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Best Personalized Gifts for Kids (2021 Guide)

Kids love to see their names on things, which is one big reason why personalized gifts for kids really bring them a lot of joy. But, what unique gifts should you even look at? Are there certain kids’ items that work better being monogrammed or customized with meaningful phrases for special occasions?

Our guide is designed to help you find the best gift ideas for kids that can be customized for that personal touch. Take a look and see what the little ones in your life will enjoy.

Top 8 Best Personalized Gift Ideas for Kids in 2021

1. Personalized Custom Face Mask

Vistaprint Custom Face Masks

The possibilities are endless with custom Vistaprint reusable face masks. Either have Vistaprint design it for you with your own image, pick out a mask and design it yourself, or download a template and create a full bleed print-ready file.

The custom Vistaprint RFS mask is engineered with a Replaceable Filter System and are durable, breathable, and stretchy for all-day-comfort. Vistaprint reusable face masks are available in a wide range of unique styles with sizes for kids and adults. So many fun and personalized choices to show how much you care!

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2. Repeating Name Personalized 50×60 Plush Fleece Blanket

Blue 50x60 blanket

This 50 by 60 blanket is an attractive, good-looking option that is warm and cozy enough for any kid to love curling up with. Made from silky-soft polyester fleece, you can get any sort of personalization that you wish in regards to names, or initials printed in a simple, modern font that covers the top of the blanket.

This keepsake comes in a variety of color choices, including purple, pink, red, and blue. The name and initials will be repeated all over the front side of the blanket, making it a personalized gift they’ll bring out again and again. You can also find a matching pillowcase, too.

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3. Camouflage Print Kids Backpack

Camo print backpack

Kids need backpacks, lunch boxes, or totes, so why not get them one that shows off their name or initials? If you want to make sure that the child you care about is ready with all of their favorite things, this camo print backpack has it all.

Great to go back to school with, it boasts 3 compartments to organize school supplies, a double mesh water bottle holder, easy to adjust shoulder straps, and an extra, interior pocket.

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4. Big Sister Heart Personalized Kids T-shirt

Personalized kids' shirt

If you’ve got multiple girls in a family, then these personalized kids’ shirts are a fun way to identify them.

Personalize the shirt with whatever sister they are (middle, little, or big) and also include their name or a fun message. The t-shirt comes in white or pink and in sizes from small all the way up to XL.

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5. Toddler Personalized Blue Folding Camp Chair

Small chair designed

Here’s a small chair designed especially for your little girl or little boy to have their own seat at the beach or the soccer game. Made to hold up to 66 lbs., this portable blue chair can have the child’s name printed on the front and on its travel bag in any font.

This chair is made from 100% polyester, which makes it really easy for you to spot clean. The carrying bag is easy to take from place to place and it folds up easily for you to store it away. The chair also has a safety latch, which prevents the child from falling when they’re sitting on it.

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6. Kid’s Soccer Growth Chart

Particular chart features soccer

Consider adding some décor into your child’s room with this awesome looking, personalized growth chart. This particular chart features soccer as the art, but there are a number of options (like mermaids and unicorns) available at the website, so you can get something that complements their space.

The measurements start at 2 feet and go up to 60 inches and, in addition to the child’s name, it can be personalized with their favorite jersey number. Plus, it can stay on the wall after they’ve grown past it. It’ll go from a children’s gift to a centerpiece that you can use to reminisce about when they were younger.

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7. Why You’re So Awesome Fill in the Love® Book

Why You're So Awesome pages book

Do you want to give your kids something that helps to encourage a healthy inner voice as they get older? Then the “Why You’re So Awesome” Fill in the Love Book should be something that you add onto their bookshelf. Whether it’s a special occasion or “just because”, this will become a treasured gift.

This little book is 112 pages and contains dozens of fill in the blank prompts that you can use in order to let your child know just how special they are. This personal storybook will be something that they cherish for years to come.

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8. Kids Bulldozer Photo Personalized Snow Globe

Bestseller snow globe

Do you have a future expert builder in your home? This bestseller snow globe is the perfect gift for them now and in the future. A personalized photo gift, it features a picture of your little one in the middle of the globe. The bright yellow bulldozer makes for an awesome base, and it actually looks like your child is driving the bulldozer!

Along with the photo, you can also engrave on a plaque set into the blade of the bulldozer. You can put a message, an important date, or even your little one’s name. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift!

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Our Guide to Shopping for Personalized Gifts for Kids

Find items that will last

You don’t want to drop a lot of money trying to get kids something that is just going to last them a few days. Be smart about what you’re getting and be sure that it’s made out of durable, long-lasting materials. That way, if the child in question gets attached to the perfect kids gift, they won’t be disappointed if and when it falls apart.

Don’t overspend

Remember – you’re shopping for a child. You don’t want to end up spending way too much money in order to get them something that they may forget about in a month.

You want to spend some money so that it’s made of high-quality materials and looks good, but you also need to be sure that you aren’t spending an arm and a leg on it. You can find beach towels, special gift sets of artist crayons or colored pencils, and other kids gifts for fair prices.

The younger they are, the more the gift is for the parents!

Remember, if you’re buying a gift for a young, young child, it’s likely more for their parents to enjoy or to decorate with. If that’s the case, then be sure that you meet what their parents like, instead of what you think the young child will like. Wall art, bath time toys, night lights, personalized books and other simple, but decorative, items are ideal in this instance.

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