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Best Hanukkah Gifts (2021 Guide)

Hanukkah isn’t based around presents like Christmas, but gifting is a great way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you during the eight-day celebration.

Of course, you can follow tradition and hand out those chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil (gelt), but if you want something more unique to show your love and appreciation, take a look at this list of Hanukkah gifts sure to make everyone smile.

Here are a few gifts for everyone on your list, no matter their interests, age, or your budget. Everyone celebrates the holiday differently, so before buying gifts, it’s a good idea to check with relatives and friends to see what their traditions are.

Top Hanukkah Gifts in 2021

1. Jewish Wine Bottle Labels

Wine bottle labels

The designer of these wine bottle labels spent time in Israel and returned with inspiration to design these great labels with a hybrid of Israeli slang and Jewish graphics. The labels are peel and stick, so nothing special is required to place the labels on bottles.

The set comes with eight labels; It’s all tov, too cool for shul, Jew chains, L’chaim, You little hoorah, Jewnicorn, Ahava in Hebrew, and Sababa. The labels are three-inches wide by five-inches tall and they are printed on waterproof polyester stock.

The designs work best with straight wine bottles. Fully remove the label that comes on the bottle so the label sticks on the best. Try to avoid bottles with painted labels, the designs will be visible underneath.

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2. Hanukkah Candle

Homesick hanukkah candle

Potato latkes with applesauce, warm jelly donuts, spending time with family. This Homesick Hanukkah candle will fill your room with scents that remind you of these special holiday moments.

There are several different scents used in this candle to provide those nostalgic feelings. The scents include butter, potato, and apple as the top notes, apple and cake as the mid notes, and vanilla and musk as the base notes.

This candle is unique and special and whoever you gift it to will be extremely touched. Nostalgia is such a great thing, being able to think back on all the great times spent with special people. Gifting this candle will automatically bring past memories to mind as soon as they smell the scents.

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3. Shmelf the Hanukkah Elf

Adorable holiday tale book

In this adorable holiday tale, an elf named Shmelf leaves the North Pole, and learns how wonderful Hanukkah is. Shmelf is one of Santa’s top elves in the North Pole and he works in the List Checking department making sure all the good boys and girls get their presents.

While Shmelf is checking the list, he notices some children are missing from Santa’s list, so he goes to check things out. During his investigation, he learns about what Hanukkah is. He observes a family as they light their menorah, and he listens to the story of Hanukkah.

This book is an adorable way for children to learn about Hanukkah and the traditions that come along with celebrating. It will help them understand why they don’t get presents for Christmas, even though they have been good.

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4. Wearable Blanket

100% polyester Blanket

We all know that everyone loves blankets and that there is absolutely no such thing as having “too many blankets”. That being said, there really is nothing better than a blanket with sleeves, allowing you to stay nice and cozy warm while still being able to use your arms. This blanket is made out of 100% polyester and is machine washable.

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5. Olive Oil Infuser

Olive oil infuser

This is a wonderful idea to gift to the person on your list who loves to cook. This olive oil infuser is top-rated and easy to use. Before using the olive oil, you can add in your favorite herbs and spices to add some flavor to the oil. Try it with your favorite latke, knish or krugel recipe!

With the precise measuring capability, you can always make sure the right amount of oil is being used. This feature also prevents those awful olive oil drips that never seem to really go away. There are two sizes included and both are dishwasher safe.

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6. My First Dreidel

My first dreidel set

For the newest addition to the crew, consider this My First Dreidel set. Included in the set is a Dreidel, coins, and a bag to store it all in so none of the pieces go missing.

The Dreidel and all twenty of the coins are made out of solid wood. This game helps little ones master hand-eye coordination, motor skills, math skills, and the value of fairness. This game is recommended to be played by ages three and up but can be gifted at any time.

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7. Gnomes at Night Board Game

Great game Queen's treasures

This is a great game to gift to the entire family. You use communication, strategy, and quick thinking to find out where the treasures are and win the game. Included are four game boards, twelve treasure cards, two team cards, four corner start cards, two game board holders, two magnetic gnome movers, one sand timer, and instructions how for to play.

In this game, someone has taken the Queen’s treasures and has hidden them in the castle’s maze. Good thing the gnomes are here to save the day. With two to four players, everyone works together to move the magnetic gnomes around the maze to collect all of the treasures before time runs out.

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Hanukkah is a special holiday where friends and family spend time enjoying each other’s company. If it is part of your family’s tradition to exchange gifts during the eight-day holiday, these are great options for everyone. If none of these gifts sound right to you, use them as inspiration to find the perfect gifts for your family.

If your family doesn’t exchange gifts, it is best to stick to the traditions and bring some gelt to share.

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