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10 Gifts for Drummers That Show You Know Your Stuff

10 Gifts for Drummers That Show You Know Your Stuff

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

When you are trying to find a gift for drummers, it can be challenging to know what to look for. Drumming has many unique facets and is its own type of world in the universe of musical instruments that can be hard to understand at times.

But when you want to find something extraordinary for that drummer in your life, you sometimes need to make an effort and dip your toes into the drumming world.

To make this effort easier for you, we have put together this very quick item list and buying guide to help you find the perfect gift for your drummer. By the end, you should have a much better idea of where and why to buy a new drumming accessory or piece of a kit.

The Best Gift Ideas for Drummers for 2023

This is our list of best gifts for drummers. These items were based on a combination of durability, quality drum sound, and cost. Each of these makes for great gifts, if not unique gifts.

1. Promark FireGrain Rebound 5B Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks

durable 5b's made by Promark yet

These are supposedly the most durable 5b’s made by Promark yet and allow drummers to play longer with reduced excess vibration and a solid make – no weird gimmicks or new alloys.

These sticks are natural hickory harden by fire in a modernized “firegrain” process. The hickory is prized for its resilience, classic feel, and is highly responsive. The oval tip is designed to provide versatility and “a dark, warm tone”. These sticks go beyond simply meeting drummer needs, they enhance the playing.

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2. Korg TM-60 Tuner Metronome

KORG TM series Metronome and Tuners

The KORG TM series Metronome and Tuners are a remarkable and durable piece of technology that you can easily take on the road with you. The device has a larger display than past offerings, but maintains longer battery life and gives you fantastic pitch training and rhythm training without needing to switch modes. There is a backlit LCD screen so you can see clearly in low-light situations, and the detection ranges support a wide array of instruments.

3. Acoustic Design Electronic Drum Set

electronic drum set

An electronic drum set that “live and breathe like acoustic instruments”, this 4-piece set comes with a TD-27 module 14″ snare, 10″/14″ toms, and a 20″ kick drum. This is an amazing highly-portable electronic drum kit that provides the same look and ambiance as an acoustic drum kit, without the need to be so encumbered. You get four V-Drums with full-size wood shells and double-braced chrome stands as well as a digital snare, rack and floor toms, and an advanced TD-27 sound module.

4. TAMA Drum Multi-Tool

survival kit

Tama’s TMT9 tool includes a large array of utensils that every drummer needs to have and can be a real-life saver when you are out on the road. This survival kit has screwdriver heads, drum key sockets, hex wrenches, wing-nut looseners, and more – really something for almost all common drum and drum accessories.

5. Gibraltar Bass Drum Practice Pad

great bass drum practice pad

A good drum pad lets you practice without needing the household to put in earplugs. A great bass drum practice pad also does its best to recreate a bass drum’s look and feel. The Gibraltar Bass Drum Practice Pad is an amazing yet simple piece of equipment that you can easily secure to nearly any surface with the three large screw spurs and immediately go to town with subdued sounds.

6. Zildjian I Essentials Cymbal Pack

cymbal pack

Here’s a straightforward and cost-effective way to ensure you have Zildjian cymbals ready to go. This cymbal pack features hihats and a versatile crash/ride and goes well with almost any cymbal stands on the market today. Both the hihats and crash ride have a traditional finish and play exactly how one would expect.

7. Ludwig Supra-Phonic Snare Drum

Ludwig Supra-Phonic Snare Drum

The Ludwig Supra-Phonic Snare Drum is perhaps the most popular drum in recorded history. This drum has appeared on countless stages and tapes over the years and is a reliable and great-sounding addition to any set. The chrome-plated beaded aluminum shell is made in the USA and provides a crisp, full sound with perfect balance.

8. Pearl Vision Birch Floor Tom

Pearl Vision Birch Floor Tom

The Pearl Vision Birch Floor Tom is made from basswood and birch layers and this combination making up the shell allows the drum to still have substantial projection and power while maintaining higher frequencies found in smaller drums. It is a fantastic drum to tune low and provides a nice heavy sound.

Many of those who really like the drum will put on something like an Evans Onyx drum head to further enhance the sound.

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9. Vic Firth American Custom Timpani Mallets

Vic Firth American Custom Timpani Mallets

The Vic Firth American Custom Timpani Mallets are bigger and heavier than the T1 options and produce a truly magnificent sound. It is a simple and well-balanced mallet that is great for cymbal swells and allows one to play with reduced vibrations and wearing on the joints.

10. Jazz Drums with Peter Erskine

Jazz Drums with Peter Erskine

Jazz Drums with Peter Erskine is a high-quality set of lessons, drills, charts, and exercises made to take your playing to the next level. This advanced and modern course is great for 2021 as you can do it at home, and it allows you to send in a video of your paying for review and tips from the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning® platform.

This is a truly revolutionary way to help someone join and enhance their playing through a network of other musicians.

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A Guide to the Best Gifts for Drummers 

  • Musical instruments from different makers have different sounds; some are made for practice and travel, while others are made to be used on stage. If you are not sure what type of sounds they play or want, you should instead stick to accessories like a stick bag or drum key, both of which can make a perfect gift if the need is there.
  • Brands like Alesis, Evans, and Cajon are very popular and known for their reliability. The perfect gift may just be a replacement of an old piece with something quality from a good brand. Part of the joy of music is the simplicity of it, and while a drum set is perhaps the most complex of all instrument set-ups in common use, it is still about the simple enjoyment of playing.

Try and enhance the basics with a new work-a-day set of Vater sticks, or the way they carry and care for the basics. A great gift may just be a handy carrying bag and some cleaning gear.

  • If you want to introduce someone to the drums, make sure they have a place to practice and grow. Sometimes the greatest gift for a drummer is giving them space and time to make some noise. Either figure out a way to give them this space or find ways they can play quieter (sound-damping wall pieces, drum mufflers, etc.).

The Best Gifts for Drummers You Can Buy Today! 

Hopefully, these gift ideas will help you figure out just what to get that drummer in your life. Whether it is a Christmas gift or something “just because”, each one of these items is sure to bring a smile to their face – and they are all available for order today!