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Best Recycled Drinking Glasses

Best Recycled Drinking Glasses

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Whether you have a fondness for martini glasses or depend on simple drinking glasses for daily use, glassware is an essential household item.

The great thing about glass is that it is 100% recyclable as
well as capable of being recycled over and over again without losing purity or

There is so much post-consumer glass already available that
the eco-friendly consumer can rest assured that there is a set of fancy aqua
goblets or champagne flutes made from recycled glass that will fit their taste.

For sustainable glassware sure to be noticed at the dinner table, give these recycled drinking glasses a try.

The Best Recycled Glassware For All Occasions

1. Novica Cobalt Spiral Hand Blown Tumbler Glasses

Cobalt blue swirl design glass

Featuring a rich cobalt blue swirl design up the length of
the glass, this set of 6 is a work of art. This recycled set of glass tumblers
are handmade and hand blown by local artisans who partner with Novica, with
each individual glass having its own small variations in shape, color or
pattern for a truly unique set.

Able to hold 9 ounces, these beautiful tumblers are
dishwasher safe though handwashing is recommended.

2. Elegant 16 Piece Glassware Set

1 set innovative glass

Made with recycled hand blown glass, innovative glass making
techniques were used to create the perfectly smooth edges and rims on this set
of drinking glasses, which includes eight 21-ounce highball glasses and eight
12-ounce rocks glasses.

A modern clear set of drinking glasses, their clarity is
superb with durable construction, making them versatile enough to use for
formal entertainment, ceremonies or casual parties.

3. Refresh Glass Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses

4 set of unique vintage look glass

Drinkware made from recycled wine bottles, Refresh Glass is collected
from local restaurants and bars. The 16-ounce glasses feature a depression at
the bottle – common on older wine bottles – giving the set of 4 a unique
vintage look.

Premium quality, they are sturdy and perfectly finished with
smooth edges and are available in clear, amber, gold and green. Adding to the
sophistication, all bottles arrive in beautiful sustainable packaging that can
be repurposed.

4. Premium Hand Blown Stemless Wine Glasses

4 set of wine glasses

Designed for people with modern tastes, the set of 4 wine
glasses hold 14 ounces and are made from hand blown recycled glass – no two
wine glasses are exactly the same.

The drinking glasses are dishwasher safe and feature an
elegant design that enhances the surrounding home décor and complements any
occasion with ease. Handmade by artisan glassmakers, this set is full of
personality, character and class.

5. Tumblers with Flat Bottom

16 ounce glass tumbler

Made by The Green Glass Company, these 16-ounce tumblers are
made from wine bottles saved from the North American waste stream in Wisconsin,
where the company is located. The set of 4 glass tumblers are flat at the
bottom and have round, smooth rims that ensure you can comfortably drink, sip
or chug.

Available in multiple colors, you can buy this premium set
of glassware in clear, amber, blue, green or assorted colors.

6. Refresh Glass Recycled Wine Bottle Glassware

4 piece set of 12 ounce drinking glasses

At one point the four 12-ounce drinking glasses in this set
were real wine bottles, which is why they have such a sturdy and heavy feel.
The 4-piece set is available in assorted colors only (you’ll get at least three
different colors).

Each pack is truly unique as the drinkware varies by
thickness, shape and color due to the particular wine bottle used.

7. Tossware Set of 12 Champagne Flutes

Recycled drinking glasses

A sustainable solution for disposable drinkware, these
recycled drinking glasses are made from 100% BPA-free recycled polymer, not
glass. Crafted with a stemless design, they are sophisticated, shatterproof and

100% recyclable, they can be used as a sustainable solution
for disposable drinkware for celebrations, like birthdays and anniversaries, or
can be hand washed (the material is not dishwasher safe) and used again and
again in your home.

A Recycled Drinking Glasses Buyer’s Guide

Drinking glasses made from recycled materials help the
environment and can make for some pretty cool décor to impress friends and
family the next time you’re hosting. Here’s how to choose the best drinkware.

Choose a material

  • Recycled glass: When looking for recycled
    glasses, most of them are going to be made out of glass rather than plastic.
    Recycled drinking glasses come in every color, shape and design. There is a lot
    of innovative drinkware made from recycled glass to be found.

Though breakable, recycled glass drinkware tends to be very strong,
durable and lasts a long time.

  • Recycled plastic: Drinking glasses made from
    recycled plastic tend to have a narrower range of designs and colors, but they
    do offer a bit more versatility. Typically unbreakable, it’s a great option for
    households with children.

It is also recyclable so you can dispose of them without any guilt,
making them a good single-use option to use at bigger gatherings. Just be sure
to recycle.

Is it made with authentic recycled materials?

There are a number of companies that produce drinkware made
from recycled glass or plastic, but that isn’t enough for many people, which is
why you’ll sometimes see labels like “authentic Mexican recycled glass”. 

Authentic means that a company engages in Fair Trade and
manufactures drinking glasses in a sustainable way. Here are a few indicators
that the recycled glasses you’re buying are made from authentic recycled

  • Company rescues/saves bottles from landfills, oceans or collect bottles themselves. Don’t be fooled by companies that buy their glass or plastic from a factory. Buying from a factory without helping the environment is not sustainable manufacturing.
  • Drinking glasses have been handmade by local artisan communities for a fair wage.
  • Glasses are not exactly uniform. When handmade and/or hand blown, every piece of glassware will vary slightly.
  • Drinkware is packaged sustainably.

This may or may not be important to you, but for those who want to make sure their money is supporting the right kind of businesses, get in the habit of digging a little deeper into a company’s story. After all, there are enough for-profit businesses riding the sustainability wave, why support one more.

Drink from Recycled Glass

A set of awesome recycled drinking glasses can make you look forward to drinking a beverage as simple as water. Beautiful, unique and trendy, you can have some of the coolest glassware around while also doing your part to save the planet.