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Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money at Kohl’s (2021 Guide)

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money at Kohl’s (2021 Guide)

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

People who shop at Kohl’s love to save money, so here are some tricks to help Kohl’s customers save even more:

1. It’s best to shop at a specific time:

3 p.m. Friday to 1 p.m. Saturday.

On Friday nights and Saturday mornings, Kohl’s offers “Night Owl” and “Early Bird” specials, respectively, which allow shoppers to save an additional 10-25%.

2. Earn Cash Back from Kohl’s

Giving Assistant members can earn free cash back from Kohl’s. Additional savings for Kohl’s are also available, including:

  • Kohls Coupons
  • Discounts like 15% off $100, 30% off at checkout, and many more!
Human hand putting money coins to hand for donate on pink sunray background. Flat design vector illustration donate money concept.

On top of your savings, Giving Assistant gives you the option to automatically donate a portion of your cash back to the charity of your choice!

3. Look for a special mark on the price tags:

When a Kohl’s price tag features a square in the upper right hand corner, it means that item has reached its lowest price of the season, and now is the time to buy.

Hand writing time to buy concept with red marker on transparent wipe board

4. You can match prices in-store:

Price fight and commercial competition as a business concept for cutting retail prices to compete for customer loyalty as two open sales tags with boxing gloves punching each other for market supremecy.

Kohl’s will price match for brick-and-mortar national retailers, but not for Amazon or any wholesale clubs.

5. Coupon-stacking IS allowed:

Kohl’s allows customers to stack up to four coupons. You can even organize the stacking through the Kohl’s app.

6. Get a birthday discount:

If you tell Kohl’s when your birthday is, they’ll send you a card…

…including a birthday discount for use in-store or online.

7. Join the Kohl’s loyalty program:

Indianapolis - Circa May 2016: Kohl's Retail Store Location. Kohl's operates over 1100 Discount Stores

The store’s loyalty program is free, and offers 1 point per dollar spent and $5 for every 100 points earned. The program also includes special offers throughout the year.

8. Gain coupons and points from Kohl’s Wi-Fi:

shopping online via application on smartphone - woman hand hold smartphone on blur escalator in department store background

Not only does Kohl’s offer in-store wi-fi…

…but once you connect, you gain access to coupons and other special offers, as well as rewards points!

9. The store credit card is worth it, if…

…you spend a certain amount per year.

If you spend $600 per year on your Kohl’s credit card, you’ll earn 18 discounts per year, which is more than one a month. The card also offers a 20% discount on first purchase.

10. Make liberal use of the clearance rack:

Clearance rack with colorful summer outfits and accessories displayed on hangers.

Kohl’s always has a lot of items on clearance, at various price points, which are worth checking out.

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