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7 Best 5th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Guide

Successfully navigating five years of marriage is a huge feat and deserves a celebration. There are all sorts of things that you can do in order to commemorate the occasion. And, if you’re close friends or family to the couple, it’s likely that you’re going to get some sort of fifth anniversary gift.

But, what can you do to make this wedding anniversary gift as special as you can? Here are some of our favorite options for gifts that you can purchase on your spouse or family member’s fifth anniversary celebration.

The Best 5th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for 2023

1. Celebrating Their Love Personalized Anniversary Frame- 4 x 6

Personalize 4x6 inch wood frame

Picture frames are a pretty great go-to when you’re looking for wedding anniversary gifts. This particular one has a number of personalization options, including anniversary years, dates, and the couples’ names. You can also choose if the frame will sit or hang horizontally or vertically (landscape or portrait).

The 4 by 6 inch wood frame is designed with an easel back so that you can display it on a counter or table, or they can mount it on the wall if they would prefer. Either way, this piece is a great gift that will make your favorite married couple happy.

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2. Personalized Family Recipe Canvas Sign

Beautiful 14x24 inch durable canvas sign

This 14 by 24 inch durable canvas sign is a thoughtful way to celebrate family after a 5th wedding anniversary. This gift is a beautiful item that can be personalized with the family name and a choice between four different designs.

Filled with all sorts of important ingredients for a happy and healthy family, this inspirational canvas wall art makes a wonderful piece that will make them – and any visitors they have – smile every time that they see it.

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3. Personalized When The Adventure Began Wall Decor

Personalize particular wall decor

Another piece of wall décor that you can consider is When the Adventure Began, which is a fantastic way for the couple to let visitors know about important days in their lives. It’s easy to personalize with a custom message and with the wedding date.

This particular wall décor is customizable in terms of size as well – it can come in 10” by 10”, 12” by 12”, or 16” by 16,” so it can be the right size for pretty much any wall. The frame is made from top-quality walnut, which makes it durable and long lasting.

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4. World Wall Map Anniversary Gift

Traditional clever map of the world

If you are purchasing a 5th wedding anniversary gift for friends or family that like to travel, then this wall map is a really fun way to let them know how much you care.

This clever map of the world is made of the traditional 5 year anniversary material, wood, and comes with push-pins in the colors of national flags. It’s a great decorative piece that jogs the imagination and allows the couple to pinpoint where they want to travel to.

5. Personalize Wedding Anniversary (Wood Background) Large Clock

Classy wall clock wooden background

A classy wall clock is always a great gift. It keeps everyone in the household on top of things and they can typically go pretty well with any sort of home décor setup that someone may have. This wedding anniversary clock has a wooden background (as wood is the typical gift for the 5th anniversary), making it an excellent choice.

It comes in 8” diameter or 10.75” diameter and is made from grade A acrylic materials. This keepsake can be customized in a number of ways, including the addition of dates, names, and even pictures.

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6. Acacia Wood Cutting Board with Five Piece Utensil Set

Coolest acacia wood cutting board

Every home needs at least one cutting board, if not multiple. This Acacia wood cutting board is made of long-lasting product and is designed to prevent cross-contamination and other similar issues. The top of the lid, the inside of the lid cover, and/or the handles of the tools can be engraved for the special couple.

One of the coolest things about this particular cutting board is that it’s designed with interior storage, and it has five different utensils that can be used in preparing food – a peeler, rocker blade, bottle opened, spreading knife, and paring knife. It looks really nice and it’s perfect for any kitchen.

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7.  Precious Moments® Personalized Anniversary Christmas Ornament-3.75″ Wood

Personalize particular ornament

Commemorate this 5th wedding anniversary with a Precious Moments personalized ornament. The front design has a lovely pair of birds with a pink ribbon, and the back is whitewashed wood.

This particular ornament can be personalized with names and the anniversary year or the year that the couple got married. The ribbon included allows the couple to hang it on their Christmas tree or to display it on an ornament display hook year-round.

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Some Tips for 5th Anniversary Gifts

Don’t worry about cost

Many people falsely assume that they are going to need to spend a lot of money on gemstones and other fancy things to make their friends or family happy on their fifth anniversary.

It’s not about the money – it’s never really about the money. It sounds cliché, but it’s the thought that counts when you’re considering the perfect gift for friends or family members.

Get something unique for the couple

If your favorite couple doesn’t drink a lot, then it doesn’t really make sense to get them champagne glasses or beer mugs, right?

You want to be sure that you think about the couple and what they enjoy, instead of getting what it is that you think you should get. The more thoughtful their wedding anniversary gift, the better off you’ll be.

Have fun when shopping

Wedding and anniversary gifts are all over – including ones that you never even imagined you would be buying for someone. Have a little bit of fun while you’re trying to shop and you’ll be sure to find something the couple and you will enjoy.

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Shopping Around Online for Anniversary Gifts

The internet makes it really simple to shop around for great products and what they have to offer. In many cases, you will be sure to find multiple options for wedding anniversary gift ideas. Whether you settle for a cutting board, silverware, or some other keepsake, you can get things that are going to bring a lot of joy to your favorite couple.