While it’s great to let your mom know you think she is the best mom in the whole world, her birthday isn’t about being a mom, it’s about her being alive and how much you appreciate all she has done for you!

While keepsakes and cutting boards are great gifts, she probably has more than enough to last a lifetime. In fact, maybe your mom doesn’t like cooking at all and enjoys the outdoors or travel.

On her birthday, get her the perfect gift that says “I love you” and also tells her to take a break to enjoy herself.

The Best Birthday Gifts for Mom in 2020

1. 23-Piece Cocktail Set

Bartender cocktail set

Does your mother fancy herself a premiere bartender when her friends are over? If so, this gift set will be the kind of birthday gift she loves, but may never have gotten for herself.

It includes the most essential tools needed to make delicious cocktails with no mess or fuss. Items like ice tongs, liquor pourers and a mojito muddler really take things to the next level and it all comes in a sleek bamboo stand and four gorgeous colors.

2. Vince Camuto Clea Tote

Fashionable hand-carry bag

Talk about a birthday gift for mom that she is really going to love, this fashionable hand-carry bag is a head-turner and will make her feel like she stepped out of the pages of Vogue. The tote can accommodate her smartphone, wallet and other essentials.

Available in 8 color options, it has a unique design that features a clear PVC top and sides, a textured bottom and circular top handle design, which adds some modern vintage style.

3. 10k Gold Birthstone Ring

Swarovski crystal with 10k round-cut ring

A thoughtful gift idea that celebrates her birth month, the 10k round-cut ring is set with a Swarovski crystal that represents her birthstone’s month and each stone is encircled by a rope textured frame.

An elegant and gorgeous gift, every time she looks at it sitting beautifully on her hand, she will think of you. And if she doesn’t love rings, it can easily be turned into a birthstone necklace by placing it on a chain.

4. Cashmere Oversized Pullover

Brown wool blend knit pullover

Let the pampering begin with this two-ply cashmere and wool blend knit pullover. It comes in over 20 colors so you can find her favorite hue with no problem and is long enough to be worn as a tunic or dress – it is completely up to her.

Super-soft and lightweight, the high-quality construction makes it a delight to spend hours in doing nothing at home, running around the office or hanging out with friends and family.

5. Glass Planter Bulb Vase

Mini-bulbs in wooden stand

The best gift for moms with a green thumb (or who think they have one), this beautiful DIY planter is great for home decor, with its vintage design that features three mini bulbs sitting in a wooden stand.

It is the best birthday gifts for someone who has always wanted a terrarium but never got around to doing it, and looks great on any home or office desktop. Her plush new desktop garden will make her very happy.

6. 6-Piece Organic Soap Collection

Six piece bar soap set

Great for every skin type, this 6-piece bar soap set is the ultimate gift. Designed to indulge the skin, your mom will feel like she just had an at home spa experience.

Her skin will get a huge dose of essential oils and moisture with African black soap, black coffee scrub soap, Dead Sea mud and green clay soap and three other amazing bar soaps that will hydrate, exfoliate, purify and rejuvenate.

7. 5-In-1 Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser

With wine glass in hand, she will turn this on and slip into peace and comfort. An ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, it provides aromatherapy unlike anything she’s seen.

A great gift for a new mom who may be a little stressed, it moistens the skin, humidifies the air, relieves stress, helps improve sleep and neutralizes unpleasant odors that may come from pets, smoking or a kitchen garbage can. This awesome gadget is a keeper.

8. Wine of the Month Subscription

Wine of the Month Club Gift Subscription

It’s hard to beat a good glass of wine and mom is the one who probably deserves this the most. It often serves as the best complement to a tasty meal or a relaxing way to unwind with friends and family. You can have a new wine shipped to your mom’s house every month with the Wine of the Month Club. However, this Wine of the Month offers much more than just a monthly wine subscription such as wine accessories that also make great gifts.

Get the best Wine of the Month best promo codes to help save the most!

Birthday Gifts for Mom Buying Guide

There are times when we can’t always give birthday gifts for moms that show how much we love them because of limits on our money, time and imagination. Take back your time and money by focusing on birthday gifts that reflect your mom’s true spirit, some of which may cost little to nothing.

Look at your mom’s social media and see what she has been sharing, talking about and liking recently for some clues on what she might enjoy, then take a look at the rules below for ways to turn that info into the perfect gift.

Practical gifts are wanted and a great way to show love

It may not seem exciting to you and it may be the opposite of what years of commercials have told you, but if she has asked you for it, she probably really wants it.

An arthritis pillow for her knees may not seem as loving as a picture frame, but please know that she really wants that pillow much more than the photo frame.

Expensive doesn’t mean better

This may not be true for everyone, but if your mom is a money-savvy mom, she likes birthday gifts that show your creativity and has a piece of you attached to it rather than a fancy crockpot that comes with monthly payments.

If you think she doesn’t have every keepsake and DIY picture frame you’ve ever given her, think again.

Guilt is a gift that keeps giving

She has a drawer of beaded necklaces, bangles and bracelets that she feels gutted about every time she puts on her Fitbit or Timex watch. So please, please don’t give her anything that she might feel bad about not using or wearing for the next 30 years!

Does she really want that Mediterranean cookbook or will it collect dust with the others?

She wants to use whatever you buy her so try to make sure it’s something you’ve seen her do, wear or use in real life.

Moms forget to relax

It’s sad but true, many moms don’t exactly put themselves first, which is why birthday gifts for them that help them detach from taking care of others will be greatly appreciated.

A gift box of goodies like slippers, chocolate, throw pillow and weighted blanket encourage her to take care of herself, instead of you.

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