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7 Gifts for Writers That Will Spark Their Inspiration

7 Gifts for Writers That Will Spark Their Inspiration

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Writers are a unique group and don’t necessarily have much that universally defines them, outside of course, for a passion for the written word.

Finding a great gift for those with such a passion is not always as straightforward as buying a gift for someone into hockey or perhaps cooking. To help you find a perfect gift for the writer in your life, we have compiled a list of fantastic gifts sure to please any wordsmith.

The Best Gift Ideas for Writers for 2023

The following are all great gift ideas for both aspiring and professional writers.

1. Parker IM Fountain Pen

Classy Fountain black pen

Fountain pens make for classy, memorable, and unique gifts. Writers will love to have such a prestigious utensil on their desk, even if they themselves are not much of a fountain pen enthusiast.

The Parker IM Achromatic Collection makes for functional, sleek, and understated pens that look both refined and professional. The entire pen, even the clip, and nibs are coated in a PVD coating, giving a lovely aesthetic as well as lasting durability. This Parker IM collection comes in both black and grey.

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2. The Aston Leather Journal

Aston Leather journal

While we have hundreds of technological options for writing and jotting down notes and thoughts while outside the home, there is still something about an excellent leather journal that synergizes better with a writer’s soul.

Anyone who is always needing a pen and paper on hand will absolutely love the Aston Leather Journal, as it takes the classic concept and perfects it simply and straightforwardly. No bells and whistles, just the thoughtful gift of a leather journal the way you’d expect.

The Pen Boutique is full of other quality writing tools and even writing-on-the-go accessories like a tote bag that are worth looking through as well.

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3. The Writer’s Toolbox: Creative Games and Exercises

Writer's toolbox game

The writer’s toolbox is designed to help you smash through writer’s block with a series of creative writing games and prompts. The games were designed by an experienced creative writing teacher and are a “right-brain” approach to writing. Over sixty exercises are designed to get the creativity flowing and to put you in the writing headspace for getting your stories off the ground.

Getting in the mood to write or knowing what to write are the writer’s ever-present curses. With this simple game set, you can help the writers you know to be able to find methods and tricks to help them pursue their passion with even more energy and conviction.

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4. Writing with Flair LinkedIn Course

Writing with Flair course by Shani Raja

LinkedIn joined together with lynda.com sometime back, and ever since has been a major provider of technical skills and certificates. One such series of skills the site has become very good at supporting are those to do with writing courses.

One of the best of these courses to give a writer friend or a loved one who is an aspiring writer is the Writing with Flair course by Shani Raja. Shani was a former editor for the Wall Street Journal and shares techniques for making your writing better than ever. This is a fantastic gift for those looking to partake in the writing life and is sure to make the gift recipient a better wordsmith.

Since this is a LinkedIn course you will also receive a shareable certificate to accompany your resume in the future.

5. If It Bleeds by Stephen King

Book from Stephen King title If it Bleeds

Here’s yet another bestseller quality novel from bestselling author Stephen King. If Stephen is a favorite for the writer friend of yours that needs a gift, then they will love receiving this book. This is a collection of four new and frightening novellas: If It Bleeds, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, and The Life of Chuck, and Rat.

While longer than short stories, these novellas also don’t require as big of a reading commitment as his longer novels like It. We will likely see some of these short stories adapted to the big screen sometime soon.

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6. Complete Works of Shakespeare

Book of William Shakespeare Complete Works

Shakespeare has been named person of the millennium in a UK poll, and his literary quotes and plays have helped to shape the English language and culture for centuries. This huge compendium contains 10 histories, 16 comedies, 12 tragedies and the poems and sonnets of Shakespeare. This ensures that no matter what books or stories go out of print or are hard to find, you will have them all in one grand book.

No writer can show off a bookshelf without some Shakespeare, and this ensures they certainly won’t be lacking in this area.

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7. Book of the Month Book Subscription

Book of the Month subscription

The truth is this list may help you find the perfect gift for the book lovers in your life, as well as the writers. A Book of the Month Book Subscription is a fantastic gift for both writers and your average bookworm.

This service provides the best books in an easy to use and fun to interact with subscription service. The service helps people look through good book after good book each month and is tailor-made you lead people into finding their new favorite books.

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Quick Guide to the Best Gifts for Writers 

  • When you want simple and creative gifts, maybe memorable stickers, bookmarks, a t-shirt, or even a coffee mug, Etsy is a great place to check out. There are thousands of hand-crafted goods, and they are perfect for making the average fabulous, something you don’t get with Amazon. They even have unique teabags said to help get the creativity going.

Another option for quick and easy writer gifts is a gift card to a store like Home Depot, which has hundreds of variations of pens and writing materials -as well as digital devices and keyboards that writers tend to love.

  • Kindle Unlimited and other digital reader services are nice, but many writers will already have joined one service or another. See if you can find out which, and then a gift card or benefit for that service can make a smart gift. Audible audiobooks are also a very good gift if they don’t already use that service.
  • A good chair. Writing can be difficult, any little mental noise can get in the way, and if you aren’t comfortable when you write, you aren’t able to focus and zone in for as long as you may need.

Getting a writer a better chair can significantly impact the quality and volume of their work, and they may not even know they need a new one. See the sitting situation going on and decide if this is a gift worth giving.