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11 Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers Guide

11 Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Attending yoga class and striking a yoga pose is how millions of people around the world practice mindfulness and wellness each day.

The popularity of yoga has led to a wide array of associated gifts and items, which, while good for gift diversity, can also make it hard to find exactly what someone may actually need or want.

We have put together this quick item list and gift guide full of great gift ideas for the yoga lovers in your life. Namaste.

The Best Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers for 2023 

The following are the best gifts for your yogi friends and family we think they will like.

1. Magazine Subscriptions

Women's Health Magazine from Magazine.store

Since yoga is an activity that promotes mental and physical well-being, Women’s Health makes an excellent gift for yoga lovers. The magazine covers topics like the best yoga poses for all skill levels, the best yoga apps, and rejuvenating hip stretches. It also has in-depth articles on nutrition, healthy recipes, women’s health issues, inner beauty tips, and general lifestyle tips that complement yoga’s mind and body exercises.

Just as yoga helps to build muscle, strengthen the abs, tone the body, and lead a healthier lifestyle, so does Men’s Health, one of the leading health and fitness magazines for men. Not only does each issue offer workout plans and exercises (like the best yoga poses for guys), it also covers men’s style, recipe ideas, relationship advice, and more.

Shape is a health and fitness magazine that’s perfect for women with on-the-go lifestyles. Whether it’s with yoga poses for beginners or plant-based diet tips, each issue delivers just the right amount of encouragement and inspiration to set and achieve healthy lifestyle goals and motivate ladies to live with an “authentic, health-focused style.”

Healthy-living tips and tricks can make a world of difference to yoga lovers. Health Magazine is one of the most trusted health and wellness brands; the magazine reaches over 6 million readers annually. Inside the pages of Health, you will learn how to improve yoga poses through breathing exercises, stretches, workout plans, and meditation tricks, plus enjoy a wealth of cutting-edge health advice, natural beauty tips, and body-flattering fashions.

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2. Lululemon Yoga Kit

basic yoga kit

Lululemon has become one of the premier names for women’s yoga in the Western world. This basic yoga kit is their way of helping you get started – and hopefully give you more reasons to need to buy their great leggings. Inside this kit is what you’ll need to begin your first yoga class: a reversible mat, a lift, a yoga block for support to help your poses, and a small microfiber towel.

3. Manduka eQua towel

yoga towel

This yoga towel makes for a fantastic yoga gift since it is made from an incredibly lightweight material that becomes resistant to slipping as it becomes damp. These are large, comfortable towels that feel great in your home studio or outside. Enhance your ancient practices with a modern microfiber towel with awesome durability.

4. Chakra Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag

yoga bag

This yoga bag will help you stay stylish as you carry your mat to and from class. The tote is made to fit regular-sized yoga and Pilates mats and has a shoulder strap that’s easily adjusted for added comfort. The bag is large enough for thicker mats as well, so no worries there. This specific design has seven chakra symbols in a variety of colors.

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5. ScentSationals Essential Oils and Diffuser Set

aromatherapy set

Self-care and stress relief is a big part of the reasons to practice yoga, and enhancing these efforts with aromatherapy is very popular. This aromatherapy set comes with some essential oils and a diffuser. While the essential oils included are citrus-based, you can easily go out and add eucalyptus (whatever their favorite scents are).

This is a very basic and cost-effective set and is a great starting spot for getting into using diffusers and aromatherapy.

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6. Emma Barre Grip Socks

Mary Jane style socks

Now if you want a quality stocking stuffer, look no further than these yoga socks.  These Mary Jane style socks have superior grip, while feeling like you are wearing nothing at all – great for holding poses on less reliable surfaces or mats. The socks are made from BPA-free silicone and have added arch compression and support as well as a fitted heel to cut down on unwanted twisting motions.

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7. Lululemon Leggings

good pair of these leggings

As we touched on previously, Lululemon has become a premier destination for women’s yoga needs, and they are especially famous for their leggings. A good pair of these leggings are incredibly comfortable and will last a considerable amount of time. They are constantly coming out with new styles and looks, and you are sure to find something for the Yogi in your life here.

8. Fabletics Leggings Finder

Fabletics leggings

Running neck and neck in terms of competition with Lululemon is the modern Fabletics. Fabletics has been leveraging modern technology and sales techniques to better compete in the marketplace, and their leggings finder quiz might just be the best way to find the perfect pair of leggings for the yoga practitioner you are shopping for.

As for the brand itself, these are also very high-quality, comfortable, and durable leggings.

9. Mexican Yoga Blanket

73"x48" the blankets

Going for less traditional yoga mat options can be a nice way to spice up your Pilates or yoga practice to give some versatility to a yoga studio. These mats are easily washable in a standard washing machine and hold their shape, texture, and color very well.  At 73″x48″, the blankets are as big as you will need them for any standard yoga practice.

10. Yoga Mat Cleaner

high-quality eco-friendly mat cleaner

This is a high-quality eco-friendly mat cleaner that you can use after each session to keep the mats and room smelling fresh and clean. This is a pleasant lavender mint scent that will help ward away any stale odors that older gear might retain. The spray also doubles as a sanitizer and linen spray.

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11. Purist Cycling Water Bottle

26 oz. water bottle

Staying hydrated with a quality water bottle is important, especially in more challenging environments like a hot yoga class. This 26 oz. water bottle is durable and simple to use – no weird clicking movements or snaps like so many clunky bottles have today. This is just your standard cyclist squeeze bottle, but it works great and puts many more complex designs to shame.

A Guide to the Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers 

Yoga lovers aren’t very complicated to shop for. There are some key accessories they all need, and some personal preferences everyone will have variations of. When you know what you are looking for, you can begin to zero in on these aspects.

  • When buying for your average Yogi, or even a yoga instructor or yoga teacher, remember that they practice probably close to every day. Having replacement clothes or alternate blankets and towels is never a bad thing and will help to improve cleanliness and health. Don’t be afraid to get them more of what they have in this area.
  • Yoga is a very internal art, so as a rule, extra accessories and gimmicky items really aren’t needed. Focus on enhancing the basics, like mat comfort, and making their pre-and post-yoga experiences just that much better.
  • If they have clothes and mats, try and enhance the room. Scents and sounds are the next level of relaxation and can enhance their yoga experience.  Comfortable or vertical audio equipment paired up with incense or oil diffusers can make for a true escape for the senses.
  • Try and get them to try something new. Yoga may be an internal art, but new environments can open up new areas of the brain.

If the gift recipient is always practicing inside, get them some map and equipment for going outside, and vice-versa. That person who always needs to be outside might now have some rainy day options. Helping them to experience their practice somewhere new might just be a while gift in itself.