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Best Eco-Friendly Products Review

Making your home more environmentally sound starts with ensuring that you are trying your best to purchase only eco-friendly products.

Eco-friendly products have been shown to not only have a better effect on the environment, but they also reduce the number of harmful chemicals found inside your home.

For this reason, more homeowners than ever are making the switch over to greener products.

To help you in your efforts to have a more environmentally sound home, we have put together this quick shopping guide to the best eco-friendly products for your household in 2023.

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Best Environmentally Friendly Products for Your Home in 2023

1. ECOS Plus Liquid Laundry Detergent

Ecos plus stain fighting enzymes

This eco-friendly laundry detergent is not only incredibly effective but it is also made by a fantastic company. ECOS is the first business of its kind to be carbon neutral, Platinum Zero Waste Certified, water neutral, and runs on 100% renewable energy! There may be no other company making detergent that can claim to be as sustainable.

The detergent itself uses powerful enzymes rather than harsh chemicals to lift stains and dirt off you and your family’s clothes. It even has a natural built-in fabric softener to save you from needing to use other chemicals in the wash cycle.

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2. Kopari Beauty Original Coconut Deodorant

Kopari deodorant coconut oil

This eco-friendly deodorant from Kopari is one of the top aluminum-free deodorants available. The unique recipe of the deodorant is also made without using phthalates, parabens, SLS, or mineral oils. Everything you get from Kopari is also 100% Vegan & cruelty-free.

To fight odor, this natural coconut mix includes arrowroot powder, baking soda, and powerful enzymes. Kopari’s unique mixture of natural ingredients based on traditional formulas is quickly growing in popularity due to not only its effectiveness but the gentleness with which the product operates on the skin. For those looking to switch over into more natural deodorants, consider using a pore cleanser like the Coconut & Charcoal Underarm Detox Scrub to remove any leftover clogging from past products.

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3. Reusable Beeswax Wrap for Food

Beeswax food wrap from JustBee

Look to the past for better food wraps. I think we all know that the large amount of plastic waste making its way into our waterways and planet each year is becoming a huge issue. The amount of plastic bags and plastic wrap used each year across the planet is immense and accounts for a large percentage of plastic usage that ends up in the trash. Luckily, there are still eco-friendly food storage alternatives available like Bee’s Wraps.

Beeswax ‘Bee’s wraps’, traditionally cotton with food-grade beeswax, went back centuries and was used to preserve food for short periods without needing plastic. Recent studies have shown that beeswax’s microbial effects make it more effective than we had once thought! So beeswax actually works better than plastic wrap as well. Some of the best wraps you can get are from JustBee and are eco-friendly, sustainably made, and biodegradable.

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4. Threads 4 Thought Clothing: Women’s Easy Sneakers

Apparel and eco-friendly shoes from Thread4Thought

Clothing is another essential aspect of everyday life that we should ensure is being created in an environmentally friendly environment.

Threads4THought has an entire lineup of apparel and eco-friendly shoes that are made with products like chromeFree leather, vegan suede, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. Their shoes alone are simply beautiful pieces of art area, a testament to what can be done with natural materials.

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5. Personalized Wooden Cell Phone Speaker

Eco-friendly and simple phone wooden speaker

Whether trying to find alternatives to common plastic items or eco-friendly gifts, there is no replacing the work of quality craftsmen in natural materials.  Nice wooden crafts with modern functionality are also some of the more clever ways to bring your home into a more environmentally friendly state.

This simple phone amplifying creation is made from sustainable and reclaimed walnut wood. Due to natural materials usage, each piece will also be unique, making it a fantastic gift or desk piece.

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6. Merino Organic Mattress

Natural and eco-friendly mattress

What is a home without a place to lay your head? You need beds for your household, so why not ensure everyone in your family is sleeping on a natural and eco-friendly mattress.

The Merino Organic Mattress is a fantastic and comfortable piece that is made from organic cotton flannel, organic wool, and is all natural. Have your family sleep every night free of harmful chemicals!

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7. Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook

Black eco-friendly school supplies notebook

Some eco-friendly school supplies help the environment in unorthodox ways. For those who need to write things down but don’t want to continually waste paper, there are now solutions. Everything you write down in this notebook is easily transferable to a digital format, making it easy to save your work, and with water and the correct pens, you can reuse every physical page.

This is an example of how we can begin moving away from single-use paper products, especially in paper-heavy areas like school. There are a lot of new eco-friendly products coming out each day that can help get you through the next school year with a minimal carbon footprint.

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8. Waterpik EcoFlow Handheld Shower

Waterpik ecoflow 4 spray handheld shower

The Waterpik EcoFlow is a chrome 4-spray handheld shower head that will save you both time and money with its proprietary OptiFLOW technology system.

This Waterpik shower head is able to reduce the amount of water you are using, which will benefit the environment and your wallet. At the same time, you are not losing water pressure since the advanced technology is able to channel the water to increase its flow when it arrives at the showerhead.

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9. Pet Life Eco-Paw Eco-Friendly Pet Bed

100% recyclable filler

This little bed is the perfect earth-friendly addition to the home for your furry family member. It’s made from a 100% recyclable filler and its reversible fleece is made from Sherpa cotton.

Your pup will thank you for helping them do their part for our planet too!

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10. Organic Chicken Dog Training Treats

Full moon training treats all natural and grain free

Here’s another earth-friendly item for your canine companion.  These Full Moon brand treats are organic and don’t rely on added flavors or colors. It is all delicious free-range chicken, all rated for human consumption.

Make sure your dog feels the love and stays environmentally conscious with natural, tasty treats.

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11. Eco Advance Mold Resistant Waterproofer

Concrete and masonry siloxane waterproofer by Eco advance

The Eco Advance mold resistant, mildew resistant waterproofer is clear and perfect for use on the brick, stucco, and concrete around your home. This is a unique formula with no odors and is safe to walk on within a couple of hours. All the ingredients are eco-friendly as well, so you won’t be putting harmful chemicals into the ground.

This waterproofer is water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, and the ideal choice for protecting surfaces your family will be living around. The new formula also allows it to be applied at temperatures just above freezing.

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12. Citrus Magic Air Freshener

100% Organic Odor Eliminating air freshener

Citrus Magic Air Fresheners are 100% organic and made to harness natural scents and odors rather than air sanitization through chemicals.

Lavender, citrus oils, and essential oils work in tandem to create a lovely natural scent. The combination of oils and natural fragrances will last longer than typical perfume and gas fresheners.

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13. Love Home & Planet Dish Liquid

Love home and planet cuts through grease fast dish liquid

Natural cleaning products are better and safer than ever. While many organic cleaning products are thought to be less effective, this dish soap breaks the trend. All products they put out are dermatologist tested, made with water and carbon-conscious methods, and are effective at keeping you clean.

Love Home & Planet dish soap is made by a company that truly believes in organics and earth first initiatives. If you want the best in natural cleaning alternatives, Love Home & Planet is amongst the best. They have multiple products made to work with your dishwasher and keep it working at its best.

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14. Waffle-Terry Organic Bath Towel

Bath towels organic

Very little in your home touches your skin as much as your towels. With something you come into contact with consistently, you should ensure your towel is made from natural and organic materials.

These bath towels are certified organic by GOTS and can be bought in a complete set. Make sure your skin is getting only the best.

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15. Organic Cotton Duvet Cover

Duvet cover organic

Just like towels, your blankets are in daily contact with you. This duvet cover is stonewashed and also certified organic by GOTS. Oeko-Tex has also certified it for sustainable production practices, as well as being free of harmful substances, acidity, and chemicals.

Get the full bed set and ensure your spending every night blanketed by natural and sustainably made materials.

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16. Ethique Eco-Friendly Healing Kiwi Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bar for touchy scalps 110g

Cruelty-free and vegan products make the planet smile. This shampoo is soap-free, pH balanced, and enhanced with natural oils (like kiwi and coconut oil), oats, and calendula. A single bar equals three bottles of regular shampoo and proves that even natural products can work to fight issues like itchy scalps.

Ethique has a broader range of soaps, conditioner, and many other products with similar natural ingredients; they prove that natural cleaning products are better and safer than ever.

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17. Eco Style Professional Styling Gel

Eco style professional styling get black castor and flaxseed oil

This hair gel helps to heal your hair rather than harm it like other styling products. Black castor and flaxseed oil, along with wheat proteins, help to strengthen hair follicles and provide an excellent natural hold.

Just because you are a friend of the planet is no reason to go out without a bit of styling.

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18. Oalen Activated Carbon Teeth Whitening 

Activated coconut charcoal powder natural teeth whitener

While charcoal powder can look pretty strange when used with a toothbrush for cleaning your teeth, its effects really are amazing. Rightly touched with coconut, this charcoal toothpaste works to absorb the stains from your teeth.

Check the ingredients list of your current toothpaste, and you may see why so many are making the switch to natural alternatives.

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19. Natural Beeswax Wood Cleaner

Organic beeswax 100% Natural

Most homes have quite a bit of wooden furniture, and many heirlooms are nice wooden pieces passed down for generations. Regardless of age, all woods need a bit of polish from time to time. Now, you have to ask yourself if you want to use harsh chemicals to treat so many items around your home or a natural, safe product like beeswax.

Organic beeswax is ideal for giving wood a protective finish and preserving it for years to come. Like other organic cleaning products some worry about the efficacy of beeswax, but it has shown to be highly effective over time.

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20. Organic Bamboo Straw

High quality Organic Bamboo straws

Finally, some stylish reusable straws! We all want to use less plastic, and one of the most commonly used single-use plastic items around the world are straws. At the same time, we like to use straws. Have the best of both worlds with organic bamboo straws made from high-quality bamboo fibers.

Use these straws for a while and then switch them out – cheap, easy, and sustainable. It also means you won’t be having to put fast-food chain grade plastic in your mouth anymore. These are, of course, compostable and will work for most standard water bottles. Grab a reusable water bottle and a reusable straw, and you are hydrating the earth-friendly way.

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21. Equal Exchange Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee

Equal Exchange fairly traded coffee

Most of us love coffee but is the coffee we buy sustainably and naturally grown? Do you know what you are really drinking? With Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee you no longer need to wonder about these things. Equal Exchange coffee is fair trade and organic.

This coffee is also sourced directly from small scale farmers to create a more sustainable supply chain. Fill your coffee cup up with something great.

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22. PUR Faucet Mount – Stainless Steel

faucet mount kitchen gadgets

Water straight from the tap can taste metallic and may contain contaminants. Bottled water can provide clean filtered water, but the plastic bottles never disintegrate and pollute landfills.

With this PUR faucet filter, you can get refreshing, ice cold filtered water directly from your kitchen sink. Just install a disposable filter inside the device, connect it to your faucet and enjoy clean water that’s free from mineral deposits and other particles that affect taste and purity.

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23. Waste King Food Waste Disposer, L-8000 1 HP, EZ-Mount

waste king kitchen gadgets

Stop wasting money and plastic buying garbage bags for unused or spoiled food. With this garbage disposal from Walmart, you can dispose of your food quickly and without filling up your trash bin with spoiled or leftover food.

This garbage disposal’s stainless steel design means it will hold up to even the toughest jobs and will last for years. It’s also insulated, which means its operation is much quieter than most garbage disposals on the market.

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24. InfusionPro Water Bottle

infusion pro water bottle

Bad News: Disposable plastic water bottles take thousands of years to dissolve and contribute to huge landfills throughout the world.

The Fix: It is always an excellent idea to stay fully hydrated – may it be at work or at play. Still, that’s no excuse to overflow our trash cans with discarded bottles. Instead, we can choose reusable water bottles. You’ll stay just as refreshed, with less plastic mess.

Our favorite: Infuser Water Bottle from Amazon. This bottle allows you to add slices of fresh fruit inside it for a drink both sweet and vitamin packed.

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25. Biodegradable Laptop by Asus

Bambo Asus labptop

The Bad News: Laptops are made with plastic and other heavy metals that use large amounts of natural resources to manufacture. They are also very difficult to breakdown.

The Fix: Eco-friendly adjustments to laptops have made a much appreciated appearance! The idea is to reduce the use of metal and replace it will natural materials.

Our Favorite: Asus released the U2E Bamboo-series of laptops to provide consumers with a laptop made of renewable sources.

26. NOOK HD 9” Tablet 32GB Memory


The Bad News: While diving into a good book is always an excellent way to spend an afternoon, we know that those captivating pages are made from our friends the trees. Not to mention, stashing several heavy books in your bag can really weigh you down!

The Fix: E-readers significantly cut back on paper waste and provide a convenient way to have hundreds of books on hand everywhere you go.

Our Favorite: Sleek and sturdy, the NOOK HD 9” Tablet from Walmart is an e-reader made to last.

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27. LG High-Efficiency Top-Loading Washer

High Efficiency Washer from LG

The Bad News: Washing machines are one of the greatest conveniences of the modern age, but many are wasteful and use enormous amounts of water and electricity to wash a single load of clothes.

The Fix: There is now a better, faster way to get through Laundry Day. High-efficiency washers cut down on the amount of water used and wash time. You conserve water and lower your power bills.

Our Favorite: The LG High-Efficiency Washer from Best Busy helps protect the environment, while still ensuring your clothes are bright and clean.

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28. Apple TV

Apple TV

The Bad News: Cluttering your home with plastic CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray cases and disks is both wasteful and a hassle to organize!

The Fix: You can switch all your favorite media from hard copies to digital streaming.

Our Favorite: The sleek Apple TV device from Target hooks up to your HDTV and allows you to stream movies, music and television shows directly to your television. You can even store your purchased library or rent media on-demand.

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29. LG 60LA7400 60-Inch HDTV


The Bad News: For years, big-screen televisions were notorious for sucking up electricity and putting out huge amounts of heat directly into people’s homes.

The Fix: Thankfully, LCD and plasma technology has made televisions lighter, thinner, and less power-hungry.

Our Favorite: LG has taken that one step further with this 60-inch model available at Amazon. It is one of the most energy-efficient on the market.

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30. Bedol Water Clock

eco-friendly water clock from bedol

The Bad News: Alarm clocks are big energy wasters.

The Fix: Creative companies are coming up with alternatives to battery-operated alarm clocks, such as water alarm clocks.

Our Favorite: With the Bedol Water Clock at Bed, Bath and Beyond, your morning shower won’t be the only water waking you up in the morning. This alarm clock is powered by water and will last up to six months before the water needs to be replaced.

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31. Sol’e Solar Powered MP3 Player


The Bad News: MP3 players use batteries that degrade and can be harmful to the environment over time.

The Fix: People are wising up about the negative environmental effects of our tech gadget use, so innovative companies have found ways to get power from natural sources, like the sun!

Our Favorite: The Sol’e Solar Powered MP3 Player, available at Overstock.com, is the perfect music player for hikes, bicycle rides or just hanging out by the pool.

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32. i-Ecko Eco-Friendly Speakers

iEcko Speakers

The Bad News: Materials used to create your speakers are often toxic to the earth and build up in our landfills.

The Fix: You can now choose speakers made from recycled materials and natural fibers. Pair your eco-friendly speakers with your solar powered MP3 player, and you’ll be grooving your way toward a better world.

Our Favorite: i-Ecko Eco-Friendly Speakers available at Amazon. These maintain a great sound and are made from natural and recycled materials.

33. Grovemade Bamboo iPad Case

bambo ipad case

The Bad News: iPad cases are commonly made with unsustainable materials.

The Fix: It is all too easy to bump and scratch up your iPad, so proper protection goes a long way. Now you can find durable, long-lasting cases made from natural alternatives, such as Bamboo.

Our Favorite: This eye-catching and beautiful Bamboo iPad Case from Grovemade will protect your tablet and the environment.

Guide to Ensure You are Buying Eco-Friendly Products

While we gave you a good list of options here, there are tons of eco-friendly products available for almost every aspect of your life. The trick is figuring out how to tell which ones are genuinely environmentally friendly.

The following are five tips we use to know if a product is truly a greener option.

Find trusted eco-friendly manufacturers

We made an effort to use only the most trusted names when giving you product options. You should utilize the same level of care when buying reusable shopping bags, skincare products, phone cases or any other household product you find on your own. Do the research and make sure the company you are buying from has a good track record with making honest claims.

There are a handful of environmental groups that will go and rate various manufacturers. The criteria changes between groups, but you should try and read as many as you can to get a good idea of how a business truly operates outside of their marketing.

Look past the branding

Just because a company puts out packaging and labels in earthen tones with happy animals on it, doesn’t mean it is an environmentally sound business. Organic and “green” labels have become a marketing gimmick in many cases, and you must ensure you aren’t fooled by surface-level attempts to win your affection.

As stated before, do your research. It is estimated that millions of pounds of food and material are incorrectly labeled as organic, some intentionally. If you really want to reduce your carbon footprint on the large scale, you must do your research to find environmentally friendly, sustainable products.

Focus on specific claims

Very often, companies get creative with how they word things. Just because it seems a phrase may mean one thing, that may not necessarily be the case.

Companies are prone to lying by omission; they remove relevant negative information to ensure you only see the positive features of a product. If a company is making a particular claim, they are likely choosing their words carefully for some reason. Look into such cases.

Look for official certifications/labels

To know if a product or manufacturer is trusted, you can look for certifications from organizations with a good name. Some of the more common options are Energy Star, the Green Seal, and the USDA Organic Seal. These can be an easy way to know if a product meets the minimum levels of environmentally friendly production.

There is also the Green Business Bureau or BBB, the Green C Certification, WasteWise, WaterSense, Green America and more. The easiest way to start is to check out one of these trusted agencies and see which products they may recommend for what you need.

Another option is to see if a business has won any legitimate award for their environmental initiatives.  As a general rule, try to stick to compostable products whenever possible to help reduce your carbon footprint. Composting is always earth-friendly. Avoid plastic bottles and products made with BPA.

Consider manufacturing costs

While buying a new, more efficient refrigerator may reduce your energy usage, the cost to produce a new fridge often outweighs the benefits. This is not to say that there is no point in buying eco-friendly products, rather it means that you should only replace your items with greener alternatives when they have finished their lifecycle.

It is not always the green option to trash a perfectly good appliance simply to use one that is more efficient. You must recycle and reuse whenever possible and avoid single-use items.

Consider durability and lifespan

This ties in with the previous tip. A ‘green’ appliance that must be replaced twice as often as a competing option will likely be more harmful to the environment in the long-run. An eco-friendly product will both operate efficiently, and last long enough to justify its construction.

Check the warranty and read the reviews and see if you can expect the product to function correctly for long enough to make it a good purchase.

Making a More Natural Home

These products and tips are just a start towards building a more sustainable and healthy home. One purchase at a time you can slowly transform your life into a greener and happier one.

Consider these other Eco-Friendly Gift and Product Ideas: