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10 Practical Gifts for Fishermen

10 Practical Gifts for Fishermen

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Finding a great gift for an activity like fishing that has so many possible accessories and brands can be a real challenge. There are so many options that the possible variability in quality makes it hard to know just what you are getting sometimes.

On this list, you will find gifts for saltwater fishing, bass fishing, and more! We have also included a quick set of tips to help you narrow down your options and make sure the gift you are getting is just right.

The Best Gift Ideas for Fishermen for 2023

Your avid angler and outdoorsman will love to take any of these items on their fishing trips.

1. Tilley Airflo® Hat

Stylish sun protection Hat

Stylish sun protection for those long days on the water is a great way to let them know you are thinking about them, and their scalp. The wide brim protects both the face and neck and gives a UPF 50+ rating (blocking 98% of relevant rays). There is even a Velcro secret pocket in the crown to stash valuables.

This is a rugged outdoorsmen hat that doesn’t assume you have to look goofy just because you are fishing.

2. Shimano Sienna FG Spinning Reel

spinning reel

This spinning reel is a high-performance, yet affordable fishing line reel that is ideal for freshwater and inshore fishing. The proprietary line-management system included in this sophisticated reel will help you let out the line without the risk of getting it tangled or misfed. Couple it with a spool and they are really getting high-efficiency fishing at a low-price point.

There are plenty of similar options at DickSporting Goods including baitcasting reels, spin casting reels, trolling reels, etc. All of them are very well designed and operate reliably.

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3. Mepps Aglia Original Plain Spinner

Mepps Aglia Original Plain Spinner

The Mepps Aglia Original Plain Spinner is a must-have for any tackle bag. This is a sophisticated little spinner that ensures your lure is moving as soon as it hits the water. The design puts off a flash and vibration proven to attract gamefish. Pure brass and polished silver give off an effective shine, and the bright paint is scratch resistant.

This is a sturdy spinner that is able to be relied on again and again and is just as reliable as a gift.

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4. SealLine® Baja™ Dry Bags

Sealine Baja dry bag

The Sealine Baja dry bag can keep everything from your T-shirt to the lease of your house, safe in a torrential downpour. Bring one of these sturdy and easy-to-use bags along to make sure your gadgets and books stay dry in the boat. There isn’t an avid fisherman who couldn’t use an extra high-quality dry-bag – or at least a nice new clean one.

5. Tackle Box Storage System

Plano Tackle Box Storage System fly box

The Plano Tackle Box Storage System fly box is a water-resistant and efficient way to store lures, fishing lines, and more.  Multiple compartments and storage spaces allow you to keep everything nice and organized. The 15-degree angle of the box allows you to easily reach for any area of it without strain.

With multiple ways to access the spacious compartments, this is generally going to be a solid improvement over an older tackle box. If the box they use is getting on in years, this is where to look.

6. Humminbird Helix 5″ G2 Chirp Fishfinder with GPS

sonar-based fish finder

The sonar-based fish finder makes for an awesome gift. It has heavy-duty durability, an led light backlight, and allows your angler to target their next catch with amazing precision.

The color display helps the fisherman find and locate collections of fish and see just how active the waters are. Multiple beam sizes and lengths allow one to focus on and narrow down their field of vision for outstanding levels of information about the waters below.

7. Bass Pro Shops XPS Aluminum Fishing Pliers

fishing pliers

These fishing pliers are great for both freshwater and saltwater fishing and allow for a powerful grip with tungsten carbide side cutters. These are both lightweight and durable, and allow one to make adjustments to their gear quickly, and on the fly. A pair of these has saved more than one fishing trip when a piece of gear or two gets fouled up.

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8. Frogg Toggs® Chest Waders

chest waders

There is nothing cooler than dad in a pair of waders, so this father’s day get him some Frogg Toggs! Great for getting through both field & stream without tracking mud onto your clothes, these chest waders are a true fisherman’s friend. This is a nylon-reinforced PVC upper half with a PVC boot and adjustable suspenders for a secured dry fit.

9. Bank Rod Holder

versatile and simple rod holder

This versatile and simple rod holder is incredibly cheap and allows one to put their fishing rod up when on the banks of a river or beach quite easily. The basic and classic design is proven to keep your fishing pole secure and is a great way to take a break for a bit from holding the road, or for when you want to run multiple lines and rods at the same time.

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10. Gone Fishing Floating Multi-Purpose Knife

Gone Fishing Floating Multi-Purpose Knife

Part fillet knife, part multi-tool, the Gone Fishing Floating Multi-Purpose Knife will stay on top of the water if you drop it, and comes with a built-in compass to stop you from getting too lost out on the water.

When you are trying to pack light, you want to try and combine as many items and reduce excess weight as much as possible, and a good survival and fillet knife like this ensures you are prepared for some fish, and the worst nature can throw at you.

A Guide to the Best Gifts for Fisherman

This is a quick set of tips to help you find the best gifts for the fishing enthusiasts in your life.

  • Some fishing accessories make a great stocking stuffer. Many fishing accessories on their own don’t make for a fantastic gift, but if you set a decent budget limit, you can create an elaborate mixture of smaller key accessories that will ensure the recipient is stocked up on some of the necessities for the foreseeable future. These could include sinkers, fishing lures, fish hook options, a scaler, etc.
  • Personalized items make for a unique gift, which is awesome when you are buying for the angler who already has everything. Getting a personalized fishing lure caddy for example might be a way to get them something nice, and that they will appreciate.
  • Make sure you understand the type of fishing they enjoy. The gear and needs for ice fishing, for example, are going to be different than fly fishing. There are a ton of methods of fishing and they can all differ in the rods, lures, and lines they use (which is why we mostly stayed away from this in this guide). If you plan on buying an item like that, do some research into the type of fishing you are buying for, and what that gear entails.

The Best Gifts for Fishermen You Can Buy Today!

These fishing gift ideas and guides should help you find the perfect gift for the fisherperson in your life. Whether they are going fly fishing or ice fishing, something on this list is sure to please. As a bonus, even if you need these gifts on short notice; everything on this list is ready for order today!