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Best Streaming Services (2021 Review + Staff Picks)

Many people are finding themselves with a little bit more time on their hands. Whether you’re at home with family, roommates, or on your own, having something to watch can be a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the indoors. Pair it with a Grubhub delivery and you’ve got dinner and a movie!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 9 of the best streaming services available for movies and TV. From classic and current hit movies to sports, nature documentaries, and your favorite shows, there’s something perfect for everyone on this list. (We even included staff picks!)

Best Streaming Services + Staff Picks in 2023

1. Netflix


The reigning champion of streaming services, Netflix offers over 1,000 Netflix Original movies and TV series on top of an overall content library with thousands of classic and contemporary movies and TV shows across genres.

How Much Does Netflix Cost? 

Netflix’s standard plan (watch on 2 screens in HD) costs $12.99 per month. A premium plan (watch on 4 screens in HD and Ultra HD) costs $15.99 per month. 

How to Get a Netflix Discount

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2. Disney+

Disney Plus

Launched in November 2019, Disney+, the House of Mouse streaming service offers a broad library of movies and TV produced or owned by Disney, including classic and current Disney movies, Disney Channel Series, Disney Channel Original Movies; and titles from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

How Much Does Disney+ Cost?

A Disney+ subscription costs $6.99 per month (stream on 4 devices at once or download to watch later). A bundled subscription with Hulu and ESPN+ costs $12.99 a month. 

How to Get a Disney+ Discount

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It’s worth noting that there are hundreds of titles you may pay a rental or purchase fee for on other platforms, that are free on Disney+, like Onward: Pixar’s newest animated release.

3. Hulu


Hulu offers subscription streaming of current network and live TV from a variety of providers, original series and movies, and selected classic and current movies from varied studios (some of which are available exclusively on the service). Whether you want to catch up on The Good Place or watch recent films like Portrait of a Lady on Fire or Booksmart, you’ll be sure to find something great. 

How Much Does Hulu Cost?

A standard subscription with ads costs $5.99 per month. The ad-free plan costs $11.99 per month. Hulu + Live TV (60+ live channels and ad-supported streaming content) costs $54.99 per month. 

How to Get a Hulu Discount

Giving Assistant shoppers can get $2 cash back on their first-month Hulu trial with a subscription purchase.

4. Vudu


Vudu is an on demand rental and purchasing service for current movies and TV. The service offers recent releases, redeemable digital copies of movies for Blu-rays and DVDs with Movies Anywhere, and ad-supported free streaming options. 

How Much Does Vudu Cost?

There’s no monthly membership cost, just the price you pay to rent or buy a title. New release rentals are $5.99 each, with older options available for $2.99 or $3.99. Some studios have released certain movies for “Theater at Home” viewing; these films are available to rent or buy for $19.99. 

How to Get a Vudu Discount

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What to Watch on Vudu

If there’s a title in this blog post that catches your eye, it’s probably on Vudu—which is great if monthly subscriptions just aren’t your jam. It’s especially great if HD means a lot to you, since one of Vudu’s perks is that they have more titles in HD than most other streaming platforms.

5. Roku 


Not a service, but Roku is the #1 plug-and-play streaming machine on the market. Roku’s suite of devices plug directly into your TV, so you can use almost any of the streaming services mentioned here today, including YouTube. You can even access lots of your normal cable channel via your Roku device.

How Much Does a Roku Cost?

Rokus cost $29.99 to $99.99 depending on the model and features. The Roku Channel itself is free to watch online (with ads) at any time. 

How to Get a Roku Discount

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6. Pure Flix 


PureFlix is a subscription streaming service for Christian faith and family TV, movies, documentaries, podcasts, and more. The streaming content is one branch of the larger PureFlix Entertainment production and distribution company. 

How Much Does PureFlix Cost?

Memberships fall in three billing tiers: $12.99 per month, $83.99 per year, and $1,000 ($850 tax deductible) for lifetime access: ideal for churches and groups who expect to use the platform religiously. (Pun absolutely intended.)

How to Get a PureFlix Discount

Their free trial offer will save you your first month subscription. And the best way to get a PureFlix discount is to use Giving Assistant’s browser extension, which will alert you to new deals, Pureflix promo codes (and cash back) the next time you visit their website, before those deals expire.

7. ESPN+


The ultimate streaming service for sports fans, ESPN+ offers streaming of MLB, NHL, and more live sports; original series and studio shows; the full 30 for 30 documentary library; UFC fight coverage; and more. Viewers can stream, rewind and replay live content; download shows and series for later; and watch on up to 3 devices at once.

How Much Does ESPN+ Cost?

A standard subscription costs $4.99 per month. A bundled subscription with Hulu and Disney+ costs $12.99 per month. 

How to Get an ESPN+ Discount

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8. FandangoNOW


FandangoNOW is a streaming media offshoot of the movie ticketing company Fandango. FandangoNow offers new releases for on-demand viewing before they arrive on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. The service also includes TV shows and a library of classic and older release films for rental and purchase. 

How Much Does FandangoNow Cost?

There is no monthly membership fee. Viewers pay $2.99–$5.99 per rental or $9.99–$24.99 depending on the title and HD or 4K UHD quality. 

How to Get a FandangoNow Discount

Save by earning up to 5% Cash Back on every rental or purchase you make through Giving Assistant: that’s 4% on movie rentals, and 5% on movie and TV show purchases. Every time you use Giving Assistant to rent or buy a Fandango show, you can also make a donation to any nonprofit.

9. CuriosityStream

Curiosity Stream

CuriosityStream is a comprehensive streaming service for educational documentary feature films and TV series about science, nature, history, technology, society, lifestyle, and other topics. 

How Much Does CuriosityStream Cost?

In April 2020, subscriptions costs for HD streaming are $2.99 per month or $11.99 per year (normally $19.99). 4K memberships are available for $9.99 per month or $41.99 per year (normally $69.99). 

How to Get a Curiosity Stream Discount

CuriosityStream is offering their service for 40% off, or as little as $12.99 a year. You can also earn $20 cash back, and get a chance to browse a few coupons. You can also donate some of your cash back to a nonprofit…maybe a museum or science organization!

10. Redbox


More than just the kiosk: You can rent and stream movies from Redbox on your laptop or other streaming device, too. Especially well-known for its wealth of all the new releases you just can’t wait to see, it’s also got an attractive user interface.

How Much Does Redbox Cost

There is no monthly membership. Rental and purchase rates vary and are subject to change. As of April 2020, DVDs begin at $1.80/night when rented from the kiosks. Streaming rentals cost around $1.99 to $4.99 depending on the title, up to $20 if you want to purchase it. 

How to Get a Redbox Discount

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  • With a Redbox account, you can also rack up points that get you free DVD and Blu-Ray rentals at kiosks. 

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What’s the Giving Assistant Team Watching?

Ever spend more time looking for something to watch than actually watching something? Browse no more. Here are our staff picks!

Photo of Mike Biller “Community is now on Netflix, easily one of the most underrated comedies of the past 10 years. Also Dark on Netflix is a stellar SciFi crime / mystery.” –Mike B., Senior Brand Partnerships Manager
“There are so many fun shorts on Disney+ that are as enjoyable for adults as they are for kids. My husband, 8-year-old daughter and I love Forky Asks a Question. The shorts are also the perfect length when you just want something to watch over lunch or a snack.” –Melissa G., Communications Manager Photo of Melissa Glidden
“I recently finished Succession, so good! (HBO Now), Derry Girls (Netflix), currently watching Tiger King (Netflix)” –Alison E., Customer Happiness Manager alison
Photo of Raquel Romero “Cheer (Netflix), Tiger King (Netflix), 30 Rock (Amazon Prime), Broad City (Hulu)” –Raquel R., Director of People Operations
“Old Jeopardy episodes on Netflix are really bringing me comfort these days.” –Amanda C., Senior Manager of Nonprofit Partnerships Amanda C
Photo of Caroline V “Netflix — Just finished The West Wing!” –Caroline V., Business Development Manager
“I’ve been plowing through all of the Stargate series on Hulu. Also I use Hulu for staying current with Law & Order: SVU. On Netflix, we stay current with Grace and Frankie, Repair Shop, Ozark, and Sex Education.”–Scott E., VP of Product and Engineering  Photo of Scott E

How Your Streaming Subscription Can Help Nonprofits 

With plenty of streaming options to choose from, building the perfect movie and TV list for some extra nights at home will be a breeze. Even better: your rentals and subscriptions can also earn you cash back that you can donate to a great nonprofit like the CDC Foundation. (Here are other nonprofits that directly  support COVID-19 relief efforts.) 

Sign up for Giving Assistant and download the Giving Assistant Button so you can seamlessly turn your online shopping into charitable giving. Every cash back donation can help make a big difference in these challenging times.