supplying the world with fashionable shoes since the 1950s. Known as the largest sports manufacturer in Europe, it’s no surprise that they would develop a sneaker that is sure to bring a smile your kid’s face!

Tokyo Nights is inspired by a retro 80’s style but with modern features such as added cushioning for all-day comfort and support. With such a chic appearance and practical abilities, it’s not hard to see why.  

Savings Tip: Bonus! Giving Assistant shoppers can save and find the best Adidas deals and promos, earn cash back, and donate to a charity they are passionate about!

Kick-off in Style: Shopping That Looks and Feels Good

With plenty of options to choose from, it’s hard to say what shoe will be the best fit for your kid this season (literally). We hope this list helps narrow down the playing field and gets you pumped about shopping for the best shoes for kids.

When you shop with Giving Assistant, you can find the latest coupons, promo codes and cash back deals to help start the school year off on the right foot.

Whether you are looking for cool, casual, or comfortable footwear, you can earn cash back on your purchases to save or donate to a nonprofit of your choice. Learn how Giving Assistant works and shopping for good today.

Be sure to install the Giving Assistant Button on your browser to make saving and giving a breeze.

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review)

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review)

What started as footwear for sports and other exercise has evolved into a fashion staple in every man’s wardrobe. Today’s sneakers are astoundingly versatile in color, function, and style (from athletic to business-casual), which makes it quite challenging to shop for new kicks.

We’ve scoured the best men’s sneakers and narrowed options including the best high performance trainer, NBA-worthy mid-tops, luxury kicks, and low-tops that look and feel good.

Below you’ll find 12 top shoe picks, including some of the hottest sneaker trends for men:

Top 12 Best Sneakers for Men in 2020

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 7

We like the versatility of the Air Zoom Pegasus, Nike’s best-selling running shoe of all time. Ample arch support and excellent multi-surface traction mean you can run, jump, and exercise with confidence, whether in the gym, on running trails, or conditioning with CrossFit workouts.

The Pegasus 37 features a thinner, more lightweight, textile mesh upper. It also has a bouncier, more responsive midsole, and an increased Air Zoom pocket under the forefoot for cushier runs.

Savings Tip: Find the latest Dick’s Sporting Goods promo codes with Giving Assistant.

2. Adidas ZX 2K 4D Shoes

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 8

The ZX 2K 4D sneaker is a prime example of what happens when shoe scientists use groundbreaking technology to push the boundaries of high-performance men’s footwear.

This shoe features a complete rebuild of the Adidas ZX midsole (now a precision-crafted, digitally-printed 4D midsole that delivers unmatched comfort and controlled energy return).

Tip: The fully blacked-out “Core Black” 4Ds with grey plastic overlays is the newest color and will hit U.S. shelves soon. They’re already in the U.K. Anticipation is high, so be on the lookout.

Savings Tip: Keep up with the latest Adidas promo codes when you shop with Giving Assistant.

3. Saucony Liberty ISO 2

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 9

Saucony is a tried-and-true sportswear brand that’s been around since 1898, consistently proving it knows how to make a runner’s feet happy. If you need a dependable men’s running sneaker, the Liberty ISO 2 delivers ultra-light protection that won’t weigh you down.

We like that Saucony’s ISOFIT tech adapts to the shape and movement of your foot to create a personalized fit that’s light and springy. We especially recommend it for everyday runners who suffer from mild to severe pronation (and need reliable comfort).

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4. Tread by Everlane

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 10

The “chunky” sneaker (or “dad trainers”) trend hasn’t gone anywhere. Everlane is a brand that really gets it right, and they’re also on a mission to make the world’s lowest-impact sneaker.

Everlane makes sustainable leather shoes with recycled and natural rubber, and full-grain leather crafted at a gold-certified tannery, which cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 54% and keeps 18,000 pounds of rubber out of landfills.

Savings Tip: Become an email subscriber to enjoy free U.S. shipping and returns on your first order. Find Everlane coupons to save even more when you shop with Giving Assistant.

You can also check out our picks for the best eco-friendly shoes.

5. Nike LeBron 17

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 11

The LeBron 17s are a thing of beauty—both visually and performance-wise.

The shoe’s ultra-lightweight KnitPosite uppers feature unique motifs, swirly patterns, and vibrant colors that give you optimum flexibility, movement, and style with every step.

The most impressive upgrade to LeBron’s latest basketball sneaker is its massive Max Air heel (the largest of its kind!) in addition to two Zoom Air pods in the forefoot—all of which offer excellent support, shock absorption, and responsiveness on the court.

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6. Vans Old Skool Sneakers

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 12

Vans, the makers of skate shoes (hat anyone can wear, churns out vibrant, street-style designs that explode with personality, like their best-selling Old Skools with the iconic side stripe.

Endless motifs and prints make it easy to find yourself a pair of statement-making sneakers.

Tip: Flex your creative muscles by choosing a flick from National Geographic’s gallery of photographs (think wildlife, landscapes, and outer space!) to customize a classic Vans style.

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7. Adidas UltraBoost 20

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 13

Adidas UltraBoost 20 is one of the most comfortable running shoes on the market. The brand’s partnership with the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory makes this shoe an out-of-this-world experience with its space-inspired details and 28 color schemes.

This high-performance, lightweight sneaker is adaptive and offers:

  • BOOST cushioning for boundless energy return
  • Torsion Spring in the midsole for added foot protection
  • Durable traction on dry and wet surfaces

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8. Nike Air Force 1 GTX

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 14

Nike teamed up with GORE-TEX to craft a stylish, street-ready waterproof sneaker that takes the classic Air Force 1 design up a few notches. You can wear your GORE-TEX trainers all year-round and confidently stride through wet, rainy conditions and winter weather with ease.

Stay warm and dry with this all-weather sneaker’s GORE-TEX bootie, water-wicking flat laces, and non-marking rubber, which adds to its overall level of durability and traction.

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9. ASICS Metarun 

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 15

ASICS Metaruns stylishly fit like a glove and adapt to your running style, whether you’re a trail-running newbie or an experienced marathoner. These shoes are one of the best running sneakers you can wear because they features some of the most innovative sports technologies.

The Metaruns deliver two layers of all-around protection, courtesy of the DUOMAX dual-density midsole and FlyteFoam technology, both proven to absorb more shock and vibrations than other sneakers. A removable Ortholite Sockliner also provides extra breathing room.

You’ll appreciate the responsiveness, bounce-back, comfort, and durability of these sneakers.

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10. Stan Smith Originals

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 16

Tennis icon and Grand Slam champion Stan Smith is responsible for skyrocketing the popularity of this adidas line of minimalist leather sneakers in the 1970s. The clean trim and retro, all-white look still captivate sneakerheads of all ages. 

ASOS sells Stan Smith Originals in the classic all-white design as well as styles with themed motifs and coordinating pops of color on the tongue and heel, like this green and white edition.

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11. Gucci Ace Watersnake-Trimmed Leather Sneakers

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 17

Gucci’s celebrity-approved low top leather sneakers are a trend-setting splurge worth a mention.

The soft white leather Gucci Ace Watersnakes feature the brand’s signature red and green stripes alongside an embroidered gold bee and metallic, watersnake heel tabs.

Not feeling the extra buzz? Check their Black Ace Crocodile-Trimmed Leather Sneakers.

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12. Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Sneakers

Best Sneakers for Men (2020 Review) Image 18

Here’s a unique update on the classic Converse Chuck Taylor hi-top men’s sneaker we all know and love: sturdy canvas uppers with a translucent toe cap and sidewall.

You can only get this new style exclusively at Journeys, along with plenty of colorful Chucks with an Old School vibe, from solid colors to fun themes, like flames, skulls, DC Comics’ Batman, and the Converse Smiley Face.

Note: This shoe runs a half size larger than typical sizing.

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How Shopping for Men’s Sneakers Can Help Nonprofits

Time to retire a well-worn pair of Chucks? Purchasing limited-edition kicks for a sneakerhead? Shopping for the best men’s sneakers does more than update wardrobes or expand an ever-growing collection; it also helps you support nonprofits.

Giving Assistant makes it easier for you to donate to nonprofits and uplift your favorite causes. Learn more about how to use the Giving Assistant Button to locate the best men’s shoe deals (or best sneakers for women) that earn you cash back you can effortlessly share with nonprofits.

If you buy a product or service through links found on our blog, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Best Shoes for Men (2020 Review)

Best Shoes for Men (2020 Review)

Listen up, gents! As far as first impressions go, the type and quality of shoe that you wear speaks volumes. Your footwear choices not only say a great deal about your sense of style but can also come off as a reflection of your personality and self-image.

A man benefits from owning at least five pairs of shoes (think sneakers, slip-ons, dress shoes, and boots) to wear at casual-, business- and formal occasions. The style, color, and function of shoes matter a great deal; having a comfortable fit that stays within a budget is just as essential.

Need a starting point? Here’s our list of best shoes for men that deserve a space in your closet:

Top 11 Shoes for Men in 2020

1. Best Running Shoe: Brooks Ghost 13

Best running shoe brooks ghost training shoe

One of Brooks’ cushiest foam compositions, DNA Loft, puts the Ghost 13 in the lead for best men’s running shoe. The foam extends into the forefoot, creating a soft, smooth transition from heel to toe that comes in handy when you’re putting in those extra miles.

The Brooks Ghost training shoe checks off all the right boxes:

  • All-around comfort
  • Flexible support
  • Plush midsole
  • Just-the-right weight
  • Affordability

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2. Best Basketball Shoe: Nike KD 13

Best selling NBA signature sneakers

Kevin Durant’s basketball shoe is one of the top best-selling NBA signature sneakers and with good reason. If you see a pair of Nike KD 13’s coming your way, watch out, this baller has the advantage of excellent ankle support, a tighter grip, and full-length Zoom Air for added spring and some of the best cushioning in a basketball sneaker on the market.

Tip: In celebration of International Day of Peace in September, look for the anticipated release of a tie-dyed version of the KD 13’s called “Peace, Love, and Basketball.”

Check for the best Eastbay coupon codes to save on your next pair through Giving Assistant, plus earn 10% cash back on this purchase!

3. Best Slip-On Shoe: Vans Classic Slip-On

Classic laid back style shoe

Vans casual shoes are an athleisure favorite. The brand’s classic, laidback style (with its elastic side accents, retro designs, and signature rubber-waffle outsoles) not only has a faithful teen fan club but is also popular amongst adults.

Keep it simple with solid colors, style it up with the iconic Checkerboard motif, or make a funky fashion statement with a newly released print (we like these all-over Flash Skulls slip ons).

Tip: Slide into extra savings with Vans coupon codes and deals through Giving Assistant.

4. Best Loafer: G.H. Bass Larson Weejuns

Bestselling Bass Weejuns

G.H. Bass, a versatile supplier of retro and modern loafers, has a solid foothold in the nearly 100-year history of the “penny” loafer. Since 1876, the company makes some of the best shoes for men, including its bestselling Bass Weejuns.

Larson Weejuns add stylish flair to casual and formal looks, from jean shorts and white tees to an Oxford shirt and slacks. The upper, sock and outsole are genuine leather. The shoes also feature classic moccasin-style stitching and beefroll detail on the penny keeper.

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5. Best Boat Shoe: Sperry Authentic Original

Top-siders Sperry Authentic Originals

Take a walk on the preppy side with a pair of Sperry Authentic Originals. These versatile, hand-sewn boat shoes feature durable, premium materials, including styles with unlined leather uppers that provide lasting protection against the effects of salt- and freshwater.

These top-siders have a 360° Lacing System™, which runs along the entire opening of the shoes to offer a customized fit. Other highlights include outstanding wet/dry traction, an Ortholite® insole, and a shock-absorbing heel cup for added stability and comfort.

Tip: Check out the Sperry Legend Edit for luxe inspiration, which features favorite styles from the brand’s 2020 Global Ambassador, singer John Legend—like these lambskin-lined Gold Cup Authentic Originals.

Find the latest Sperry coupon codes plus 7% cash back from your purchase when you shop with Giving Assistant.

6. Best Eco-Friendly Shoe: adidas Primeblue Collection

High Performance men shoes from Adidas

Adidas sells high-performance men’s shoes that integrate a minimum of 40% recycled material, namely a yarn made with Parley Ocean Plastic (upcycled plastic waste collected from beaches, coastal communities, shorelines, and remote islands).

Eco-friendly adidas men’s shoes include the following styles:

As you shop for the best eco-friendly shoes, find adidas coupon codes, plus earn cash back through Giving Assistant that you can share with nonprofits.

7. Best Orthopedic Shoe: Orthofeet Lincoln Center

Leather slip-on shoe from Orthofeet Lincoln Center

The Orthofeet Lincoln Center is a leather slip-on shoe made with a seamless lining, extra foam padding, air pockets, cushioning midsole, and shock-absorbing Ergonomic Stride™ sole.

What we like: This orthopedic shoe feels good and looks good as it delivers customized orthotic support and advanced therapeutic relief from persistent foot issues, like heel and arch pain, arthritis, diabetic foot pain, plantar fasciitis, corns, and bunions.

These shoes ship for free (with free exchanges!). Find Shoes.com coupon codes with Giving Assistant to save more and earn 5% cash back on your next pair.

8. Best Dress Shoe: Allen Edmonds Strandmok Oxford Shoe

Strandmok Cap-toe Oxford versatile contemporary design with vintage flair

We like the handcrafted Strandmok Cap-Toe Oxford for its contrast stitching, decorative styling, and refined, antique distressed look. This versatile, contemporary design with vintage flair is the ideal all-occasion men’s shoe—perfect for business-casual meet-ups to more formal affairs.

Strandmok shoe highlights include:

  • Handcrafted with imported materials
  • CustomCork™ insole for a custom fit
  • Dainite Rubber Sole (for all-weather traction)
  • Availability in extended narrow-, medium-, and wide sizes (from 5 to 16)

Check for Allen Edmonds coupon codes to save more on your next pair of Oxfords.

9. Best Sandal: Nike Canyon

Athletic-style sandal Nike Canyon Men

The Nike Canyon Men’s Sandal is an open-toe, athletic-style sandal ready to tackle your next summer adventure, whether it’s a city tour or a hike deep in the woods.

Enjoy a personalized fit, enhanced comfort, and added traction with its:

  • Dual-density foam midsole
  • Reinforced, rubber toe and heel
  • Adjustable, triple-strap closure

Tip: Nike Members (it’s free to join!) enjoy free standard shipping and returns. Save even more with Nike coupon codes, plus earn 8% cash back when you shop with Giving Assistant.

10. Best Chukka: Clarks Desert Boots

Signature crepe sole of Clarks Desert Boots

Dress up (or down) in a pair of chukkas, ankle-high boots offering classic, year-round versatility for just about anything in your closet, from denim jeans and cargo shorts to casual suits.

Available in leather and suede, the clean lines and signature crepe sole of Clarks Desert Boots have kept these chukkas at the forefront of global shoe trends for over 70 years.

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11. Best Leather Boot: Cole Haan Nathan Cap Toe Boot

Leather lace-up boots like Nathan Cap Toe Boots

Every man’s winter wardrobe needs a pair of leather lace-up boots. Some trudge through ice and snow with steadfast durability, while others elevate outfits with a more tailored look, like Nathan Cap Toe Boots from Cole Haan.

These boots rank high in the style and comfort department, thanks to a waterproof leather upper, cushioned footbed, and rubber traction sole.

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