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Best Eco-Friendly Mattress Options Review

Have you ever thought about what goes into the production of a mattress? The amount of synthetic and plastic materials required to make the mattresses we are so used to sleeping on?

If you are in the market for a new bed, you should strongly consider an eco-friendly mattress. A sustainable mattress will not only be better for the planet through its production cycle, but it will also breakdown and degrade better once it is disposed of.

With these considerations in mind, take a look at some of the best eco-friendly mattresses available today.

The Best Eco Friendly Mattresses in 2023

1. Saatva

Saatva Mattress

Saatva uses pure materials for superior comfort. They extend their commitment to their craft to include environmental responsibility.

Every Saatva Classic features coils made from recycled steel rod, eco-friendly pillow top foams that meet the CertiPUR-US® standards for health and environmental safety, a flame retardant barrier made from natural thistle pulp (rather than chemical sprays), and an organic cotton outer covering with our signature tufts and contrast welting. The cover is also treated with Guardin®, a botanical antimicrobial.

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2. Happsy Organic Mattress

Happsy Organic Mattress

The Happsy mattress is designed for performance and delivers on its promise of a better night’s sleep through innovative technology and creative use of natural materials. It is also a mattress with a conscience – designed to make a positive impact on the environment.

It features certified organic, sustainably harvested and environmentally-friendly materials, while eliminating the harsh chemicals, foams and adhesives used by conventional mattress brands. Its organic design is not only better for the planet, but also provides excellent support, contouring to your every curve and dissipating heat for a more comfortable night’s sleep. It is a mattress you can feel good about!

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3. Naturepedic Organic Mattress

Big kid Bed organic Cotton mattress

Perfect for a small guest bed or for your growing young one, organic mattress ensures you are sleeping comfortably on natural materials and with no needless harmful chemicals.

Naturepedic mattresses feature skilled Amish workers known for their craftsmanship and passion for quality. The Amish community lives a simple and natural lifestyle and takes pride in the opportunity to build certified organic mattresses. The Naturepedic factory is located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and maintains a clean work environment, a strong work ethic, exemplary wages and a family-friendly healthy atmosphere. The entire factory is certified organic by GOTS.

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4. Strobel Organic Bio-Rest Mattress

Layed Mattress system

This layered mattress system provides you with orthopedic firm bio-based foam and the versatility to keep everything clean, dry and properly lined up at all times. These mattresses are made with no chemical adhesives and come with a simple flame retardant cotton cover that can be easily removed.

This organic mattress shows a common theme amongst organic mattresses where they are better assembled and made from more durable materials than synthetic mattresses. With the modular pieces and the durable build, this Strobel Bio-rest mattress can bring you comfort for decades.

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5. Sealy Healthy Dream Crib and Toddler Mattress

Multilayered bedding Greenguard Gold Certified

Greenguard Gold Certified and passing the Global Organic Textile Standard tests, this multilayered bedding is the perfect, safe, non-toxic way to keep your little ones sleeping snuggly and safely. This mattress made of environmentally friendly materials has the proper fitness, support and durability of an innerspring mattress, but the comfort of unique soybean memory foam.

The cotton cushioning and all of the hypoallergenic orthopedic layers provide incredible comfort and support.

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6. Organic Cotton Cover Mattress Pad from Allerease

Hypoallergenic fiberfill and allergy defense fabric

If you need a mattress pad that isn’t covered in all of the chemicals and materials that make you so miserable at night, this is the topper for you. Hypoallergenic fiberfill and allergy defense fabric ensure you are breathing easy and clear all night.

The cover itself is made from one hundred percent organic cotton fabric.

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7. Under the Canopy 1 Organic Hybrid Latex Mattress

Contouring Mattress with soft pad organic cotton

If organic latex paired with Joma wool and a soft pad organic cotton sounds like nice to you, then you have found your mattress. Ideal for side sleepers, this contouring mattress will form to your body and give you an amazing nights rest while ensuring your skin comes into contact with no harmful chemicals or products.

Under the Canopy mattresses come in all major sizes and are made with recycled steel coils.

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8. Under The Canopy Organic Cotton Mattress Cover

Breathable Layer Canopy product mattress

Another Under the Canopy product but this time a basic organic cotton cover to keep your skin protected no matter where you must sleep.

This breathable layer can keep you comfortable and separated from whatever you are sleeping on at the time. Great for travel.

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9. Oliver Smith Organic Cotton Spring & Foam Hybrid Mattress

100% Green Foam certified cooling foam

Here is another high-quality mattress built upon the comfort of organic cotton as well as 100% Green Foam Certified Cooling Foam.  This makes the cooling mattress perfect for couples on summer nights. In addition, the foam is a variation of cooling memory foam with multi-layered pressure relieving functionality.

This is some of the highest-rated on-toxic foam available and has a Firm feel for those prone to back aches and issues.

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What You Need to Know About Buying an Eco-Friendly Mattress

What is the GOTS? What is Oeko-Tex?

The GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, is an organization that sets to create standards that guide efforts to create sustainable supply chains and classifications. Products certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard have proven that the product’s quality and manufacturing process meet a certain ethical and moral standard.

Oeko-Tex certified means that a product is free from harmful chemicals and is considered safe for human use. To be Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified, a fabric must be tested for over a hundred different harmful chemicals. Sometimes fire retardants that were added on afterwards can cause a failure in these tests.

Certipur-us is a bit similar and ensures that bedding or upholstered furniture has been tested for durability and chemical emissions in much the same way. These are all methods to ensure you are buying a quality product from trusted mattress brands.

What makes a good green mattress?

A quality green mattress, or eco-friendly mattress, has a few qualities. One, the mattress needs to be durable. If you have to re-purchase an item a number of times it doesn’t matter how well-sourced its composing items are, it will be wasteful. The second is that the mattress should be made with sustainable resources that don’t put an undue burden on ecosystems.

From there personal choice can play a bit of a role. While some may look for USDA certified organic wool, others may go totally vegan to the point of zero animal by-products. Some prefer hybrid mattress materials, others want to avoid possibly harmful chemicals at all costs. Still others will only ever buy an organic mattress.

It is ultimately up to you how eco-friendly and skin-friendly you want your mattress to be, just ensure you do your research on the products and mattress companies ahead of time.

Should I get a natural latex mattress?

Getting a new mattress made from something like 100% Natural Dunlop or Talalay Latex is a good choice as these natural latex mattresses will not have any chemicals, synthetics, pesticides, or anything else that can harm you or the planet.

For example, some studies show that beds made from polyurethane foam may cause a range of health issues including asthma.

Of the two we just listed, Talalay Latex is the more bouncier and considered the softer of the two. These are perhaps the most popular of the natural latex options.

Other natural materials besides latex can also make for good mattresses.

Sleep Better Knowing You Did Your Part

While your mattress’s environmental impact may not have been something you had considered in the past, hopefully this list and guide have opened your eyes to the many possibilities you have in this realm.

Whether you decide to go with memory foam, organic cotton, organic latex, organic fibers or any of the other many sustainable or organic materials that help to ensure your mattress is not greatly increasing your carbon footprint like conventional mattresses do.

Helping the earth should always help you sleep better, but this time it is a bit more literal.

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