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Best Organic Makeup Brands Review

Best Organic Makeup Brands Review

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

When you’re searching for makeup that looks great and is good for you and the environment, you want the real deal. In the past, it was nearly impossible to find vibrant, beautiful makeup that was sustainably made and sourced. Fortunately, the beauty market has come a long way.

Today, there are dozens of cosmetic companies that are offering green and clean cosmetics.

Whether you’re looking for something that’s organic, vegan, or environmentally conscious, there are products and businesses out there that fit the bill. That’s why we put together this list of the top organic makeup brands that are on the market today.

The Best Organic & Natural Makeup Brands in 2023


RMS beauty make up

RMS Beauty goes beyond mere
‘organic’ status. This is why they’ve committed to a higher standard than the
USDA’s organic certification. They disallow all refined, bleached, and
deodorized products (all of which the USDA allows).

And they create their colors
with natural dyes and pigments. This means that all of their products are free
of silicone, paraben preservatives, and other chemical coatings.

They also place a high value on
plant products like coconut oil, cocoa butter, rosemary extract, and similar
ingredients. You can find a listing of every one of their beauty ingredients
(as well as it’s organic/wildcrafted status) on their ‘About Us’ page.

Finally, RMS Beauty believes in more than safe products, they’re committed to a transparent and environmentally conscious way of doing business that pervades everything they do. Their lines of face, lip, and eye makeup is unparalleled in its sustainability in beauty.

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Cosmetic set from W3ll people

W3ll People was founded by a
team consisting of an a-list cosmetics pro, a board-certified dermatologist,
and a marketing strategist who had worked for Fortune 500 companies like Whole
Foods. Together, they have created a line of makeup that is affordable,
socially responsible, and beautiful.

They strive to create makeups that provide a natural, ‘no-makeup’ look using the latest non-toxic formulas and ingredients. By focusing on organic, plant-based products like aloe, chamomile, and green tea, W3ll People has been able to create makeups that moisturize and soothe the skin while covering blemishes and adding highlights.

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Gabriel nail polish

Gabriel De Santino founded his
eponymous company in 1992 when the organic beauty market was still an infant.
Gabriel grew up off the coast of Mexico and was heavily influenced by a
grandmother who practiced holistic healing and care. When he got older, he took
the lessons he learned as a child and incorporated them into his line of
organic, vegan, and gluten-free skincare and cosmetics.

And the commitment to green
practices doesn’t end with Gabriel Cosmetic’s use of natural and organic
products. They also have several programs that are built for sustainability,
including a recycling program that allows customers to return five Gabriel
Cosmetic containers in exchange for a free lipstick, as well as the ability to
refill powder compacts.

These practices and quality ingredients have made Gabriel Cosmetics a leading company in the organic fashion industry – and one to consider when looking for organic makeup brands.

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Elate cosmetics product

One of Elate’s taglines is
“Gorgeously green.” But it’s more than a tagline, it’s a commitment that
they’ve made to create face, eyes, and lip makeup that is beautiful, healthy
for your skin, and environmentally friendly.

They have a number of programs
in place to increase transparency and sustainability. One of the unique
features of their websites is the page called “perfectly imperfect.” There, you
can find products that don’t meet their visual quality standards but which they
don’t want to throw out. So, you can find dented and scratched products that
are safe to use and less expensive. This is just one of the ways that they are
working to reduce waste and increase sustainability.

And since all products are created with ingredients that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free as well as 75% organic, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality, wholesome product when you buy from Elate.

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Juice Beauty cosmetics

When Karen Behnke got pregnant
at 40, she began to think more about the personal care products that she was
using on her body. This led her to gather a team of California-based skincare
experts who would go on to found Juice beauty, and award-winning skincare and
makeup company that offers USDA certified organic products using sustainable
manufacturing processes.

Their goal is simple: to create high-performance, high-quality skincare and makeup that heals the skin as it enhances. And they do this all by sourcing ingredients from local, organic farmers.

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There are a number of
certifications that you should be on the lookout for as you make your cosmetic
choices. One of the most coveted is the USDA organic certification that goes on
products that are created using high standards and from organic ingredients.

And remember that just because
something has the word ‘natural’ on the bottle, it doesn’t guarantee that it’s
healthier for you. The word ‘natural’ doesn’t require any standard or
certification to be placed in makeup marketing. As long as it contains plant or
animal byproducts, it can be considered ‘natural.’

Over 80% of what you put on
your skin is absorbed into your body. When you cover your face with toxic
chemicals and synthetic additives, you are endangering your long-term health
and beauty. This is what makes finding a high-quality organic makeup brand such
an important task for women in the modern world.

Fortunately, more and more
companies are taking notice. And this means that there are growing options for
women who want to find makeup that will cover blemishes and enhance their
natural beauty while being sustainable, healthy, and affordable.

And though we’ve only been able
to highlight five of these companies, there are dozens of others out there that
are committed to the same practices and standards as those mentioned above. So,
as you look for your next foundation or lipstick, be on the lookout for these
certifications and commitments.

You simply can’t go wrong when
you purchase makeup from a company that’s committed to ethical practices,
sustainability, organic ingredients, and high quality. And if they’re
affordable, well… that’s just icing on the cake.