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Best Family Christmas Gifts (2021 Guide)

Choosing a family gift can be difficult because each family member has a different personality. Mom may love cooking and baking while dad is way more into sports. The kids have completely different interests than the parents.

While it may seem challenging, there are thoughtful and unique family Christmas gifts out there that each member of the family will love. You can choose to go with a personalized gift for the whole family, games, even matching pajamas (who doesn’t love matching Christmas pajamas?).

Quality time is something that every family enjoys, so consider a family gift that will allow them to spend more time together and enjoy everyone’s company. Everyone will appreciate a gift that brings them together with laughs and fun.

Take a look and see if you can find some good family Christmas gifts in the following list:

Top 12 Best Family Christmas Gift Ideas in 2021

1. Spikeball 3-Ball Set

Spikeball 3 Ball Set game

Spikeball is all the rage these days! Bring it to the beach, to the backyard or to the park. Fun for the whole family and easily portable.

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2. Personalized Family Mugs

Ceramic coffee mugs

These ceramic coffee mugs are the perfect gift for coffee and hot chocolate lovers. You get to create characters of each family member to be printed on these adorable family set of mugs. One side of the mug features the characters that were created by an artist, while the other side has the family name and year established (this is optional).

The website offers a very detailed personalization method. First you input the family name with a maximum of fifteen characters and the year established with a maximum of four characters. After that, you get to get into the personal descriptions.

For each mug you order, you will be able to add a first name to make it even more personal. You can then choose a female character, male character, or a child character. If you select male or female, you are given fourteen style designs to choose from that best fit the look of the family members. If you select child, there are seventeen style designs. You can customize skin color, hair color, and clothing color.

Before you place your order, you are able to preview the choices you made to make sure the gift is perfect. It also gives you a ship date, so you know exactly when to order it to make sure it is delivered on time.

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3. Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Matching Christmas pajamas

PatPat is an online boutique that offers a very wide range of outfits and clothing for everyone in your family. The best part of this website is absolutely the matching Christmas pajamas. They have several pages of pajamas to choose from.

The sizes for the set are as follows; baby sizes are 0-18 months, kid’s sizes are 2 years to 9 years, women is offered in small, medium, large, extra-large, and men is offered medium, large, extra-large and XXL. Some matching sets even offer a size for your furry family member, too.

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4. Personalized Family Candle

Personalized candles

Candles are always a fantastic gift idea. What makes them even better? When they don’t feel like a last-minute gift. If you order a personalized candle with a custom message and a family name, they will definitely appreciate the effort put in.

There are thirteen scents offered; apple cider donuts, crème brulee, cranberry apple marmalade, eucalyptus mint, good karma, oakmoss and amber, banana nut bread, pumpkin spice, fallen leaves, black amber and plum, fireside, cabin nights, and autumn wreath. They have descriptions of each scent so you can pick the scent you think the family will like best.

For the personalization, you are able to add a family name on the front of the candle, and you can write a special message on the back of the candle.

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5. Grilled Cheese Toaster

Adorable toaster

If you ask anyone what they ate the most when they were growing up, I guarantee they will say grilled cheese. This super adorable toaster is made specifically for easy grilled cheese making. Included are two removable toasting baskets and a drip tray for easy cleaning.

Featured on the toaster, there is an adjustable toasting dial, a cancel button, a preheat button, and a defrost button, cool touch technology on the handles, and a cord wrap for easy and neat storage. This toaster is 600 watts and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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6. Indoor Snowball Fight

Indoor snowball fight gift

For the families who maybe don’t get snow, or just don’t like being cold, this indoor snowball fight gift is a great idea. The game includes twenty plush, perfectly round snowballs. You don’t need to worry about hurting anyone in the family or breaking any furniture.

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7. Scary Stories Box Set

Book set are Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

If the family you are shopping for is really into sharing scary stories with each other, this book set will get them really excited. The books included in this set are Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, More Scary Stories, and Scary Stories 3.

The first book tells stories that are full of horror, revenge, and plenty of supernatural events. There are several escapes from death in these stories, the whole family will enjoy reading this one together. The second and third books include stories with similar themes to the first book.

In addition to the book series, there is also a movie based on the first book. The whole family will enjoy reading the books and watching the movie together.

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8. Indoor S’mores Maker

Best Family Christmas Gifts (2021 Guide) Image 1

S’mores are usually a summer or fall treat because they are made over a fire. But what if your teen is obsessed with s’mores year-round? This indoor s’more maker is electric powered, so it is safe to use inside.

Included in this kit are the stainless-steel electric range, removable grill plate, cord to plug in to an outlet, plastic tray with compartments to hold marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate, and four marshmallow roasting skewers. The only thing not included is the food!

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9. Roomba

Extra powerful Roomba Vacuum

This is a gift that your grandparents will love. A vacuum that does all of the work for them and is very efficient at its job. A Roomba delivers extra powerful suction for great pick-up performance. Roomba can also learn cleaning habits and offers personalized cleaning schedules for maximum efficiency.

The Roomba maps out your floor plan and cleans every part of the floor and won’t stop until it is finished. It cleans floors logically in straight rows, using tracking sensors to navigate through your home.

Featuring multi-service rubber brushes, the Roomba is perfect for pet owners. The rubber brushes adjust to carpets and hard floors. The high-efficiency filter collects 99% of pet dander and allergens.

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10. 12 Days of Christmas Tower

Tower of twelve boxes

A tower of twelve boxes makes for a festive advent calendar. Each drawer is filled with something sweet and gourmet. The drawers also have cutouts, so it is easy to pull them out to find what special treat that day holds.

Some of the treats included are moose munch popcorn in caramel and chocolate, chocolate-covered cherries, milk chocolate mini mints, a couple different types of truffles, and a few more surprise treats.

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11. Panini Sandwich Maker

panini sandwich maker

This panini maker is perfect for families because it can make up to 4 sandwiches at a time. A built in LCD display panel with a temperature and time controls. Safe touch handle and drip tray make for a healthier meal, and easy preparation for your desired ingredients so you can have all the deliciousness you want.

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12. Tic Tac Toe Wood Coffee Table Game

Best Family Christmas Gifts (2021 Guide) Image 2

The classic board game gets a classy makeover with this wooden rendition of tic tac toe. Made from solid blond wood, the flattering color fits well with any décor and it encourages interaction. One look at this board on a table and it’s game on.

A great gift for cousins that you’re ultra-competitive with or for your own home, it is stylish and a great way to get any member of the family talking.


There are so many more great family gift ideas out there. If these gifts don’t grab your attention, use them as inspiration for your shopping. It won’t take long to find the best gift once you get started looking.

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