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Best Natural Shampoo Brands Review

Best Natural Shampoo Brands Review

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Shampoo and skincare are two of
life’s most essential daily products. They’re part of our routines. But when we
discover that our shampoo contains harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients
that are damaging our hair and bodies, while they are supposedly ‘clean’… well,
something has to be done.

Finding an all-natural or organic shampoo brand isn’t as easy as browsing your local grocery store for organic strawberries. Many shampoos most essential ingredients are very difficult to find as certified organic. And of the natural shampoo brands that have discovered ways to create products that are organic and all-natural, there are some that fail to work as well as traditional products.

Consider these five great natural shampoo brands.

The Best Natural & Organic Shampoos in 2023


Acure dry shampoo

Acure is a skin and hair
wellness brand that focuses on nourishing skin, hair, and the environment. They
don’t allow any parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, paraffin, mineral oil, or
animal testing in their products. And they offer both traditional shampoo and
conditioner as well as drive shampoo and shampoo bars. And you can search their
products by hair type or benefit, making finding the right shampoo for you
incredibly easy and convenient.

And while they aren’t certified organic, they are 100% vegan and they’re committed to using the highest quality ingredients available. So, if you’re looking for a stylish, health-conscious shampoo brand, you can’t go wrong with Acure.

Shop at Acure to help support this brand.


Andalou naturals  shampoo and conditioner

Stacey Kelly Egide started
Andalou Naturals with one goal in mind: “To create an empowerment brand with a
mission to influence the industry to do better.” It’s a commitment that she’s
followed through on with nearly every decision that your company has made.

The use of a signature innovation
called PhytoCellTec Fruit Stem Cell Science to infuse their products with
powerful natural ingredients like turmeric, kombucha, and probiotics. This will
give your hair the boost it needs to look its best, and it will do it a healthy
and natural way.

As one of the US’s leading skincare brand in the natural channel, Andalou Naturals provides some of the highest quality shampoo and conditioner on the market today. And in addition to shampoo, they offer hair masks, styling products, and dozens of skincare options.

Shop at Andalou Naturals to help support this brand.


Mighty mane shampoo from Poofy Organics

Poofy Organics was founded in
2006 after one of the founder’s family members was diagnosed with cancer. This
led them to stop using products that were filled with dangerous chemicals and
toxins. Unfortunately, finding those kinds of products wasn’t always easy. And
so, Poofy Organics was born.

They are committed to providing
high-quality shampoos and cosmetics with no synthetic ingredients, parabens,
GMOs, or other harmful chemicals. And they also implement green practices in the
manufacturing and shipping of all their products. Because of this, they have
dozens of products that are USDA certified as organic. And even the products
that aren’t certified, only fail the test because they contain ingredients
necessary to the product’s production that can’t be consumed (and that’s one of
the USDA’s certified organic standards).

They also make a lengthy
‘ingredients’ page available that details exactly what non-organic items are in
their shampoos and other cosmetics.

Poofy Organics offers a complete range of hair and skin care products, from hair sculpting wax to lice prevention shampoo, and everything in between.

Shop at Poofy Organics to help support this brand.


Ursa major go easy shampoo

Follain was started because its
founder realized that she had a blind spot in her healthy lifestyle. Though she
was dedicated to exercising and eating clean, she wasn’t considering the
chemicals and toxins she was applying to her skin each and every day.

This history is what has guided
Follain over the past six years. And it’s developed it into a leader in the
natural shampoo and skincare industry.

They follow a painstaking
process to ensure that all products are created with healthy ingredients that
are good for the environment and sustainable. And they make a list of
restricted ingredients available on their website so you can know the things
that you’ll never find in one of their shampoos.

And with dozens of shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and treatments, you can find everything you need for your hair’s beauty and health at Follain.

Shop at Follain to help support this brand.

Are Natural Shampoos Better?

Some shampoos can leave hair feeling wilted or frizzy. However, there have been a few brands that have been so committed to environmentally friendly, sustainable, healthy shampoo (and the highest quality standards) that they’ve done the necessary work required to create products that work effectively and are good for you in the environment. Finding a natural shampoo is the best option when it comes to your health and the health of the environment.

So, if you want to find a natural shampoo brand, you don’t have to settle for weak shampoo. You have options available to you that can meet your hair’s needs and do so in a healthy way.

Keep it Clean

Shampoo and conditioners are
products that we put on our bodies several times every week. When toxins and
dangerous chemicals are included, it only increases the potential for future
health problems. In fact, as we’ve seen on this list, health concerns are one
of the driving reasons for many organic shampoo brands being created in the
first place.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice
your health to achieve beautiful, shimmering hair. And with the organic brands
we’ve mentioned above, you don’t have to. But don’t think that these are your
only options today, dozens of companies are realizing the need for healthy,
natural shampoo. And as time goes on more and more brands will follow suit. As
with any new formula, it will take time to refine and perfect the process, so
patience is required.

More businesses than ever are
sitting up and noticing that consumers want environmentally friendly options
that they can be confident in. As you search for the natural shampoo brand for
you, make sure that you’re on the lookout for companies that use organic
ingredients and avoid harmful parabens and other toxic, unnecessary additives.