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Best Eco-Friendly Backpacks Review

Eco-friendly backpacks are quickly becoming a popular trend amongst backpackers and hikers. And now, you can find sustainable and earth-friendly backpacks for back to school or any occasion.

Many backpacks are now being produced in environmentally conscious fashion, giving the the green shopper another reason to celebrate.

While some are made with more earth-friendly and sustainable materials, others incorporate solar panels to create a small renewable energy platform.

In this article we are going to look at the best eco-friendly backpacks you can buy today. At the end you should have plenty of options for your next purchase.

The Best Eco-Friendly Backpacks in 2023

1. 17.3 in. ECO Laptop Backpack

All natural organic cotton canvas carrying packs

The eCollection line of carrying packs is made from eco-friendly, all-natural organic cotton canvas designed to keep a minimal carbon footprint. At the same time, these backpacks are sturdy, comfortable, and full of the little comfort-of-life design features you have come to expect from modern bags. Use the laptop sleeve for a variety of devices and enjoy the well-placed front pocket and side pockets.

If you want an eco-friendly laptop backpack that doesn’t vary significantly from standard design aesthetics, this ECO product is for you!

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2. Goodhope PET Sling Backpack

Goodhope sling backpack

The Goodhope PET Sling Backpack is made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (polyester) and other materials. This means that this Goodhope bag still maintains the durability and functionality of other polyester bags while still not harming the environment nearly as much in its creation. This bag is water-resistant but not fully waterproof.

Get a great backpack and reduce the amount of plastic in society that goes to waste at the same time!

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3. TSD Brand Hill Canvas Sling Bag

Hand-crafted canvas sling bag

This canvas sling bag is incredibly stylish and is also crafted from cotton canvas, natural leather, and recycled materials. These bags are also hand-crafted and dyed with vegetable-based products.

Its two interior and two exterior zipper pockets shows that great care was made to ensure this handmade bag functions as good as it looks and lasts well into the future regardless of how tough your outdoor excursions are.

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4. Eco Leather Backpack and Rucksack

High-quality beautiful leather bag

If you were looking for a beautiful leather bag that isn’t made in the same harmful ways, then eco leather may be for you. High-quality eco leather uses a more natural tanning process that reduces the environmental impact on workers, consumers, and the planet in general.

Get a bag that looks great and whose leather was treated through natural and environmentally sound methods! No need to pay Fjallraven prices for products that have Fjallraven style.

While eco leather is not vegan like faux leathers, it is more vegan friendly as it has a more beneficial impact on the surrounding environment and is typically utilized by more animal conscious companies.

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5. Hiking Daypack – Solar Backpack

Sturdy backpack with solar panel system

Not every earth-friendly product is going to be eco-friendly because of the materials it is made from, but rather for what it can do. This is a sturdy backpack with a fully integrated solar panel system capable of charging all of your phones and tablets. Use the laptop sleeve for many devices and the front pocket and side pockets are of a generous size. This bag is water-resistant but not fully waterproof.

The number of people who run vehicles and generators while camping simply to continue using their devices is astronomical. By offering earth-friendly alternatives to running cars or fuel-hungry generators, these backpacks and similar solar products can have an exponentially beneficial effect.

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6. Reusable Drawstring Backpacks and Tote Bags

Simple drawstring bag

Whether shopping or hauling a few items, sometimes you need a bag you can ball up and take with you anywhere. This simple drawstring bag is durable and can be used to replace many of the plastic bags you use once and toss.

The shoulder straps also give you a more ergonomic carry option, though it shouldn’t be confused with a back to school or hiking backpack. As far as drawstring backpacks go though, this is a great little buy when you need a tote.

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7. Picnic at Ascot – Eco Picnic Daypack and Rucksack

Cool carrying bag made from PVC free poly canvas

This cool carrying bag is made with PVC free poly canvas materials making it a much more environmentally sound option than many other bags of its kind. This high-quality eco-friendly backpack helps you carry everything you need to enjoy a meal, complete with wine, amongst nature.

This case can help you reduce the reliance on plastic bottles by giving you a better carrying option for multiple drink containers.

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How to Buy Eco-Friendly Backpacks

These are only some of the many eco-friendly backpacks being produced today. At the same time, many companies claim their products are good for the planet, while actually doing little to prove such claims. There are few things to check to make sure a product’s claims are legitimate.

Use eco-friendly manufacturers for sustainable backpacks

If you are buying from a new brand, you may need to look a bit into them before committing to buy. It would help if you researched the brands you are buying from to verify their claims. Eventually, you learn which companies are consistently working to help protect the planet and you won’t need to conduct as much research.

There are plenty of environmental agencies and advocacy groups that provide ratings and certifications when it comes to claims certain brands make like ‘sustainable materials’. These organizations too can save you some research time.

Ignore the branding

This ties into the point about doing your research. It would be best if you ignored the surface level branding. Just because a product is put into brown earthy tone packaging doesn’t mean that it is good for the planet. In many cases, “organic” or “green” labeling is just a gimmick.

Brands that work to be fair trade certified are also ideal. Fair trade certified means producers in developing countries work to have more sustainable and fair relationships

A very popular brand that exemplifies this is Patagonia. Patagonia is a part of many environmental coalitions and focuses on creating high-quality, long-lasting products, and even provides customers a repair and reuse option.

Weigh lifespan versus production costs

Some products may be created in ways that use environmentally friendly materials, but if they fall apart twice as fast and must be purchased twice as often they may be harming the planet more than the product made with plastics and oils. Sustainable backpacks are the only environmentally friendly backpacks.

Consider the quality and longevity of your products before you purchase them. We need to move away from being a throw-away society. Organic cotton and other eco-conscious products need to be emphasized. Sustainable backpacks are how one should start thinking about earth-friendly bags.

It is the same idea when considering plastic water bottles versus many other long-lasting water bottles. They are both made from plastic, but the water bottle made to last decades is much better for the planet.

Being Environmentally Conscious When in the Environment

These eco-friendly and tips are just a start towards building a more sustainable and healthy world.

Buying any of these backpacks is a small step towards living in a more environmentally conscious way, which is why those who spend time outdoors love them. Taking care of the planet makes even more sense when you like to spend time exploring it.

Ensuring your products are made sustainably and are able to function for long periods goes a long way towards reducing the footprint you and your products are making on the planet. The more we pay attention to these factors, the longer we will have this beautiful planet to call home.

Don’t stop at backpacks; find out what other great eco-friendly products are waiting to be discovered!

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