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Best Christmas Gifts for Dad (2021 Guide)

Christmas shopping for your dads can be extremely difficult because they never admit that they need anything. Many times they won’t wait for something to be gifted to them, they will just go out and buy something when they want it. And some times they just don’t know that they actually really do need something (ahem, new boxers, or socks, or clean shirts that were made in this decade.)

When shopping for your dad, it is best to try to find things that you think he would enjoy but know that he wouldn’t go out and buy for himself.

P.S. We got Christmas Gifts for mom covered too.

Here is a list of Christmas gifts for dad that he will enjoy for years to come.

Best Christmas Gifts for Dad in 2021

1. Flaviar Gift Set (for the Whiskey lover)

Flaviar Gift Set

Create an unforgettable Christmas gift for your Dad especially if he appreciates tasting spirits. Enjoy whiskey, bourbon, rye, vodka, and more. Flaviar’s themed Tasting Boxes come with a carefully selected array of drinks that showcase the flavor range of each category and make it even easier for your Dad to try even more.

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2. Rechargeable Utility LED Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlight

If one thing is certain, dads love working on things, exploring, and spending time in the backyard or garage. If your dad is always complaining that the batteries in his flashlight are always dead, this rechargeable flashlight will be incredibly appreciated.

This flashlight was designed to be durable, featuring a rubber grip for easy handling and waterproof capability. The flashlight has four light settings; high, medium, ultra-low, and hidden strobe, making it perfect for any activity it could be needed for.

The battery can run for 2.5 hours of consistent use or up to 19 hours with inconsistent use on ultra-low mode. The battery is charged with a micro-USB and comes with the necessary cable for charging.

3. Craft Beer Club

Craft beer club page

Craft Beer Club is a great way for your dad to try several different kinds of beers from the comfort of his home. This company ships craft beers from some great small-production companies from nearly every state. With every box, they include two fun and informative publications that gives you background information on the breweries that you will be trying that month.

You have the option to select 12 or 24 beers each month. If you select 12 beers, you will receive 4 different styles of beer, 3 of each. If you select 24 beers, you will receive 4 different styles of beer, 6 of each. You will receive beers from two different breweries in two different regions across the United States.

They offer several shipments to choose from. You can select one, two, three, four, five, six, or twelve shipments, or you can choose an ongoing membership that will keep sending boxes every month until you cancel.

4. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast sandwich maker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is important to just about everyone that this meal is quick and easy. This breakfast sandwich maker allows you to make a super easy, delicious breakfast in five minutes or less.

All you need to do is choose your bread, place toppings like an egg, cheese, precooked meat, or anything else you might want in between the pieces of bread. With the built-in timer, you can select the perfect amount of time for the best breakfast results. The best part, all of the parts are removable and dishwasher safe, making clean-up incredibly simple.

5. The Bucket List: 1,000 Adventures Big and Small

The bucket list 1000 Adventures big and small book

For the dads who love adventure and are constantly on the move, gift them this bucket list full of ideas for their next adventure. This book is the perfect guide to fun, entertaining, and life-affirming activities that has a massive range of ideas.

The ideas in this bucket list include self-improvement activities, culinary ideas, and so many more. This book also includes a list of beaches, museums, monuments, islands, inn, restaurants, mountains, and more must-see places for each continent. There are location-specific activities to provide your dad with endless adventure.

6. Personalized Leather Cuff Links

Two cuff links

If your dad has to dress well for work, consider gifting him custom leather cuff links. These cuff links are made using a tan full-grain leather and are hand-punched in a stainless-steel setting. This set includes two cuff links, each with one letter stamped on each.

7. Magnetic Wristband

10 magnets in this wristband

There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a project and losing a screw, nail, or drill bit. This magnetic wristband makes it easy and convenient to keep track of every metal piece that your dad needs to complete his project.

This wristband is made out of a soft and breathable padded mesh layer. There are 10 magnets in this wristband, and it features a one-size fits most adjustable strap so it can be made to fit just about any wrist size.

Help your dad save time and frustration by gifting him this extremely convenient tool that can cut his project time down. The pieces he needs will always be right in reach and he won’t have to spend time looking for things that have gone missing.

8. Beer Cap State Display

Display offers collectors beer cap

If your dad enjoys collecting beer bottle caps (or is just constantly forgetting to throw them away, driving your mom nuts), this beer cap state display is a great gift for him. This display offers collectors an alternative to keeping their caps in a drawer or a cup, and it offers dads a place to keep their caps instead of leaving them out everywhere on accident.

The display is made from Baltic birch plywood and each bottle cap opening has small teeth that fit the crimped cap edges, so they are held securely in place. The board has additional holes that allow it to be mounted on the wall of a game room, man cave, or garage. You can choose any of the fifty states for this display.

9. Man Crates

Man Crates page

Man Crates is a gift that any dad will love. They have so many different themed crates to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect gift. The themes include grilling and cooking (dads favorite), jerky and snacks, drinks, DIY maker, sports and gear, and personalized items.

Grilling and cooking crates have options that include an apron crate, grill master crate, rib master crate, BBQ sauce crate, beer can chicken crate, and so many more neat ideas.

Jerky and snack crates offer a very wide range of jerky flavors, carnival snacks, nuts, and bacon crates.

 Drink crates offer crates like personalized barware, cocktail tools, whiskey appreciation, whiskey making, and several more.

DIY maker kits provide all materials needed to make knives, sausage, games, watches, and so many more.

Sports and gear crates offer camping gear, hunting gear, gift cards inside concrete that they get to smash (because we all know dads get frustrated from time to time and could use the stress relief), car care, motorcycle care, and many more.

10. Personalized Picture Wallet

Personalized wallet with him

Dad always has his wallet with him and, let’s be honest, he’s probably had the same wallet the entire time you’ve been alive. More than likely it’s time for a new wallet, so instead of buying any old plain wallet, gift him something that he will cherish forever.

Upload the picture you want on the wallet, place your order, and they will get started etching. The process will take about nine business days before the wallet is ready to ship, so make sure you give yourself enough time for the wallet to be delivered before the holiday. Find more inspiration from these personalized gift ideas for dad.

11. A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes

Book contains top quality jokes

Dad jokes are absolutely hilarious, at least that’s what every dad ever believes. And even if they aren’t funny, we will still laugh anyway because it makes them happy. This book contains 365 jokes that is sure to make every dad tumble over with laughter.

This book contains top-quality jokes, best-worst puns, one-liners, and made-up stories that give dads something new to try out every day of the year. The jokes are all family friendly so they can be shared anywhere with anyone.

12. Tile Pro

Tile pro 400foot bluetooth range

How many times have you heard your dad ask if you’ve seen his keys, wallet, phone, shoes, or just about anything that isn’t physically attached to him? Probably more than once a day, right? The Tile Pro is a gift that will help him keep track of everything that he always loses.

The Tile Pro has a 400-foot Bluetooth range and an insanely loud ring so any lost item can be found quickly. Also featured is a replaceable battery, so you don’t have to worry about your device dying when an item is missing. With the app, you can always find the item you’ve lost.

The Tiles are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them getting ruined if they get a little wet if it starts raining while you have it outside. It comes in black or white, giving your dad an option of using a color that will match his devices.

13. Portable Tabletop Grill

145 square foot grilling area

Perfect for tailgating, camping, or fishing, this tabletop propane grill will allow your dad to make his delicious hamburgers, hotdogs, steak, chicken, or fish even when there is no grill available at the location.

This grill may be compact in size, but not in power. It features a 5,500 BTU stainless-steel burner that produces even heating of the meat. The temperature can reach around 500 degrees, making cooking quick and easy.

The 145-square foot grilling area allows 8 hamburgers to be cooked at one time. It is also capable of cooking 8 steaks at one time, 6 to 10 chicken breasts depending on their size, or 4-pounds of fish.

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14. DoubleNest Hammock

Two person hammock

Light and compact, this two-person hammock can be set up in your backyard or in the woods during a camping trip. For storage, the hammock comes with a tiny sack the size of a grapefruit and weighs about one pound. This makes it easy to carry anywhere.

The maximum capacity of the hammock is 400 pounds, so it can easily hold the weight of two people. The high-strength and breathable material holds up to normal wear and tear with a triple interlocking stitching. The aluminum carabiners can clip to any solid anchor and is compatible with most hammock suspension systems.

There are several colors offered such as green, yellow pink and blue, Rasta, blue yellow and purple, maroon and charcoal, purple and fuchsia, sapphire and orange, teal and purple, royal and charcoal, navy and olive, orange and gray, navy and forest green, navy and royal, forest green and purple, olive and khaki, and charcoal and red.

15. Buffalo Name Dropping Game

Game requires quick thinking card

If your dad love trivia and party games, he will love Buffalo. This game requires quick thinking to earn as many cards as possible. The game is finished when the deck runs out of cards. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Each round, someone will flip over one card from both of the colored decks and face the two cards up on the table. Every player has to think and shout out the name of a real or fictional person who matches the words on both cards. The first player to name someone who matches both cards, takes the two cards. If everyone is unable to make a match, a card from each deck is added to the table.

16. Putt-A-Bout Putting Green

Putting green 3 feet wide by 9 feet long

For the dad who loves golf but can’t get to the course as often as he’d like, gift him his very own putting green. This putting green is 3-feet wide by 9-feet long made of imitation grass with a non-skid foam backing.

The putting green features 3 target holes that are just 1/4″ smaller than regulation golf holes, allowing you to strengthen your aim. It also comes with 2 hazards to help catch your putt if you happen to miss the holes. There is also a slight incline to develop the firmness of your stroke.

17. Outdoor Comfort Pro Chair

Saggy camp chair

There is nothing worse or more uncomfortable than a saggy camp chair. If your dad’s camp chair has seen better days, consider gifting him a new chair. The best thing about this chair is that it was designed with no-sag technology, so it will last a very long time.

This chair is an easy one-step setup and doesn’t require any kind of assembly. The fabric is heathered polyester, and the backrest is meshed to help keep you cooler on hot days. This chair features a beverage holder and a cell phone sleeve so you can have everything you need within reach. Also included is a carrying bag for easy transporting.

18. Apple Watch

Apple watch

If your dad is into fitness, consider gifting him an Apple Watch for Christmas. The Apple Watch will help him track his steps, workouts, calories burned, and heart rate. Your dad will be able to see how effective his workouts are on one convenient device on his watch.

The watch is available in 2 sizes, 40mm and 44mm, so whether your dad has a smaller wrist or prefers a larger screen, there will be a watch size that will fit him. The Apple Watch is also customizable, offering endless options for watch faces and watch bands, so your dad can switch things up if he needs something casual or more professional.

19. Smart Meat Thermometer

Thermometer wireless bluetooth

It is extremely important to make sure meat is cooked to the proper temperature. No one like to stand in front of the stove, oven, or grill and wait for the thermometer to load with the temperature of the food. This wireless Bluetooth thermometer is a super convenient way to check temperatures from a distance.

The thermometer is completely wireless and allows you to monitor the temperature of your food from up to 150 feet away. With the free app associated with the thermometer, you can use the Bluetooth device to control and monitor your cooking in the palm of your hand. The app also features a timer that makes multitasking easy. The timer and temperature will be on your phone and it can tell you when to flip your food, adjust the heat if necessary, and how long to let your meat rest before eating.

Another awesome feature is the assisted cooking, which sets a target temperature of the food based on preferred doneness. All you have to do is select the meat you are cooking in the app, select how you prefer your meat to be cooked, and the app will then let you know when your food is done based on temperature. It also has the ability to monitor the internal temperature of the food and the temperature of the oven at the same time.

20. ViewSonic Projector

Projector built in 2w speakers

Does your dad always go way out for family movie night? Help him go one step further by getting him a projector for those movies. This projector offers colors that are extremely accurate and has 3,600 lumens to provide extremely clear images. There are 2 HDMI inputs that allow you to play straight from a DVD player.

This projector also has built-in 2W speakers to provide the best sound possible. The lamp can last up to 10,000 hours if it is kept in ECO mode, or up to 5,000 hours in normal mode. It also comes with a remote control for easy control.

21. Drill Brush Attachments

Brush attachments in this kit

If your mom is constantly asking your dad to help her clean the house and he constantly forgets, buy him a gift that will make cleaning fun and easy for him so he will WANT to do it! These attachments will cut cleaning time in half or more than if it were to be done by hand.

There are three brush attachments in this kit. There is a shower, tub, tile and grout scrubber, an all-purpose power scrubber, and a toilet brush attachment. You can choose from different kinds of bristles. The white soft bristle is designed for carpet, upholstery, glass, and leather. The yellow medium bristle is designed for cleaning the bathroom, the green medium bristle is designed for cleaning the kitchen, and the blue medium bristle is designed for pools, hot tubs, and plastics. The red stiff bristle is designed for brick, gutters, and the garage. The black hard bristle is designed for grills, removing loose paint, and furnaces.

22. Blockitecture

Architectural building block

If you notice your dad is constantly doing something and doesn’t really like to sit still, gift him a new hobby. Blockitecture is a set of architectural building block that allow your dad to create towers, cities, and dwellings.

There are so many sets offered, featuring the Big Apple Collectors Set and the Big City Collectors Set as two sets that allow you to build an entire city, and there is also a Garden City Mega Set and a Deco Mega Set. The individual sets include Habitat, Parkland, Deco, Brutalism, Factory, Desert Garden, Garden City, Greenway, Skyscraper, a blue tower and a white tower, or a bundle including both types of tower.

23. Spikeball Set

12 inch ball and round net

Spikeball is a four-player game with two teams of two. The game can be played inside, outside, at the beach, at a tailgate, family events, pretty much everywhere. Spikeball is a combination of volleyball and foursquare.

The game is played with a 12-inch ball and a round net that sits on the ground for the ball to bounce off of. The server starts the game by serving the ball. When the ball bounces off the net, it becomes the possession of the other team. Your team is only allowed to touch the ball three times before they will need to bounce the ball on the net and back to the other team.

24. Analog Record Turntable

Turntable made of diecast aluminum

For the dads who are really into music appreciation, they will certainly appreciate the gift of a turntable. This turntable has a heavy base construction to allow for reduced vibrations and increased performance. The device is made of diecast aluminum to produce perfect rotations and smooth, flawless operation.

25. Ring Doorbell

Ring doorbell feature live streaming

It is absolutely no secret that dads love knowing what is going on around their house, who is coming up to the door when the house is empty, and who it is that keeps taking his packages (if this is happening). A Ring doorbell will help your dad’s peace of mind by allowing him to see exactly who comes to his door and when.

The Ring doorbell feature live streaming so your dad can keep up with what is going on in front of his house in real time. The videos recorded by the doorbell are kept in the app for up to 60 days, making them easy to access if he needs to go back and find a specific video.

The Ring app works with iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows 10 so there are several ways to access the doorbell when he is not home. The apps on these devices also feature 2-way audio, so you can talk to people at your door no matter where you are.

26. Purple Pillow

Purple grid pillow

One of the most top-rated pillows, the Purple Pillow is extremely comfortable. The pillow stays cool throughout the night and offers ergonomic support with what is called the Purple Grid.

The Purple Grid is soft and supportive, cradling the neck and relieving pressure. The Purple Grid features hundreds of open-air channels that helps keep you cool all night long. The Grid is also super durable and keeps its shape no matter what.

The moisture-wicking cover is made of breathable mesh and is designed to move with the pillow in a way that won’t disturb you at night. The cover is made of 88% polyester, 9% spandex mesh, and 3% nylon. Also are adjustable pillow boosters that help you find the most comfortable pillow height and angle for you.

Tips for Shopping For Dad

There is no denying that dads can be incredibly hard to shop for because more often than not if they want something they will just go out and buy it for themselves. To make shopping easier, think of things that your dad will absolutely love, but wouldn’t think of buying for himself. Also, keep in mind something that he may use a ton but is starting to get worn down and old.

Think about things that your dad may have mentioned in the past that he really enjoys. Gift him something that he can get a lot of use out of and cherish for many years to come. If he needs a new wallet, buy him one. If he likes trying new things, get him something he hasn’t used before. Does he like to cook? Try a food subscription box or delivery crate. If he is competitive, buy him a game that the whole family can play together; not only will he appreciate the gift, but the time spent together. If you still need more suggestions head over to our best gifts for dad and best birthday gift ideas for dad lists.

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