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Best Organic Green Tea Brands Review

For generations, eastern cultures have consumed green tea for its delicious taste, versatility in brewing, and health benefits. Modern day research is backing up many of the claims made by the traditions surrounding this tasty beverage.

If you’re not a fan of plain green tea flavor, these companies can help you find herbal-infused teas that transform the taste of green tea into just about any flavor you could possibly want, from peppermint to citrus.

We put together this list of the top organic green tea brands that are on the market today.

Top Organic Green Tea Brands in 2023


The healthy tea room collection

The Healthy Tea Room is a
fairly new entry to the tea market, but it’s already made quite the splash.
Started by Anastasia Halldin, originally from Eastern Europe, the Healthy Tea
Room has dozens of green tea choices, all made with completely organic

Their green tea collection
includes true tea options as well as herbal-infused teas. Nine green teas are
available, including pomegranate green tea, green rose tea, green jasmine tea,
and green peppermint tea. Whether you’re looking for a green tea that will help
with weight loss or one that will give your immune system the boost it needs to
get over a cold, you can find options on the Healthy Tea Room that is right for

And if you’re interested in expanding your palate beyond green teas, they also offer dozens of other tea options, from black teas and white teas to herbal teas of every variety.

Shop at Healthy Tea Room to help support this brand.


Numi organic tea daily super shot

Numi Organic Tea was started by
a brother and sister team, Ahmed Rahim and Reem Hassani. They launched their
tea company in 1999, and over the past twenty years, it’s risen to become one
of the largest names in organic tea – whether green or otherwise.

They’re committed to remaining
organic because of the way that organic processes protect the environment, tea
farmers, and consumers. It’s a process that promotes greater agricultural
sustainability and ensures that the future of tea drinking remains bright for

And Numi uses only organic tea
leaves and non-GMO, hemp-based filter paper for their teabags.

Whether you’re searching for one of their five different flavors of green tea – or you’d like to try one of their other true or herbal teas, Numi is a reliable, organic source for your next cup.

Shop at Numi Organic Tea to help support this brand.


Super green tea from The Republic of Tea

Founded in 1992, the Republic
of Tea has been making waves as one of the world’s leading tea providers ever
since. Their products have been featured in magazines such as Forbes and
Southern Living, and they’ve even received a spotlight from ABC’s Good Morning

They are a socially responsible
and environmentally friendly business that focuses on developing high-quality
teas using sustainable methods. And they’ve cultivated a work environment that
encourages their employees to live more happy, healthy lives. In other words,
they’re on a mission to do good in the world. And this isn’t just seen in their
ingredients and processes. It’s even obvious from the fact that they call their
employees ‘ministers.’

If you’re looking for sheer selection, you cannot go wrong with the Republic of Tea. They have over 300 premium teas, herbs, bottled iced teas, and sipware – dozens of which consist of different kinds of green tea. In other words, there’s a reason they’re one of the industry leaders.

Shop at The Republic of Tea to help support this brand.


Pure indian teas from Vahdam

Bala Sarda, the founder of
Vahdam Teas, is the heir of an 80 year legacy of tea producers. For four
generations, his family has been crafting and selling some of India’s finest
teas. It all began while he was working in his family’s wholesale business. He
noticed that the teas they were selling passed through so many middlemen that
they were already a year old or more before they reached consumers.

This is why he founded Vahdam
Teas, as a way to bring fresh Indian tea directly to consumers around the world
– with the power of the internet. Now, he’s able to ship his tea to any place
on earth, within three days of production.

Vahdam Teas is committed to
creating organic, all-natural, fair trade tea. And each bag of tea comes in a
vacuum-sealed bag that can be used to make more than 50 cups.

In addition to dozens of green tea varieties, Vahdam also offers numerous other teas and health-related products.

Shop at Vahdam Teas to help support this brand.

What is Organic Green Tea?

Organic green tea is a type of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis leaves. It is loaded with health benefits including antioxidants and nutrients that can help improve skin, brain function, metabolism, aid in weight-loss and more.

Green tea consumption has been linked to everything from increased heart health to a longer lifespan. Its many health benefits are linked to two important antioxidants in each cup: theanine and polyphenols. These extraordinary substances help clear your body of free radicals and prevent inflammation, keeping your organs running at full-speed, for longer. But all green tea is not created equally.

This is the reason that it’s so
important to find organically grown and produced tea leaves. If you’re going to
get the full benefit of green tea, you need to find it from a source that
produces it sustainably, and without the use of dangerous toxins. Fortunately
for tea drinkers, the internet has made hundreds of organic green tea options
available to the modern consumer. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a
look at some of the top places to order your next box of green tea bags…


This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of fantastic, organic green tea providers out there today. This is great news because it lets us know that if we want to enjoy the many health benefits of green tea – from having more energy to a more efficient digestive system – there are tons of options out there.