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Back to School Outfits (for the Classroom or Home)

The first day of school always means a fresh start. Whether kids are heading back into the classroom or logging onto Zoom for online learning, what better way to kick off the new school year and help your kids feel confident than with a few new school-year favorites?

Here are our top picks for back to school outfits to help your kid make a comeback with a fashionable kick! Check out some great back-to-school deals too!

Elementary Back to School Outfit Ideas

Old Navy Kids

Old Navy school promo

Old Navy is the quintessential name brand for all of your wardrobe staples. They offer quality yet affordable clothing options that are simple, casual, comfortable, and ready to accessorize. 

This year, Old Navy is offering 50% off sitewide. So whether you’re looking for the perfect addition to your school uniform (who said wearing a uniform had to be dull?) or adding a few foundational pieces for your kids’ wardrobe, now is the “smart” time to shop Old Navy and save on all back-to-school outfits.

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Kohl's back to schooo.l promo

Kohl’s has been among the largest clothing retail chains in America since 2013. With its wide variety of products and brand names, it’s not difficult to see why. Kohl’s is known for offering some of the hottest brand names and at the lowest prices. Whether you are shopping online or walking into your nearby Kohl’s location, you know you are going to walk into some great savings.

By shopping at Kohl’s you can find everything you need for back to school—and at fabulous prices. If your kids enjoy classic or edgy ensembles, you’re bound to find something that fits their age range and style. From shoes, clothing, accessories, and more, Kohl’s has it all.  

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The Children’s Place

The children's place back to school promo

We can’t talk about children’s fashion without mentioning The Children’s Place! This American-based company first opened its doors in the 1960s and quickly stood out as a shining beacon of trendy apparel for children. The Children’s Place is a favorite brand that is still a top-of-mind choice for parents shopping for back-to-school outfit ideas.

The Children’s Place offers a complete line of fun clothing with a personality that will make your kid’s newest back-to-school ensemble shine brighter than glitter on a unicorn! Right now you can find great polos in a wide variety of colors and for only $4!

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Middle School & High School Outfit Ideas

Forever 21

Forever 21 back to school

Trendy, fun, and unique are the only three words to describe the endless clothing and accessory options available at Forever 21. Offering clothing for guys and gals, and plus sizes, Forever 21 has it all.

If your teenager is looking for clothing with a distinct “personality” but also enjoys a little “retro” feel now and again, Forever 21 offers the best of both worlds: trendy clothing with a little attitude and a modern twist. 

As if their selection wasn’t enough, Forever 21 also offers prices that just might be hotter than their apparel. Shop the “must-haves” now and discover some fab finds starting at only $9.99.

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Puma US back to school promo

Calling all sports fanatics! If your teen is in dire need of sports wear for the upcoming back to school season, then be sure to peek at what Puma has to offer! 

Puma is an internationally-recognized name brand for athletic attire worn by professional and amateur athletes alike. The Puma brand is known for quality and stylish athletic wear and clothing. Whether your teen is chatting with his or her friends on Zoom or at volleyball practice, he or she will be enjoying their favorite activities in comfort and style.

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Shop, Save & Give with Back To School Shopping

Shoes, clothing, must-have accessories, and supplies—back-to-school shopping can really add up. This year, do a little smart shopping and save even more by shopping through Giving Assistant. 

The back to school season is also a time to help others in need. You can also donate a portion—or all—of your cash back earnings and savings to purchase school supplies for children in need when you shop through Giving Assistant!

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