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Best Dirty Santa Gift Ideas (2021 Guide)

The holiday season is all about giving, but in the twisted game of Dirty Santa, it’s also about taking.

A creative way to mix up a traditional gift exchange, when playing this game, the goal is to leave with the best gift. Or, at the very least, you don’t want to leave with the worst one!

What goes around comes around in this spin on classic gift giving, so bringing a good gift is one way to skew the odds in your favor. Unlike a white elephant gift exchange, people usually like the gifts they get in dirty Santa.

Fun, unique and useful, the ideas below make great gifts for this game.

Top 7 Best Dirty Santa Gift Ideas in 2021

1. Karate Lettuce Chopper

Hand shape lettuce chopper

Creative dirty Santa gift ideas that are useful and funny, like this lettuce chopper, are going to be some of the presents everyone fights over.

Dishwasher safe, this serrated kitchen knife has a quite a lot of experience in kicking serious lettuce butt, though it can handle any leafy green that gets in its way.

Whoever is lucky enough to come home with this will definitely have more fun in the kitchen.

2. French Press Travel Mug

Press travel mug

Why look for $50 dirty Santa gift ideas when this French press travel mug looks like it costs about as much and will be the perfect accessory for coffee lovers or snobs.

This mug will add simplicity to any routine, as coffee or tea can be brewed on the go. When it’s done, you can drink from the same container you just made coffee in – how convenient is that?

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3. Genuine Wood Earbuds

Wood grain earbuds

Work dirty Santa gift ideas should definitely make going into the office a little more bearable. These wood grain earbuds are noise-isolating, which should make the day fly by with minimum irritation.

Uniquely designed, they easily stand out and are going to be much harder to lose. They are also quite stylish, looking far more expensive than they really are. No one has to know that part though.

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4. Bathroom Guest Book

Bathroom guest book

Each page in this bathroom guest book invites “guests” to fill out a number of very random things like, how was the décor, what song best describes their visit and even contribute a doodle.

This unique gift will quickly become a keepsake.

The best dirty Santa office gift ideas are the ones that have everyone laughing. This bathroom guest book is going to create that moment. Do not be humble if they ask who brought this gift.

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5. Handheld Brass Telescope

Brass telescope with wooden box

Some people are interested in dirty Santa Christmas gift ideas that are just plain awesome. If that sounds like you, this brass telescope will impress everyone and become the gift that everyone aims to take home.

Six inches, it has some weight to it and comes with a leather wrap and brass hardware that gives it a surprising amount of character.

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6. Screaming Goat

Cute screaming goat

The screaming goat is one of the most hilarious and random trends as well as being one of the best unisex dirty Santa gift ideas out there.

Quite popular, give someone their very own screaming goat. This one is tiny, but screams as loud as any other desktop goat on the market.

It comes with a book that no one will read, but every time you press her, she’ll definitely give everyone in the office, house or dorm room a good laugh.

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7. 24-Karat Gold Foil Playing Cards

Luxurious playing card with 24k gold

Dirty secret Santa gift ideas that elevate the ordinary, like a game of cards, are going to find a home pretty quickly.

Having a look that belongs in a Vegas casino or 5-star hotel, these cards are luxurious enough to make the losers at the table feel like a million bucks.

Each card in the 54 card deck has a 100 dollar bill on the back, just to complete the look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For all of those times you had to endure terrible gag gifts with a smile on your face, there is Dirty Santa.

No more graciously accepting a terrible gas station gift because if you don’t like what you picked during this game, you have a lot of chances to get something you do like.

‘Tis the season to plot and steal your way to the best gift.

Dirty Santa Gift Event Rules

  1. Everyone participating in the exchange brings a gift that is wrapped quite lovely.
  2. They then place the gifts in a pile.
  3. One person chooses a gift from the pile at a time. You can choose the order of gift selection by picking names, going by height, last name or choosing a number (you get it).
  4. They then unwrap their gift in front of everyone. Their turn is then over.
  5. It is now the next person’s turn
  6. The next person to go can either choose a gift from the pile to unwrap, or they can choose to steal the gift already opened, right out of the hands of the previous participant.
  7. This continues on until all gifts in the pile have been opened.
  8. The game ends when the pile is done and the gift in your hand is the one you are going home with. Clearly, some people are going to go home much happier than others.


  • There should be a minimum of six adults. Though you can have any number of players in a Dirty Santa gift exchange, it is probably best to have no more than 20.
  • Every participant has to provide one wrapped present that is unlabeled. The gift should be wrapped in such a way no one can determine what’s inside.
  • A predetermined value should be agreed upon.
  • Gifts can be funny, serious or a completely useless gag gift.

Alternative Gift Options

  • Offer prizes for people who bring gifts that are stolen the most or the fastest. This will encourage quality gifts.
  • Couple up. People can buy better gifts this way, the only downside is that the gift they end up with must be shared (but there are gifts where this is possible).
  • Limit the number of steals to avoid a never-ending game.


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Despite the name, Dirty Santa is a family-friendly game that lets you scheme, steal, compromise and do whatever you have to do to get the gift you want.

It’s not about receiving, but about bonding and bringing a good gift and seeing other people love it, which never gets old.