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Best Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts (2021 Guide)

Unique and thoughtful romantic gifts for your significant other make for the best Valentine’s Day surprises. With a little extra thought and effort, you can really show how much you care and can make that romantic holiday just that much more special.

To help you find the best gift, we have put together this quick list and guide of some of our favorite and unique Valentine’s Day gift.

10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts in 2021 

Here are ten amazingly unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

1. Chicago Steak Company Fine Dining Gifts

Delicious steak from Chicago Steak Company

When you want to have a romantic date night for Valentine’s Day but aren’t able, or don’t want to go out to some fancy restaurant, bring the fine dining in. Chicago Steak Company fine dining gift sets allow you to prepare your own gourmet meal with the absolute best meats. They also have refined desserts, choice delicacies and other goodies.

Make your Valentine’s Day meal something exceptional together.

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2. Made by Mary Jewelry

Jewelry from Made by Mary

While gifting jewelry in general isn’t the most unique gift idea for her, getting her something from Made by Mary with their unique designs and collections can make for something extraordinary. To top it off, each jewelry piece from them is hand-cut, stamped, and shaped – meaning it is utterly unique.

Get a reminder of a pet name or a special time you spent together with their engraved offerings and you can make a tangible keepsake of loving memory.

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3. MIRROR from Lululemon

Mirror from Lululemon

Want to give a gift that you know will bring a smile to their face? The home gym from Lululemon is great for the world we live in today. Now you guys can workout at home, perhaps together; a great way to show how much you care.

This is whole home gym packages into a simple mirror and gives you both a great excuse to spend some couples time together.

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4. French Luxury Chocolates

Chocolatier pascal caffet

This is more than just a box of chocolates. These are chocolates crafted by world champion chocolatier Pascal Caffet and are made strictly in the French tradition with all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, and a high cocoa content with low sugar. These are not ordinary. These are uniqe.

The elegant assortment gift boxes are the best way to get someone started with these deluxe treats. This is chocolate at its pinnacle and is a special treat to share on Valentine’s Day. 

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5. Fruit Bouquets

Delicious Fruit bouquets

What if you want to give someone flowers, but also chocolates and fruits? Well, if you really can’t decide then Fruit Bouquets have exactly what you need. These are unique and fun bouquets made out of delicious cut fruits and chocolates instead of flowers and make for great centerpieces until you eat them.

Get one to look at for your next romantic meal, then share it together for dessert!

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6. Ashford Watches

luxury handbags and other jewelry

Just like a diamond necklace or gold bracelet, a fine watch is a sign of fashion, beauty and luxury. Get him a sign of style and make him feel a bit more suave with a fine timepiece from Ashford and he is sure to be thankful. They also have a wide selection of luxury handbags and other jewelry options for you to explore for V-Day gifts.

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7. Kobelli Diamond Cluster Necklace

Diamond cluster necklace

Haven’t found the right piece of jewelry yet? Then try the fine items at Kobelli. The gemstone riddles bracelets, necklaces and more are eye-catching and gorgeous ways to express your love. You can even customize your own lab-grown diamond setting and selection.

This diamond cluster necklace is only one amongst many beautiful options on site – but each will be a great way to offer a tangible expression of your love.

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8. A Spa or Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub

Here’s a unique way to help you spend some romanticspend time together at home! Ever thought about a hot tub? It’s not as difficult as you may think. There are even inflatable ones that you can get for under a thousand dollars!

Surprise your lover this Valentine’s Day with a whole new way to relax in the backyard and spend some quality time together.

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9. Personalized Canvas Prints

nest canvas

Give something truly unique with a custom canvas of your most loving memories. Best Canvas helps you decorate your home with beautiful renditions of your greatest photos. Wow, them with a vision of your history together like they haven’t seen before, and give guests something to envy.

This is a beautiful and fun way to take a trip down memory lane or crystallize your most cherished times with one another.

Savings Tip: Check out BestCanvas.ca promo codes and 16% cash back for the best deal.

10. Blooms Today Flowers and Gifts

chocolate gourmet basket

This is a best seller amongst those with an emergency need for a Valentine’s Day gift. The site has a ton of great gift baskets, as well as flowers of course, and they specialize in same-day delivery. So if a gift fell through, or you simply forget, Blooms Today can help you still pull out a fantastic flower delivery for a Valentine’s Day gift. The chocolate gourmet basket on site is a huge seller and is utterly delicious.

Savings Tip: Get Blooms Today promo codes and 30% cash back for the best deal.

More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Guide to Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts 

  • A great gift guide to unique Valentine’s Day gifts wouldn’t be honest if it didn’t stress that the best gifts are unique to the person in question. The perfect way to say I love you is with a thoughtful gift that means something regarding both your relationship and the recipient’s interests.
  • Well written Valentine’s Day cards that express your feelings should accompany any Valentine’s Day gift that is relatively generic or common feeling (i.e., one that is not personalized to your relationship). Love notes are often the best part of a gift.
  • DIY projects you can do together or one-of-a-kind items from talented craftsmen or artists are a lot better choices than a gift card if romance is your goal. Then again, it really does depend on the person. Many people want nothing more than a night in with Netflix or Amazon Prime and someone they love.
  • Try and combine fun, sexy and thoughtful in one package. Things you can enjoy together, are fun, and represent something about your love – this is the best way to evaluate a quality Valentine’s Day gift.
  • A good V-Day day gift doesn’t have to be limited to that day. There are a lot of subscription sites, for example, that allow you to order weekly meals you can prepare together; great if you plan on staying at home for the near future.

These services have proven amazing for those trying to keep date nights alive during lockdowns. If you don’t want to do much prep, go with freshly.com but if you guys want to go through the whole process together or just create your own meals, try something like farmfreshtoyou.com to get quality ingredients perfect for your planned meal together.

  • No matter what you get them, don’t think the item makes up for time spent together or effort in the moment. Make sure you gift arguments your day and isn’t being used as an excuse to do something special together. Both members of a relationship have a responsibility to actively engage with the other, and that is always the best gift you can give.

Buy Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts Today! 

These gift ideas for your loved one are sure to spice up any Valentine’s Day or date night. The best thing is, they are all available for order today, so even if Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, you still have time to get a really fantastic gift.

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