Best Women Owned Brands To Support in 2020

Best Women Owned Brands To Support in 2020

Women are behind many successful and growing companies. In fact, according to, there are more than 11 million woman-owned businesses in the U.S. That’s 38% of all U.S. businesses! That means women are supporting nearly 9 million jobs and generating annual revenues of $1.6 trillion!

Want to support women-owned brands but don’t know where to find them? Start here to learn about some women-owned brands you’ve probably heard of and others you haven’t…until now!

We’ve found you the best in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle—all from brands that are female-founded and run! Check out our sweet finds below.

Support These Top Women Owned Brands in 2020

1. Unwrp

Screenshot of Unwrp homepage

Unwrp is a sustainable gift wrap brand founded by Ashley Fouyelle, who set out to create luxury, eco-friendly gift wrapping options in stylish, unique prints your friends and family will love, and hopefully reuse! (The prints are also available as tags, bags, and greeting cards.)

One of Unwrp’s top products—fabric wrap—can even be repurposed into another gift, like a hair wrap or chic neck kerchief.

2. Skinny Dipped Almonds

Screenshot of Skinnydipped Almonds home site

Skinny Dipped almonds come in flavors like raspberry, espresso, lemon bliss, and mint, and are an easy, delicious way to up your protein and fiber intake while satisfying your sweet tooth. Skinny Dipped is run by a bevy of brilliant women: founders Val Griffith and her young daughter Breezy, and co-founders Lizzie Resta and Chrissy Haller.

Your online purchase of Skinny Dipped Almonds can support your choice of any nonprofit (like women-focused ones!) when you use Giving Assistant!

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3. Mischo Beauty

Screenshot of Mischo beauty home site

Mischo Beauty offers a mesmerizing line of non-toxic nail polishes that look as gorgeous on your vanity as they do on your nails!

The woman-owned nail polish brand (which boasts 23 dreamy colors and a well-reviewed cuticle elixir) was founded by Kitiya King when she was pregnant with her son and searching for luxurious nail polish without harsh fumes. She applied her chemistry degree to developing non-toxic, yet high-quality polishes that were both safe and gorgeous.

Mischo Beauty nail polish is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • 10 free (a special designation for nail lacquers formulated without 10 common, controversial ingredients)

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4. S’well

Screenshot of S'well home site

S’well’s environmentally friendly water bottles have become the envy of every library, office and hiking trail—and a woman is behind this coveted bottle! Founded by Sarah Krauss, S’well is one of the fastest growing women-owned companies in the world. 

Known for their striking opaque body and stainless steel cap, S’well’s insulated bottles are an easy way to make sustainability part of your daily routine. And they come in gorgeous designs to suit any bag, planner or laptop skin.

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Screenshot of Pat McGrath home site

This trending makeup line targets beauty connoisseurs who believe that “makeup is a movement.” Famed makeup artist Pat McGrath made a name for herself in the beauty industry with bold mattes, stunning chromatics, and surprising collaborations. (At the time of this writing, the limited edition Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker line is flying off shelves!_

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6. Mejuri

Screenshot of Mejuri home site

This “Insta-famous” jewelry brand, founded by Noura Sakkijha, stole hearts with its dainty, timeless, last-forever pieces. Sakkijha set out to make fine jewelry something you can gift yourself (rather than waiting for someone to give it to you) by offering gorgeous, on-trend accessories at everyday price points.

Mejuri encourages wearing fine jewelry every day. And offers new, limited-edition drops every Monday of the year. Each piece handcrafted like the olden days, designed for everyday.

Our favorite right now: Their Croissant Dôme Ring and Organic Pearl Hoops.

7. Glossier

Screeshot of Glossier home site

Glossier’s minimalist makeup and skincare line, founded by Emily Weiss, is the perfect companion for late nights and low-maintenance mornings. Learn more about this brand by reading this Glossier review.

We’re big fans of:

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8. Turbie Twist

Screenshot of Turbie Twist home site

Turbie Twist is a “super absorbent” hair towel that makes that post-shower hair situation you see in movies actually achievable. Available in both cotton and microfiber, this iconic hair towel is affordable, gentle on hair, and founded in 2006 by sisters Angela and Christina. 

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Screenshot of Spanx home site

You probably know them for their famous shapewear, but SPANX has expanded to denim, activewear, and everyday apparel. Plus? SPANX is 100% owned and run by founder Sarah Blakely.

This brand is all about versatile, smartly-designed pieces that make a strong foundation for your wardrobe. If you live in stretchy clothes, why not support a woman-owned company while you’re at it?

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10. The Honey Pot

Screenshot of Honey Pot home site

The Honey Pot is a line of plant-based feminine care founded by Bea Dixon. Their product range includes foaming wash, lubricant, cleansing wipes, tampons, pantyliners and pads.

And at the time of this writing, you can also snag some swag including a coin purse and enamel pins in designs that de-stigmatize the human body, naturally!

Their products are infused with soothing herbs like lavender and aloe. Plus they’re:

  • Chlorine-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Biodegradeable
  • Vegan

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11. Parachute

Screenshot of Parachute home site

Parachute began with bedsheets, and has now expanded to all things home. And they’re another successful woman-led startup on our list!

With a focus on simplicity, function, and comfort, Parachute’s products are the perfect building-block to creating your serene sanctuary.

Plus, they’re certified to be free of harmful synthetics! When it comes to where you sleep, that’s major.

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12. Rent the Runway

Screenshot of rent the Runway home site

Rent the Runway is a service that lets you borrow big-name-brand, super trendy clothes you’ve had your eye on. If you’re trying to reduce the footprint of your shopping, you’ll love this woman-owned company, founded and run by Jenn Hyman and Jenny Fleiss.

Rent the Runway only carries high-end brands, so you can try designer clothes without the commitment! What could be better as we enter prom, wedding and vacation season?

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13. Stasher

Screenshot of Stasher home site

These silicone bags are keeping plastic out of our oceans and landfills! The eco-loving founder  Kat Nouri came up with the idea for Stasher while packing her kids’ lunch.

Stasher bags are:

  • Reusable
  • Non-toxic
  • Airtight
  • Available in every size, to stash even the smallest leftovers (possibly the most annoying part of cooking)!

These are like the final bow on a perfect minimalist kitchen. (That shade of aqua is…*chef’s kiss*.) They’re also good for organizing your cabinets, since they stand upright!

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Making It Easy to Make a Difference

Supporting women-owned brands feels good. Did you know you can make a difference just by shopping online? Many of the brands mentioned in this article partner with Giving Assistant, which provides the best promo codes and cash back offers.

When you earn cash back you can choose to keep some or give some to your favorite nonprofit. Any nonprofit, even nonprofits that support women or small ones in your community!

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Best Sustainable Clothing Brands (2020 Review)

Best Sustainable Clothing Brands (2020 Review)

Concerns about climate change have caused millions of people around the world to reconsider the ways their decisions are impacting the environment. And more and more consumers are searching for ways to decrease their carbon footprints, whether through recycling, moving to more energy-efficient vehicles, or even by searching for sustainable clothing brands.

But finding genuinely sustainable clothing brands isn’t a simple endeavor. The industry is filled with ‘fast fashion’ (those designers and manufacturers that pump out new trends as quickly as possible, maximizing profit and the amount of damage done to the environment).

Things have gotten so bad that fashion styles are evolving multiple times every month. Because of this, over 150 billion pieces of clothing being produced every year, and only 80 billion are actually used. The rest is filling our landfills with fabrics and fibers that are seldom biodegradable.

It’s simply not sustainable.

And that’s without mentioning the fact that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter of clean water and contributes nearly 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. When you add in the fact that many of the most famous clothing brands use poor, overseas workers that can easily be taken advantage of – it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

But there are companies that are taking a stand for our world. They’re committed to making business decisions that are good for the earth as well as their bottom line. And they’re transforming the fashion industry, even making many traditional ‘fast fashion’ manufacturers and retailers take notice.

So, if you’ve been searching for sustainable clothing brands that you can support, look no further. These are the top twenty brands for you.

The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands in 2020

1. Bhumi

Screenshot of Bhumi site

Bhumi is the Hindi word for ‘Mother Earth.’ And this Australian-based company is committed to treating our planet like a parent, enjoying her presence and gifts while caring for her at the same time.

They have a number of concerns about the modern fashion industry, including its use of GMO seeds, dangerous pesticides, and toxic dyes. And they aren’t satisfied with the willingness of many to allow child labor and unhealthy working conditions.

As a result, they’ve created processes that protect workers and consumers by creating organic, chemical-free products that are luxurious and long-lasting – using sustainable, fair-trade factories.

They specialize in women’s clothing (everything from tops and bottoms to underwear) as well as bath towels and bedding.

Shop at Bhumi to help support this brand.


Screenshot of Eileen fisher site

Eileen Fisher started her eponymous company in 1984 with one idea in mind: to create clothing that is beautifully simplistic. Since that time, it’s grown to be a major player in the modern fashion industry, especially when it comes to sustainability.

This is a company that’s committed to green processes every step of a product’s lifecycle, from development to recycling. Not only do they use environmentally friendly dyes and finishes, but they also ensure the entire production process attains the highest ethical standards.

And they have programs like RENEW, a way to recycle Eileen Fisher clothing by bringing in worn or torn pieces. Eileen Fisher retailers will take them back, offer a $5 reward card, and recycle the clothing by repairing it or transforming it into an entirely new design. This is sustainability at its best.

Shop at Eileen Fisher through Giving Assistant and help donate.


Screenshot of Pact site

PACT prides itself on offering “guilt-free fashion.”

What do I mean by that?

They’re committed to using 100% organic cotton that’s grown without fertilizers or dangerous chemicals. And since it foregoes those modern “conveniences”, it uses far less water on every item produced.

They are also fair trade factory certified which ensures that everyone who’s involved in manufacturing their products is treated fairly and provided with a living wage.

Pact offers a wide array of options, including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, as well as bath towels and bedding.

In their commitment to sustainability goes deeper in their manufacturing and distribution processes, they also provide opportunities to recycle old clothing, towels, and lemons. These commitments are what makes them a leader in the sustainable fashion industry.

Shop at Pact through Giving Assistant and help donate.


Screenshot of Everlane site

One of Everlane’s taglines is “radically transparent.” But it’s not just a tagline for them. It’s a unique way of doing business. They reveal the actual costs of their products, from materials to labor and transportation, and show exactly how much they are marking it up. In addition, every item has a link to an information page about the factory where it’s produced, including why they chose it and who owns it.

On top of their commitment to transparency, they regularly audit their factories to ensure fair wages, reasonable hours, and a safe environment are provided to every worker.

Each item is designed with the kind of quality and timelessness that will ensure it gets used for years into the future. Every line offers a full men’s and women’s clothing line.

Shop at Everlane through Giving Assistant and help donate.


Screenshot of Thought site

Thought sets itself apart as a purveyor of ‘slow fashion’ rather than fast. They use naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool, and hemp that are grown without dangerous chemicals. And they source every raw material from responsible, ethical suppliers.

One of the things that set them apart competitors is there commitment to make every piece of clothing in the same country so unnecessary emissions are minimized. This takes them longer but is better for the environment. In addition, they are founding partners of Common Objective, a not-for-profit network that advocates for higher ethical standards in the fashion industry.

Not only do they have a full line of women’s and men’s clothing, but they also have accessories of every variety and a huge selection of sustainable socks.

Shop at Thought to help support this brand.


Screenshot of Reformation site

In addition to a quarterly earnings report, Reformation provides a quarterly sustainability report that reveals its environmental footprint. They make this report available for anyone to see through their online newsletter. This is one of the ways that Reformation is setting the standard for sustainability in the fashion industry.
And though they’d ultimately like to produce net-zero waste, they’re currently recycling 75% of their garbage. This is an incredible amount in an industry that’s known for stuffing landfills full.

Reformation does everything they can to reduce their business’s impact on the environment, from using wind energy when available to conducting more business online. They even offer their HQ team Metro passes to encourage public transportation use.

Reformation specializes in women’s clothing, offering casual wear, formal wear, underwear, and bridal attire.

Shop at Reformation to help support this brand.


Screenshot of Linenfox site

Linenfox was started by a husband and wife team from Lithuania in 2014. Though a small company, they’ve grown over the past several years and become a leader in the sustainable fashion industry.

Not only do they cut and sew every piece of clothing in an Oeko-Tex certified factory (Oeko-Tex is a global certification for sustainable, responsible textile facilities), they also have made a commitment to fair trade principles and decent wages.

And their packaging is 98% plastic-free, making it easily recyclable. They also have a ‘no waste’ policy on-site which has led them to sell every scrap of fabric waste for packing.

Linenfox has a complete line of women’s clothing, from coats and jackets to jumpsuits, dresses, and more.

Shop at Linenfox to help support this brand.


Screenshot of Tree tribe site

Tree Tribe is an environmentally friendly brand that’s dedicated to four values: nature, adventure, travel, and community. These commitments can be seen in everything they produce, from their website to their clothing styles.

One of the things that makes this brand unique is its commitment to plant a tree for every sale they make. To date, they’ve planted over 400,000 trees across the globe, in places as diverse as the United States, Costa Rica, Madagascar, and Nepal.

They offer a range of products made from leaf leather, a plant-based alternative to leather that’s tough, textured, and sustainably harvested from fallen trees.

In addition to leaf leather products, they offer a range of men’s and women’s clothing as well as hats, shades, and bottles.

Shop at Tree Tribe to help support this brand.


Screenshot of Patagonia site

Patagonia makes its commitment to the environment crystal clear: “We’re in business to save our home planet.”

Though it began as a small company that was dedicated to creating climbing tools, over the past forty years it’s grown into one of the leading voices for sustainability in the fashion industry. They’re one of the few large corporations that take a holistic view of environmental issues. And they donate at least 1% of all sales to help grassroots organizations who are addressing climate change and other environmental issues.

They also provide repair services for customers so that their apparel will last longer. And since they are Fair Trade Certified and Bluesign approved, you can be sure that when you purchase one of their products, it has been manufactured and transported ethically and responsibly.

They offer complete lines of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing as well as a line of bags and packs.

Shop at Patagonia through Giving Assistant and help donate.


Screenshot of Athleta site

Athleta is an apparel company dedicated to producing high-quality, sustainable athleisure, from yoga pants to swimsuits and even dresses. And though they’re a division of the Gap, they’ve gained a reputation on their own for being committed to sustainable business practices and doing good.

As a Certified B Corporation, they are legally required to make business decisions based on the impact they will have on workers, customers, suppliers, their communities, and the environment. They’re joined in this by other environmentally conscious companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Stonyfield Organic.

And they are not just talking the talk. They’ve diverted 70% of shipping waste away from landfills, use water-saving techniques to produce 4% of their products, and create 60% of their materials with sustainable fibers.

In other words, they are setting the standard for large, sustainable businesses in the fashion industry.

Shop at Athleta through Giving Assistant and help donate.


Screenshot of People Tree site

People Tree has been a pioneer in sustainable fashion since 1991. They are committed to making every product to the highest standards, ethically and environmentally. They offer a wide range of styles and designs that make use of traditional skills like hand weaving, hand knitting, and hand embroidery.

In 2013, they were the first fashion company in the world to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organization product label, guaranteeing their dedication to living wages, safe working conditions, complete transparency, environmental friendliness, and gender equality.

One of the things that set them apart is their commitment to helping the people who produce their products achieve economic independence. As a result, they gained a reputation for high quality, stylish clothing that’s been sustainably and ethically made.

People Tree offers a wide variety of women’s clothing, from dresses and tops to underwear and everything in between.

Shop at People Tree to help support this brand.


Screenshot of Organic basics website

Organic Basics sets itself apart from the competition in several ways.

First, they only work with certified factories that are committed to sustainable and ethical practices. These are factories that are free of child and forced labor, that offer employees a safe environment to work in, and that treat every worker with the human dignity they deserve. And Organic Basics will give you a glimpse into those factories through their website.

In addition, they choose fabrics based on their environmental footprints and durability. You can easily find information on every fabric they use, and the reason they’ve chosen it, on their ‘About Us’ page.

Finally, they partner with the Koru Wind Farm in Turkey to offset 100 kg of CO2 for every order that’s placed.

All of that adds up to an apparel company that’s committed to the environment as much as it is to profit.

Shop at Organic Basics to help support this brand.


Screenshot of Monkee Genes website

Monkee Genes is a men’s and women’s apparel manufacturer that’s committed to environmentally sustainable business practices.

They make all their products in GOTS certified factories, meaning only 100% organic cotton is used. Not only does organic cotton lack the harmful chemicals used in modern agricultural methods, but it’s also more environmentally friendly, producing 46% less CO2 emissions compared to traditional techniques.

Monkee Genes is also committed to saving water. Denim requires a tremendous amount of water to be produced. In fact, most denim brands use up to 7600 liters of water to create a single pair of jeans. But Monkee Genes has developed methods of creating denim that requires up to 80% less water than traditional methods. And they still look great.

Finally, Monkee Genes believes that everyone involved in the supply chain deserves a fair wage and a safe work environment. And they do whatever it takes to make that a reality – from those picking cotton to the people working in their HQ.

Although Monkee Genes specializes in denim, they also produce an assortment of other men’s and women’s clothing, including shirts, shorts, and more.

Shop at Monkee Genes to help support this brand.


Screenshot of Tamga Designs website

TAMGA Designs was started by an engaged couple who were working for the UN in Bangladesh shortly after a major garment factory collapsed, killing over a thousand workers. The aftermath of this disaster inspired this young couple to found a company that would prove “that fashion can be a force for good.”

One of the ways that they’ve done this is by committing to the ethical treatment of all workers. As UN workers, they saw the risks that many sweatshop workers are exposed to. This is why they do everything in their power to provide safe working environments and fair wages to all garment workers.

In addition, they strive to be eco-friendly by choosing sustainable materials, using non-toxic dies, and shipping all of their products using plastic-free packaging.

TAMGA Designs offers a variety of women’s styles and looks, from kimonos to jumpsuits.

Shop at Tamga Designs to help support this brand.

15. OPIA

Screenshot of Opia website

Opia is an independent clothing label that focuses on designing and producing minimalist clothing that’s inspired by nature. Every design is created in the Byron Bay area and crafted in small runs by workers in Indonesia, ensuring sustainability.

This is a company that only uses natural fibers and fabrics. And they ship everything in compostable bags, minimizing waste. In addition, they donate all excess material to organizations in the local communities where the items are created.

Opia focuses on creating flowing, feminine outfits in earth tones. They have lines of dresses, jumpsuits, bottoms, and tops.

Shop at Opia to help support this brand.


Screenshot of Girlfriend Collective website

Girlfriend Collective is an apparel company that designs and produces environmentally friendly activewear. Since synthetic activewear is often made from plastic, they are able to use recycled water bottles to create the clothing they sell. And they are made in eco-friendly, sustainable facilities in Taiwan and Hanoi. They’ve worked with manufacturers to ensure that all workers receive fair wages and a safe working environment.

One of the other things that set Girlfriend Collective apart is its commitment to transparency. They share all their certifications online and have an extensive FAQs and policies page.

If you’re looking for leggings, bras, tops, or shorts that are sustainably made in good for the environment, look no further than Girlfriend Collective.

Shop at Girlfriend Collective to help support this brand.

17. ABLE

Screenshot of Able website

ABLE is a fashion brand that’s committed to ending poverty. In particular, they focus on creating opportunities for women to break the cycles of poverty that often keep them imprisoned.

ABLE began when its founders met women in Ethiopia who were coming out of the commercial sex industry. Since they were leaving behind their source of income, they needed jobs. ABLE’s founders trained them to design and create scarves. Two months later they had sold 4000 of them. Since then ABLE has invested money, time, and resources into women around the world.

One of the truly unique things about this company is its willingness to be totally transparent about what it pays its employees. They include a page on their website with detailed wage reports for every location where they employ people. It’s a truly revolutionary (and transparent) idea – and one that ought to be emulated by other sustainable businesses.

ABLE offers an assortment of products, from bags and shoes to apparel and jewelry – all at a reasonable price.

Shop at Able to help support this brand.


Is it possible to find environmentally friendly clothing on a budget?

Absolutely! When we developed this list of sustainable clothing brands, we made sure to include a wide variety of companies with many different offerings. Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s clothing… whether you need activewear, casual wear, or even a wedding dress… and whether you want high-end, designer clothing or something affordable and minimalist… there is an option on this list for you.

Is it ethical to buy fast fashion secondhand?

This is a question that will likely have as many answers as there are people who care about sustainable fashion. Nevertheless, I’ll step out and give my opinion…

Yes, and here’s my reason: secondhand fast fashion doesn’t directly benefit the companies behind fast fashion. Instead, it’s going to the secondhand or thrift shop selling it. In addition, buying clothes secondhand is one of the most sustainable things you can do. The only potential caveat to this is in wearing clothes that have very noticeable logos. You may want to be wary of this since others may see it and decide to support a fast-fashion company directly.

But this is an issue that every concerned consumer needs to carefully weigh for themselves.

How can I tell if a brand is sustainable?

There are a number of factors that go into determining how sustainable a brand is. You’ve likely noticed several of them as you read through this list. They include material used to produce the product, the business practices that went into manufacturing it, and the environmental impact that the manufacturing process had. A simple Google search or a quick browse through the company’s website will give you a solid idea of how sustainable a particular brand is. And always check for Fair Trade certifications and similar commitments to ethical and environmentally friendly practices.

What’s the difference between sustainable fashion and vegan, fair trade, etc.?

Sustainable fashion is a broad category that includes numerous subcategories under it. So, for example, a vegan fashion brand commits to using no animal products or animal testing in the production of their goods. On the other hand, companies committed to fair trade ensure that their workers have a fair wage, safe working conditions, and similar benefits. Vegan and fair trade fashion are types of sustainable fashion but they don’t define it alone.

How can I begin practicing greater sustainability when it comes to my apparel choices?

Becoming aware of the need for greater sustainability is only the first step. After you see the problem, you need to begin working towards a solution. You can accomplish this in a variety of different ways, including purchasing more of your clothing secondhand, buying your new clothing from sustainable sources (like the ones mentioned above), recycling your old clothing, and donating to causes that advocate for greater sustainability in the fashion industry. If we all took a few more steps in this direction, we would be well on our way to a brighter and greener future.

Why Buy Sustainable?

We’ve looked at seventeen different, sustainable apparel companies in this list. And we’ve almost seen it all – from companies that specialize in athleisure to businesses that create sustainable wedding dresses. Hopefully, you see that sustainability does not require sacrificing style or comfort. On the contrary, wearing environmentally friendly, ethically sourced clothing is one of the most stylish things that you can do.

It’s important to recognize that sustainability is not just about organic cotton or biodegradable fibers. True sustainability is bigger than that. It involves creating clothing that lasts longer, manufacturing that clothing in a responsible and ethical way that recognizes the value of every person in the supply chain, using environmentally friendly processes that minimize pollution and waste, and creating programs that incentivize recycling and reuse.

There are hundreds of companies that are striving to conduct their businesses in a responsible, ethical, sustainable manner. The more business we give them, the more likely they are to succeed. And as those companies succeed, more and more traditional companies will see the value in going green.

Though you might not feel like your clothing purchases can make a difference in the global problems we are facing… They can. Every purchase you make is a vote for a better future. So, how will you vote?

Many of these sustainable businesses are working to create green solutions on a variety of fronts, including…

  • Cutting back on the amount of water that they use to curb the pollution of one of the earth’s most precious resources.
  • Developing dyes, finishes, and specialized features (like wrinkle-resistance) that don’t require harmful chemicals to produce.
  • Cultivating an environment where clothes and styles last longer, are more likely to be repaired and get handed down instead of thrown out.
  • Discovering new agricultural methods that will provide the raw materials needed for the fashion industry without destroying our planet.
  • Devising fair and ethical business practices that recognize human dignity in everyone – including the workers who make our clothing.

Many of the brands on today’s list have shown a commitment to these practices. They’ve done more than just talk a good game – they’re living it out in front of the world. And they’re making a difference because of it.

And you can join them. Your wallet is one of the best ways to make your voice heard. When you refuse to spend money on ‘fast fashion’ and commit to those brands that are practicing sustainability, everyone will take notice.

It’s a step in the right direction. And by supporting these brands, you are supporting the environment.

Glossier Review: What to Know Before You Buy

Glossier Review: What to Know Before You Buy

What is Glossier?

Glossier specializes in makeup, skincare products, and even fragrances for people who want to let their true beauty shine through. With products like cheek stains and glowy, sheer foundations that even out skin tone without hiding your freckles.

Founded in 2014, Glossier was born from, a blog where beauty-lovers raved about and reviewed their favorite products, shared tips and beauty routines, and learned from industry pros.

Why Choose Glossier?

Lots of us at Giving Assistant use and love Glossier! (This writer is wearing Cloud Paint, Lash Slick, and their priming moisturizer right now.) You might want to check out our other reviews of Brow Flick and Futurdew too!

Here are a few reasons people love Glossier:

  • Light and airy; never cakey
  • Captures light; glowy
  • Pore-minimizing
  • Natural looking; the best “no-makeup” look
  • Great for sensitive skin

These are based on some of the online reviews we see the most consistently. There are also honest comments like these:

  • “I have never gotten a Glossier product I didn’t like!”
  • “This brand has been a game-changer for me.”
  • “I have been battling with my skin for 33 years and finally I feel like I have some control!”
  • “HOLY grail product found!”

Not to mention the fact that this makeup brand cares so much about its customers’ health and confidence, they’ve put together their own skincare philosophy…

What is Glossier’s Skincare Philosophy? 

Glossier’s mission seems to be about helping you love you—just as you are. For that, they created a skincare philosophy to help people nurture, love, and enjoy the skin they’re in.

glossier skin care

Glossier’s skincare philosophy involves 3 steps:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Moisturize
  3. Protect

After step 3, their philosophy states you should add in any skincare “extras” you want, such as products designed to brighten, tighten, or work on other skin-related areas you might want to change.

The first 3 steps are there to set a foundation and ensure great results, easy self-care, and the biggest boost of confidence, no matter how you choose to customize your skin-loving routine.

How to Build the Right Glossier Skincare Routine 

It’s easy: Start with Glossier’s skincare routine quiz. (Wasn’t that nice of them to get you started like that?)

The quiz takes no time at all, and at the end, the product decisions are pretty much made for you.

If you order the products and for some reason aren’t satisfied, their return/exchange policy is super easy, and their customer service team is incredibly helpful.

Is Glossier Cruelty-Free? 

Yes. Glossier is certified cruelty-free by the internationally recognized cruelty-free certification organization Leaping Bunny. According to Glossier’s website, Leaping Bunny, also conducts regular audits on their participating companies to ensure compliance.

Glossier’s cruelty-free certification means that their products are never tested on animals at any point in the product development or manufacturing process, from the moment they begin production to the moment your order hits your doorstep.

Glossier also works with cruelty-free vendors and partners, meaning all the ingredients you see on Glossier’s labels came from sources that likewise did not test on animals. 

Is Glossier Good for Sensitive Skin?

Yes, Glossier is great for most sensitive skin types. There are tons of gentle-yet-powerful products to choose from, or even mix and match.

glossier skin care review

A few skincare product ingredients to look out for if you have sensitive skin: 

  1. Parabens and sulfates (check the ingredients list)
  2. Fragrances and essential oils 
  3. Chemical sunscreen (stick with sunscreens containing titanium dioxide and zinc, AKA mineral sunscreens) 
  4. Alcohol

Some Glossier users with sensitive skin have reported issues with select Glossier products when that product was not the right fit for them.

The good news: According to a number of online beauty forums, users with sensitive skin report that if they do have a reaction to any Glossier products, simply switching products can help: for example, switching from Glossier’s rich moisturizer to their regular moisturizing primer.

Additionally, Glossier’s returns policy gets an A+ for being hassle-free, with super friendly customer service, so worst case, you can always return the product or swap it out.

Many sensitive skin folks swear by the Milky Jelly cleanser, the priming moisturizer, and the Solution, as well as all of Glossier’s makeup products. 

The verdict: Glossier is great for sensitive skin—especially their makeup line—and has an excellent return policy if needed. The brand boasts products that are paraben-free (a common irritant), dermatologist tested, and hypoallergenic. Plus, they are constantly updating and working to create products that even the most sensitive skin can benefit from.

What are the Best Glossier Products?

Tip: Glossier’s site makes it so easy to pick the right shades of makeup for your skin tone. With each product, you’ll find tons of photos with models of varying skin shades so you can see how a color might look with your shade of skin.

Our top 5 Glossier product recommendations:

1. Cloud Paint

Glossier Cloud Paint

We love this blush. It’s more of a stain than a blush, so it looks incredibly natural, and you only need your finger to apply it. Cloud Paint comes in both natural and fun, “poppy” colors, which is great if you aren’t super interested in going completely au naturale, but also don’t want the harsh lines some powdered blushes and brushes can leave on your cheeks. It blends perfectly, and the product itself is not thick or cakey at all like some non-powered blushes. 

2. Lash Slick

Glossier Lash Slick

Lask Slick is amazing: It’s one of the few mascaras this writer has ever tried that lengthens without making your lashes cakey. (Are you noticing a non-cakey trend here?) It instantly makes you look more polished and awake, even if you don’t wear any other makeup at all—and it stays put all day. While it’s not as thick and sticky as waterproof makeup, it’s still a good idea to use proper eye makeup remover to get it off, otherwise it’ll stick around for while! 

3. Solution

Glossier Solution

Review after review says this toner is the perfect exfoliating, deep-cleaning product that isn’t overly harsh on sensitive skin. It doesn’t have an overwhelming alcohol “feel” to it, but still makes pores appear smaller and tones without being over-drying. 

Many report adding Solution to their cleansing routine and getting great results in the way of blemish prevention. Likewise, lots of folks report seeing skin discoloration reduced! 

4. Priming Moisturizer

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

Priming Moisturizer makes you glow-glow-glow! It’s “buildable,” meaning if one layer of the product doesn’t give you that “blurring” primer effect you’re expecting, you can add another layer or two to increase that effect, without (again, here’s this word) caking up your face with moisturizer. 

This also lasts all day, so no matter what season it is, you don’t have to worry about your skin feeling dry and uncomfortable again before the day is done. It’s definitely lighter than their rich moisturizer, and many with sensitive skin seem to prefer it.

5. Super Duo

Glossier Super Duo

Of course you can buy either Super Bounce or Super Glow, but we know you’re going to be hemming and hawing forever over which product would give you the results you want and need the most: so why choose? Get both with the Super Duo.

Super Bounce’s power is hyaluronic acid, which hydrates while keeping skin supple, and Super Glow’s power is Vitamin C, which brighten skin (bye-bye dark circles and splotches). 

Neither of the serums are too watery, either: they’re a bit milky, so they can be rubbed in like a lotion without having the heaviness of a lotion. Oh, and the longer you use them, the better the results get! 

How to Save at Glossier

Glossier makes it really easy to take advantage of their incredible line of products while still saving some dough.

1. Buy bundles and packs 

Glossier offers dozens of “bundles,” such as the Super Duo mentioned above, and others like Lash Flick + Boy Brow. Buy products together rather than separately if you can.

2. Share with friends and get 10% off

After your purchase, you’ll get a special savings code you can share with friends. If they make a purchase, they’ll get 10% off, and then you’ll get a code to allow you to also get 10% off your next purchase.

3. Glossier Coupons and Promo Codes

Our #1 tip to be sure you always get a working Glossier coupon code is to download our browser extension. Like Honey, it’ll automatically check for the best coupons from our site when you’re about to checkout at Glossier. Be sure you’re a Giving Assistant member so you’ll also get email updates to know when Glossier has new codes, and be sure you’re signed up for Glossier’s email updates, to double-ensure you’ll never miss savings! 

4. Cash Back 

As of this writing, Giving Assistant offers up to 10% cash back for Glossier shoppers! That’s a whopping $10 back on a $100 purchase. You can even share that cash back with a nonprofit.

So, What is My Glossier Conclusion?

If your #1 beauty goal is to have skin so healthy you glow—and to let that glowiness shine through—Glossier is your brand. They really care about your happiness and health, above all, and encourage you to do you, love you, and nurture you.

Glossier cares about doing good in the world, too. That’s why they partner with Giving Assistant, so that their customers can do more than just earn cash back and save money, but so that their Glossier purchases can go to helping out the nonprofit of their choice.

So be sure to sign up for Giving Assistant and choose one of 1.5M nonprofits to support with your Glossier purchase! And download our extension to put it all on autopilot. 

Written by Giving Assistant Communications Manager and Glossier girl: Melissa Glidden

Glossier Futuredew Review

Glossier Futuredew Review

Dewy skin is in!

Do you know the refreshed sheen that covers your face right after a shower or facial?

That comes courtesy of natural oils that reflect light and create a radiance that, unfortunately, does not last as long as we’d like.

That’s where Glossier’s Futuredew comes in!

The trick to acquiring the sought-after dewy glow you crave is to choose a solution that agrees with your skin—one that leaves it looking and feeling soft and supple but not greasy or oily.

Futuredew allows the skin to breathe and unlocks a youthfully-fresh face. It’s the latest addition to Glossier’s already impressive line of skincare products that celebrates your au naturel beauty.

What is Futuredew?

Bottle of Glossier Futuredew
Glossier Futuredew

Futuredew is an oil-serum hybrid that promotes healthy-looking skin and delivers the brand’s signature dewy glow directly to your fingertips.

The oil-serum is also non-comedogenic and is specially formulated to avoid blocking pores. This means consumers with oily skin types can even use it in place of a moisturizer.

How to Use Futuredew

Simply apply two pumps of Futuredew all over your face as the final step in your skincare regimen to achieve a fresh-faced look. You can wear Futuredew alone or under makeup.


There are four key ingredients in Futuredew. The following blend of four nourishing oils fuels the instantaneous effects that Futuredew delivers, all while providing the skin with essential moisture that doesn’t feel greasy:

  • Jojoba
  • Grapeseed
  • Evening Primrose
  • Rosehip

Other key ingredients in Futuredew include:

  • Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract: A fruit extract that brightens the skin.
  • Sugarcane Squalane: 100% plant-based component that helps lock in moisture.
  • Light-reflecting Minerals: delivers an instant, day-long glow to all skin tones.

Futuredew is also:

  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan


Put all of these elements together, and you get the beneficial blend of:

  1. Uncomplicated skincare that moistures, hydrates, radiates, and nourishes
  2. The same light-reflecting, dewy glow and soft-focus finish that makeup helps create.

When to Use

Woman holding a Glossier futuredew bottle in her hand
What Glossier Futuredew can do for your skin

You don’t have to rely on matte, powdered looks that cover the skin anymore.

Glossier takes a “Skin First, Makeup Second” approach to beauty that not only emphasizes the healthy look of glowy, dewy skin, but also promotes skincare that doesn’t cover you up, transform you into a made-up version of yourself, or involves time-consuming beauty routines.

Use Glossier’s Futuredew to achieve the following:

1. Make You Glow Like a Glossier Ad

There’s just something about a Glossier ad that draws you in. If you’ve ever wondered how to get skin like the Glossier ads, look no further than Futuredew and the brand’s answer to providing you with access to one of today’s most sought-after looks.

That’s why the brand dubs Futuredew as “Glossier skin in a bottle.”

2. Nail a Dewy, Not-too-Sparkly Look

Futuredew is made for all skin tones. It’s easy to swap sparkly, shimmery looks with a subtle, light-reflecting finish that’s universally flattering and free of overly shiny product distractions.

3. Help Let Your Natural Beauty Shine

Glossier believes in bringing out your natural beauty and providing skincare products that enhance all of your unique features. Their mission is to assist customers in taking care of their skin first and then support whatever beauty goals that follow.

Futuredew not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good. And that alone lays the foundation for healthy skin to illuminate the face.

4. Enjoy Skincare That Doesn’t Fade Away

Consumers want skin that looks just as good as it does after initially completing their skincare regimen. They want the effects to last, and that’s exactly what Futuredew does.

Glossier has figured out how to bottle the dewy sheen you desire and make it last well beyond stepping away from the steam-coated mirrors of your bathroom.

Glowing Results

Glossier enlisted the help of a third-party testing facility to conduct a clinical trial centered on Futuredew daily users between the ages of 21 and 59.

An evaluator measured and observed the skin immediately after application, after 12 hours, at 2 weeks, and at 4 weeks. And you’re going to like what they learned.

  • Immediately, 100% of subjects experienced increased radiance, and 90% of subjects detected increased hydration.
  • After 12 hours, increased radiance was observed in 93% of participants.

The immediate radiance alone is enough to become a believer.


If you haven’t seen it all ready, take a look at our review of the Brow Flick pen from Glossier.

You can also save money on other Glossier skincare products by taking advantage of free shipping on all Glossier orders over $30 offer.

Plus, save more by downloading the Giving Assistant button so we can help you automatically save money when buying through Glossier’s website. (Tip: Look for a Glossier discount code through Giving Assistant.)

Glossier Brow Flick Review

Glossier Brow Flick Review

Keep an Eye Out for the Hottest New Makeup Must-Have: Glossier’s Brow Flick.

From unruly-and-bushy to pencil-thin arches, eyebrow techniques and tools continuously evolve over the years.

For instance, expect more people to abandon the “Instagram Brow” (a trend marked by extremely polished, overly-sculpted eyebrows with ramped-up contours) for a more natural, down-to-earth look.

The quest to achieve hyper-symmetrical perfection is no longer envy-worthy; you now run the risk of sporting brows that look ‘too fake’ or ‘overdone’.

When you’re ready to redefine your brow goals, Glossier’s Brow Flick is just the thing you need to get started.

The newest beauty solution to join the brand’s collection of consumer-driven products launched June 2019, and it’s a real game changer.

What is Brow Flick

Brow Flick is a detailing pen that addresses some rather specific needs in brow management: sparseness, concealing grays, and lack of definition.

How Brow Flick Works

The Brow Flick pen has a micro-fine brush tip that creates ultra-defined, hair-like strokes with precision, allowing users to achieve some of the most natural-looking eyebrows.

How to Use

  1. Hold the pen at a downward angle
  2. Lightly etch (or ‘flick’) with featherlight strokes in the spaces where you’d like to see extra brow ‘hairs’ or enhance definition
  3. Let the product dry for at least 15 seconds before applying more makeup.

Attaining fabulous results with Glossier’s Brow Flick tool isn’t tricky.

Color Options

Brow Flick’s “precisely shaded formula” is available in three sheer, water-resistant shades:

  • Blond
  • Brown
  • Black

When to Use

Glossier’s newest pen is especially ideal if you’re looking to:

1. Shape a More Youthful Look

Product-heavy, overfilled brows are a no-no. This beauty blunder not only seems like you’re trying too hard to achieve perfection but can also add years to your appearance. Brow Flick has a formula superior to that of other brow pencils, powders, and felt tips, which you can use to enhance the natural shape of a brow and add freshness to your face.

The pen’s precision, fine-point delicately fills in short tails and adds depth to sparse areas. You don’t need the skills of Picasso to cover the canvas adequately. Rely on short, delicate strokes to produce the desired look of individual brow hairs.

2. Lift, Frame, and Define with Contour Brows

In a world that pays attention to detail, Brow Flick fits right in.

Let’s take contour brows, for example. Clean edges, accentuated arches, and tapered tails characterize this style. And when done right, this enhances definition and flatters features on faces of all shapes and sizes. Brow Flick’s fine-point accuracy cleanly defines eyebrow edges, as well as tapers an eyebrow tail into a sharp point.

3. Enjoy Gray Hair Coverage with Less Mess

There isn’t enough hair in a pair of eyebrows that allow for total elimination every time a gray intruder emerges. Pluck too many, and you run the risk of misshapen brows. While some people choose dyes to solve their issue, it seems a bit drastic for just one or two strands.

However, with a quick pass of Brow Flick, you’ll effortlessly accomplish precise coverage – one gray hair at a time.

4. Save Time and Money on a Tremendous Twosome

Brow Flick is also the perfect counterpart to cult-favorite, Boy Brow, Glossier’s original, all-in-one grooming essential. The bestselling creamy wax formula thickens, conditions, and shapes brows into place. Boy Brow is available in Blond, Brown, and Black, as well as Clear.

Pair the two products to form a fluffier, more authentic brow that doesn’t appear forced or overly exaggerated. Let your natural beauty shine and showcase brows that have more character.

Since using Brow Flick and Boy Brow together requires fewer overall steps to achieve natural-looking polished brows, this dynamic duo also saves time and energy better spent on the rest of your beauty routine.


If you haven’t seen it all ready, take a look at our review of the Futuredew oil-serum hybrid from Glossier.

And last but not least, if you want to save money on future Glossier purchases and more, we suggest downloading our Giving Assistant button to keep up with the brand’s latest deals and discounts.