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Best 50th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas (2021 Guide)

50 years of marriage is a landmark event to celebrate! Only a little over 5% of couples in the US stay married for 50 years, so there’s a good reason why a special occasion like this doesn’t happen that often. And an even better reason to celebrate!

There’s so much to be done to celebrate this anniversary year, gifts and parties included. Finding the right anniversary gifts for the year can be a really crucial task, so how do you do it?

Gold is the traditional gift of the 50th anniversary – hence why its name is the “golden wedding anniversary”. Spending extra to get something special is definitely worth the time. Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite gifts for 50th year anniversaries.

Top 7 Best 50th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas in 2021

1. 50th Anniversary Frame

Personalize particular frame with special engraving

A picture frame is a really simple way to make sure that your loved one can really remember everything about their 50th wedding anniversary and the parts of your family tree that were involved.

This particular frame has a special engraving that you can personalize for them, allowing you to put together a 50th wedding anniversary gift that is quintessentially them and their relationship. This special frame memorializes their long relationship in a big way!

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2. 50th Wedding Anniversary Sundial

Elegant handcrafted sundials

Are you thinking about the perfect gift that’s a little more unique for your loved ones? These handcrafted sundials are an excellent way to ensure that this special occasion is marked appropriately. They are attractive pieces that are designed to be durable, elegant, and simple, and the sundial will be cherished for many, many years.

The sundial is 6.25 inches and it has a bracket installed so that the lucky couple can display it indoors like a picture frame. The company also offers large pedestal stands that have been specially designed for their sundials, so they can display them outdoors, if they wish.

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3. 50th Anniversary Personalized Snow Globe

Beautiful snow globe

Whether your loved ones are snowbirds that travel to the South during the winter months, or they’re the type to enjoy the snow in Colorado, a beautiful snow globe can be a fun keepsake to memorialize this important occasion in their lives.

This heirloom-quality piece has a beautiful, ornate heart as the centerpiece. The snow globe also has music – wind up the crank and you’ll hear Pachelbel’s Canon. The plate on the bottom can be personalized with a wedding date, the names of the couple, or whatever else that you want to have on it.

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4. 50th Anniversary Sculpture for Parents

Unique neat three-dimensional figurines

If you’re looking for something a little more unique as a 50th year anniversary gift for parents, then you’ve got to take a look at these neat three-dimensional figurines. They’re handmade; all that the company needs to finish this one-of-a-kind happy anniversary present is a picture of your parents.

The bodies and heads are made from high-end polymer clay so that it lasts a long time. Some details are made from other materials in order to give them the “look” that you’re going for. You can choose between bobble heads or standard figurines, too.

5. Mrs. Always Right Fun Golden 50th Anniversary Travel Mug

Personalize particular mugs have a rubber-lined lid

Travel mugs are always a fun keepsake to give to your loved ones, because everyone needs them sometimes, they come in all shapes and styles and are easy to make into a personalized gift.

These particular mugs have a rubber-lined lid, which holds it tight so that nothing spills out of it. The fun design (Mrs. Always Right with her name) is cute and shows off the fun in your relationship.

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6. Keepsake 50th Gold Wedding Anniversary Ornament

Beautiful gold acrylic ornaments

Christmas ornaments are a beautiful 50th wedding anniversary gift, and they can be cherished in your home for a lifetime.

These acrylic ornaments (complete with a lovely ribbon) helps to commemorate the 50th anniversary with some beautiful gold throughout it. The ornament is heavy and durable, and buyers have the option to purchase a stand to go with it so that you can use it year-round.

7. Anniversary Memories Personalized Frame

Beautiful heavyweight glass accented with golden brass

Any sort of picture frame is a lovely gift idea when you want to be sure that you get a golden anniversary gift that you can appreciate.

The frame is thick, heavyweight glass and accented with golden brass, allowing for a beautiful production that works well for any family. It can hold 4 x 6 inch pictures, and the entire piece is 11 inches by 8 inches.

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50th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Buying Guide

As you shop around for what it is that you’d like to purchase, you want to be sure that you consider everything that’s available. Here are some of the things that you’ll want to look for.


The 50th anniversary is best known as the “golden anniversary” because golden gifts are the ones that are most commonly given. Now, you don’t necessarily need to have 18 karat gold on everything – but you can get gold-plated options, or brass gold. If it looks like gold, it’s still a good choice for a golden anniversary.


One of the hardest things about the golden anniversary is finding something “golden” that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. But, if you’re willing to shop around online and check out all of the different options that crafters have available, you’re sure to find something that fits within your budget while also telling the lucky couple how much you care about them.


Lastly, you want to find 50th anniversary gifts that are unique. Everyone tries to go for the same things on the golden anniversary – champagne flutes, cufflinks, and other similar gifts.

You want to get something memorable that they are going to want to show off and keep around for the long term, so shopping around and having fun with it can be a really great way to take care of things. Shop around for different items and see what stands out to you!

Mementos, Wedding Photos, and Anniversary Parties

50th wedding anniversaries come around so rarely, so it’s important to make it something that your loved ones are going to remember for the rest of their lives. Start it off by exploring all sorts of 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas and finding the one that will help your parents or grandparents know just how much you love and appreciate them.

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