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10 Best Gifts for Campers Guide

10 Best Gifts for Campers Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Finding the perfect gift for the outdoorsy people in your life isn’t always easy. So we put together a list of ten gifts for campers, hikers, backpackers, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Find tailor-made suggestions for a backpacking enthusiast, camping gear for a whole family camping trip, even things made for car camping. By the end of the article, you should have no problem finding a great gift for a variety of outdoor lovers.

The Best Gift Ideas for Campers for 2023

Make someone a happy camper with these unique gifts.

1. NEMO Sonic Sleeping Bag

high-quality water-resistant sleeping bag

This is a high-quality, water-resistant sleeping bag that is perfect for hikers and backpackers enjoying a national park or some other outdoor adventure where the weather has a chance of getting harsh.

The goose down is ultralight, and the design of the bag makes it highly compressible, making it possible to sleep comfortably in multiple positions even on uneven ground. Another fantastic feature is the Thermo Gills™ which allows you to vent out excess heat (to avoid sweating) while still keeping out the cold.

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2. Mineral King™ 3 Tent

Standard tent

This is a standard tent that takes the basics to the next level. This tent does exactly what you need it to do and won an award for 2020 Outside Mag Gear of the Year due to its emphasis on allowing you to take in the scenery of the backcountry – the tent has a full mesh upper canopy that gives you great views while keeping you dry and safe from the wind.

The material is seam-taped for added waterproofing ability and has five built-in pockets that give you great interior storage. This tent is a fantastic addition to any camping trip and won’t break the bank.

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rechargeable devices camp stove

Now, you may have never thought about hooking your rechargeable devices up to your camp stove, but the energy generated by your campfire can now be used to cook your food and power your gadgets with the same charger you are used to using at home. The stove can generate roughly 3W of power when really cookin’. Light a fire, throw on some Bluetooth headphones and disappear into nature.

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4. DoubleNest Hammock

durable, light, and easy-to-pack-up hammock

This is a durable, light, and easy-to-pack-up hammock that allows you to recline in comfort in even the most remote areas. The DoubleNest is big enough for two and very spacious for single users. It only takes a few seconds to set up and is made from quick-drying breathable fabric with heavy-duty triple stitching, so it can stand up on even the most grueling expeditions.

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5. Flashlight with Cone

easy-to-pack yet powerful light

This easy-to-pack yet powerful light is a tiny Amp 1L and is designed to give off both impressive area illumination with the cone or a powerful spot beam otherwise. The light is a Maxbright LED, one of the most powerful on the market today, and is waterproof, down to 100m of water pressure. As an added bonus, it’s got a bottle opener on the back end, making it useful when the sun is out as well.

6. Coleman Smore Maker

Coleman Smore Maker

There is little that is more fun for a family than making s’mores around the fire pit. With the Coleman Smore Maker, you can cook your marshmallow and even warm up the chocolate in a safer and easier-to-handle method that avoids a lot of the gooey mess.

This is a simple chrome-plated grate s’more holder that allows you to secure the ingredients you wish to warm up. Less mess, better eating, and simpler cleanup!

7. GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set

GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set

The GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set is the easiest and most compact way to enhance your grilling, cooking, and clean up in the great outdoors. This zip-up bag contains everything you need, other than the literal cookware, to have yourself a gourmet meal. The set includes four full sets of cutlery, shaker modules for spices, and even a small cutting board.

Pair it with the Folding Campfire Grill or Solo Stove for some amazing outdoor cooking adventures. We also recommend the Jetboil Flash JavaKit Cooking System for coffee lovers.

8. Helinox Speed Stool

Helinox foldable camping chair

Until you have spent whole days in the woods on your feet, it can be hard to appreciate a good chair. Luckily this Helinox foldable camping chair lets you sit comfortably no matter where you roam. Easy to pack up and carry, this lightweight chair can be a real lifesaver for your feet and can keep you out of the dirt when eating.

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top-of-the-line bottle for hikers

Good camping Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers can be hard to find, but if you can find a stocking big enough, then this Yeti water bottle will do the job nicely. The Rambler® 26 oz. bottle is incredibly durable, dishwasher safe, and easy to handle and carry. This is a top-of-the-line bottle for hikers, campers, and outdoorsmen around the world.

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10. 5.11 Tactical Response XR1 Headlamp

high-end headlamp

This is a high-end headlamp that can deliver up to 1,000 lumens in spotlight mode and also has a very powerful floodlight mode. When you are going out into the wilderness at night, this is a great way to ensure you know exactly where you are going. The set comes with plenty of added features for your tactical operators and is truly a great purchase for a wide range of night-time outdoor needs.

A Guide to the Best Gifts for Campers

When you are unsure of what gift to give an avid camper, you should focus on camping necessities and enhancing those areas. These areas can be roughly summed up by:

The campsite

This is the most necessary area and refers to the shelter needed when camping. This includes the tent, sleeping bag, lamps, chairs, and storage containers (such as a cooler).

The camp kitchen

This refers to the food, water, and firepit items such as fire starters, fire materials, cooking pots and pans, grill rack utensils, bottle openers, cutting boards, and other such items.

Clothing and hygiene

These are two groups, but both are pretty straightforward. Clothing refers to the clothes, jackets, swimsuits, gloves, etc., you need when heading into the great outdoors.

Hygiene items are the items you need to stay clean and healthy. Hygiene items campers need include first aid kits, toothbrush carrying set, baby wipes, towels, medications, and menstrual products.

Other key camping items

Some other necessary items will include sunscreen, insect repellant, field guides, and any fun activities to enjoy.

Buying the Right Gift

Once you have gone over those areas you should have made a general list of items you think they may want or need. Remember that much of the joy of comping comes from making do with less, so don’t overdo it with pure comfort items.