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10 Gifts for Whiskey Lovers That Are Pretty Neat

10 Gifts for Whiskey Lovers That Are Pretty Neat

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Finding great gifts for whiskey lovers means more than only buying them their favorite whiskey again and again. Eventually, you will want to get a more unique gift.

But what is a whiskey gift that they will actually enjoy?

To help you find something extraordinary for that whiskey drinker in your life, we have put together a list of whiskey gift ideas, as well as a quick guide to help you narrow down the list. By the end of this article, you should have no trouble lining up few choice alternatives for the perfect gift.

The Best Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers for 2023

The following are 10 of the best whiskey gifting ideas you will find online today.

1. Infused Whiskey Stones

Infused Whiskey Stones

A proper whiskey connoisseur likes to avoid diluting their whiskey but still prefers a cold drink.  With these Infused Whiskey Stones, they can keep their favorite whiskey chilled and keep the taste absolutely pure. These whiskey rocks are certified by the FDA, LFGB, & SGS and come with a velvet pouch that allows you to comfortably store the stones in the freezer.

2. 5-Piece Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set

5-piece crystal gift set

This 5-piece crystal gift set is the perfect way to make your whiskey drinking into a beautiful display piece. The high-quality lead-free crystal glass set contains a 28 oz. decanter with a stopper and four 10 oz. whiskey glasses and allows one to sip and relax in complete luxury. The set comes in a beautiful display box and makes for a truly memorable gift.

3. Engraved Leatherette Flask

classic flasks

These classic flasks make for a fantastic gift and come wrapped in either brown, rawhide, black, or tan leatherette. This is a durable material and will hold up over the course of many years.

The big selling point here though is the ability to personalize this gift and get it skillfully engraved with any name you want. A flask has long been a staple of whiskey drinking culture, and a nice refined option should be greatly appreciated.

4. Skull Globe Whiskey Decanter set

whiskey decanter set

This whiskey decanter set is made with mouth-blown Borosilicate glass and sits on a handcrafted pinewood stand. The resulting effect is a gothic and dark mood-setting piece that would look great in a personal office or on a coffee table in the den.

The decanter and matching glasses have a high-level of detail and are a fusion of art and utility. The decanter does a fine job allowing the whiskey to breathe and fulfills its intended purpose fine.


square cushion

Brighten up a room and add some levity with a comfortable and cute whiskey-themed pillow. This square cushion is eco-friendly, durable, and made to be resilient. If the whiskey lover in your life lacks some home decor and already has everything you can want when it comes to a normal whiskey gift -think outside the box with box shaped pillow!

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Whiskey fun poster

Make sure your whiskey connoisseur has a decoration to prove it. This fun poster allows one to display all of the whiskeys they have tried in their travels. For those who are well-versed in whiskey, this can look quite impressive.

Whether they’re a bourbon lover planning to enjoy a tumbler of some Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels, or Makers Mark, or a scotch fan looking forward to a wee dram of Glennfiddich, this poster has it represented and can make for some fun excuses for an adventurous outing to a nearby restaurant.

7. Skull & Whiskey Sphere Ice Cube Molds

silicone mold

Whiskey and skulls seem to be a common trope, and it is executed excellently with this ice mold that gives you the ability to make great skull-shaped ice cubes for your next glass of whiskey. The silicone mold is very detailed and practically invulnerable when it comes to everyday use. (Outside of your dog getting to it, it should last forever.)

If the skulls are too much, but the idea of an ice mold seems good, then get the Round Ice Ball Sphere mold which gives you round ice balls perfectly fitted to a standard whiskey glass.

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“hashtag” themed whiskey glass

This is another great personalized gift option, but this time it is some glassware. This is a “hashtag” themed whiskey glass you can personalize to fit whomever you are buying for. Put their favorite sports team or distillery, or simply a name on this rocks glass, and they are sure to enjoy having something special to sip from.

9. Bitters Starter Kit

five 1.7 oz. bottles of small-batch bitters

This bitters starting kit allows you to make your favorite whiskey cocktails or even combine with some bourbon whiskey and make an old-fashioned. The set comes with five 1.7 oz. bottles of small-batch bitters, including citrus, aromatic, orange, smoked chili, and ginger bitters. If you would prefer to give them a more extensive sample set, then the Honest John set is a real bargain.

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10. Whiskey Barrel Beverage Dispenser

classic bourbon barrel

This is an awesome centerpiece for a home bar or man-cave and gives a nice barrel aesthetic with an easy-to-use whiskey dispenser. You can put up to a full liter of their favorite whiskey (or whatever) and give them a gift they will enjoy looking at (and drinking from) for a long while. Reminiscent of a classic bourbon barrel, it is made to have a nice rustic look but is well-made, modern, and very durable.

A Guide to the Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 

  • Now maybe the best whiskey will still be their favorite whiskey, but you can try to introduce them to brands or distillers with a similar palette. Set up a tasting night for fun, then get him a few of his favorite bottles. If they like single malt Irish whiskey, there are many that you can come to love.
  • Old-fashioned handcrafted goods make for a unique gift. Specially designed oak barrels or a cask makes for a great display piece, though you should make sure they have the room for a whiskey barrel before you get them one. We made sure to include such an option here; many of these sites have similar options you can explore.
  • Perhaps you simply want to find the best Valentine’s Day gift for a whiskey aficionado that doesn’t require taking a trip to Scotland or Kentucky? A personalized Whiskey crate will allow you to give them something memorable and special at a very affordable price point.